Saturday, May 2, 2009

"The Truth Shall Never Be Told"

Citizens of the World will probably never learn the truth, about the Swine, Mexican flu. This all has a smell, all it's own. Was this all, just a trial run for bigger and better, man made influenza? Just as the American military did to the Japanese, before dropping the big one on the civilians. They sent aircraft over the two cities, to get them use to the fact they where there. Then, the rest is history. Death to thousands of innocent civilians, by a hand full of soulless creatures. Today you now have these same type scenarios, be played out. By the same creature's off spring, who are still playing the same games. This news of a new pandemic. Has been told, so many "Times" over. Obama even brought it up in a speech, while campaigning for the presidency. He knew what was coming. The 'powers at be', that control Obama's every move. Had him use this speech, to trick the citizens of America and the World, about how smart Mr. Obama appears. (The 'powers at be', using their pawn, with great skills.) Obama was the first to say this wasn't going to be that bad and told the general public, not to panic. Making him look all knowing, setting up the Americas, uneducated masses. The 'powers at be' having the press make all this noise about the next great pandemic. While knowing the strain wasn't that powerful. Then having Obama run around in the back ground saying, ;it's going to be fine', trust me'. Watch the Americas uneducated fall for this trick. Look around, the Americans are easily fooled. They pay taxes to those that try and kill them off. "Time" will tell, or the press will simply quit giving it press. And let it fade into the back ground, except for the Obama part.

They ran the 'Kentucky Derby' today, just as I was preparing to sit down, for this letter home. Love to watch anything race, don't care what it is. Horse racing is as old as "Time", or as old as the "Gods' presented horses to mankind. (Darwin apparently never saw a UFO, latter on this.) A horse named 'Mine That Bird', was the winner at 50 to 1 odds. Making him the second longest shot, in history, with Calvin Borel aboard. When many horses being purchased for millions of dollars as yearling, just for a chance of winning the Kentucky Derby. 'Mine That Bird', was a steal at $9,500. Chemicals and horse racing, go hand in hand. First of all, thoroughbreds have a bleeding problem after running races, with bleeding lungs. Their young lungs have a hard "Time" from all the stress of needing all that oxygen. Even worst is the fact so many of these young horses die from trying so hard. The owners are looking for that set of blood line, like the famous 'Secretariat'. Win the 'Kentucky Derby', your horse sperm is worth millions. With all this in mind, was 'Mine That Bird' gassed? Think of the millions, if not billions, waged on the 'Kentucky Derby', around the World. If someone said they knew how much was wagered on that one race alone, they'd be lying. Horse racing can be fun to watch, until a horse comes up lame. Then their in front of your eyes, the horse is euthanized.

Find myself preparing for worst case scenarios, because I'm not quite sure how gullible the American citizen is. Not only me, but millions of other around me, are doing much the same. The propaganda machine is going at full capacity now. Laws in congress to take away freedom of speech. ('Hate Crime Bill') Monsanto trying to control the World food supply, through their generically modified seeds. (no home gardens, legislation) Found where they were 3.7 million back ground checks in the first three months of the year. Last year their was a total 8 million in 12 months. Here is an amazing statistic, 1,529,635,000 rounds of ammunition sold. Divide that by about 200 million American adults. Or as someone once said, ' a gun behind, every blade of grass'. This is preparation being made on a large scale, pure and simple. Went over to the Bass Pro Shop, looking for some work shoes. Went over to where ammunition is being sold, isles empty, except for the real expensive ammunition or odd calibers. Asked a salesman's what happens when a load of ammunition comes in. He said folks where lined up at the door waiting, for them to open. Talk to a fella looking for ammunition, on empty shelves. He told me, he has friend that spend their days running down ammunition. (Is a black market developing for ammunition?) He said this was his third stop, looking for ammunition. He said one reason was because of talk of a new law, Obama talked about. Their would be 45 day "Time" frame on new ammunition. Here is how it would work. The primer for the bullet, would dissolve it's self after 45 days. Then the ammunition purchased, would become useless. He believed the run on ammunition was also because, soon none would be available, to the general public. Even the military made their service personnel, give them the amount of guns they have in private. Here is the killer, it was just before Obama was put in place. (not elected) Do you think, their just might be something to all this?

"Time" to go, but some odds and ends. Denver has 85 different languages in their school system now. (Go whiteys) As poor as Mexico is, their are still 180 other nations, living in worst conditions, hard to believe. Flu's like the current Mexican flu, usually make three run, in their runs. Most true scientist believe the current flu is man made. Ever notice the same old songs on the radio, Seinfeld on every night at the same "Time", never being replaced. It's call, mass hypnotism, or mind control. Getting everyone into a controlled rhythm. It was 3:47 when the Space Ship landed in the movie, ' The Day the Earth Stood Still'. Why did a few states like Texas and Nebraska declare, 'states of emergency', over a few flu cases? Are they under Zionist control, and where doing just as they where told? Their is a painting in 'Grand Central Station' in New York city, showing Obama in a Moses type pose. Do you think his and the mayor's, Zionist controllers, had something to do with that? What was really behind the flight of the Air Force One, over New York? Go to, 'Godlike Productions' for some great ideas, why. It's only called, Air Force One, when the president is in it, was he? "God" bless bye

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