Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Over and Over"

Do you find your self, doing the same thing week to week, never ending. Then if you do something out of the norm, do you feel guilty? With the economy falling apart, soon everyone will be in the same old cage. If the rats don't have money, then their no reason to those above, who handle it. An entire country brought to it's knees. And now living like a Hamster in a cage, with only a wheel for exercise. Once California was as powerful as many countries financially, is broke. California is having an exodus their educated whites now. California like Arizona has a declining population, for probably the first "Time" in their history. Think about zero population, with California's massive attack from the South. The whites know, not to keep having children. The natives from South of the border, don't or won't comprehend this. With the educated white leaving California and so many legal and illegals Mexican and others countries on welfare. There has become no tax base, for a state that has virtually, turned into a welfare state. The cost of doing business in California is 15 to 25% higher. The state is 45 billion in dept now and growing by the moment. All this happening while having a Nazi Zionist, for a governor. If you do a little research on Arnold's blood lines. They led back to Nazi Germany and the SS. Is the government going to bail out California, hell no. This is exactly what they wanted. Broke the back of the most financially 'power state' government, in the history of the World. A state that was once the motto of what every other state and country wanted to look like. Is now a state you look at to show you what not to do. Does any body really believe, this was just a coincidence?

Proud to say the state of Arizona didn't jump on the Zionist band wagon. And make an ass out of state government. By ordering a state of emergency, over the Mexican flu. So much more Texas, it keeps the lead, as a biggest controlled, hick state in the country. They even let a carpetbagger like G. W. Bush, come in and take over with his murderous handlers. How many people live in Texas, 20 million plus. A couple of cases of flu and lets shut the state down. Arizona was the leader in corruption, but Texas has taken it to another level. Arizona is getting wiser, about what is happening around them. With all the computer industries in metro Phoenix area, you have had an influx, of educated engineers and such. The biggest in flux of people into the Phoenix metro area, are the educated whites, from California. The illegal Mexicans are heading to California, because of Sheriff Joe and Arizona's new hiring laws. In turn you have the educated whites, vacating the state. Soon California will be a battle ground, between the Chicanos, Jews and Asians. All the smart white boys, will be dispersed, through out the country and World. And the blacks will all be in prison, or dancing and singing on TV.

Imagine if Darwin spent all those years putting together his idea, of what was World history. (or was told to?) Then all of a sudden, a UFO went over his head? Would he have thrown away all those years and future income and admit he was wrong? Doubt it very much. Folks have a way to clinging to things, they have put a lot of "Time" and effort into. America is going through this process now. They don't want to believe, what is happening to them. Told a good old friend about the picture of Obama, in Grand Central Station, New York. How Obama was being pushed by his handlers, to look like the great Messiah, coming to save America. His reply, 'come on, that can't be true, can it'? Reminded him to look at every photo of Obama, their it is. Other presidents wanted to look like they where your friend. Obamas photos, make him look like the saving wise father. (Mind control in it's simplest forms folks.) See he never even notice the photos until I said something about it. But little by little that thought was being put in the back of his mind. You get this, in all forms of media now. Every single word is placed for complete effectiveness. Even in NASCAR you see it. Watched Kurt Busch after a night race in Phoenix, giving an interview. When he was all done with the interview, he gave the Illuminate hand sign. The one that says, 'I'm an ignorant cultist, living in the twenty first century'. Always knew, race car drivers weren't the most educated folks on the planet. This seal the deal. Makes you wonder if that's how come he has a good ride, with Penske? Are all the races fixed, for betting reasons? Once Fox took over, it all changed. Give an organization a couple of hundred millions of dollars. Bet that buys all kinds of control. Like horse and dog racing, to easy to play games with the out come.

Just as I predicted, the Mexican (swine) flu, is in one day, on the back burner in the media. Local news networks hardly gave it any attention, this morning. This morning Republic had only one story, about Arizona not over reacting to the flu. All this to make Obama seem, as if he's some sort of fortune teller. While all this was going on. Friday evening it was announced ten plus more banks went under, that day. (Never a moments rest, from the 'powers at be'.) A constant smoke screen, being put over the citizens of Americas eyes.

What this country needs is a good old UFO Flap over all major cities. This would change every ones reality in heart beat. Just have loads of UFOs parked over cities for a few hours. All would start getting better instantly. Folks would quickly realized, they have been held captive mentally and physically. This is the only hope, I believe, that would save civilization, from it's destiny. Their are many like my self, but were being controlled, some what, via the media. When I went to a few MUFON meetings. You would have thought, I would have been asked to talk, with all my history with UFOs. Control and more control, a battle for minds. Those that want to remind folks, their mind is their own. And those who now have the upper hand, and are controlling most of the general masses minds. This is the chasm that separates the masses from the few, who want to free the others minds. Yin Yang, "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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