Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Create the Problem, Solve the Problem"

Poison the Folks of Mexico City with chem-trails. Then label it the Swine, aka, Mexican flu. Put out a bunch of false statistic. (Who controls the media?) Cause a World wide panic, then just happen to have the solution, with a new untested shot. Who really even knows, where all these so called statistics are coming from or how true. Damn good chance if it's in the media, it has been planted, as part of a larger scheme. Think of the untold amounts of money, that could be made from one such scheme. Look at all the billions of dollars that have been stolen, via the military and private support companies, since 911. Not only the money, the 'powers at be' can generate, with a false pandemic Also a good way to test how easily, they can panic folks. The same tactic used on the radio broad cast of, 'War of the Worlds'. The Mexican flu scare, supposedly spread through out the World, in a matter of hours. Who created the test, and how so quickly? Was it simply caused from Barium poisoning, which has flu like symptoms. Their are no free lunches, and what ever is heard from the media, is planted. So once again, the truth will never come out of the latest out break. Good news out of all this. The general public is starting to wake to. Same propaganda, new name, always done in, Joe Average's behalf.

The new 'Hate Law' that was just passed by the House. Gives the pedophiles, federal protection from the, general public. The vote for this new law, was lop sided, for. Now is their any doubt, in any ones minds, that the Zionist, are controlling the government of America. A country founded on the principles of "God". Now protect a less than human pedophile, from prosecution. What kind of soulless bastard, would support such a 'Bill'. Easy, your Representative in Washington. Part of the new, Hate Law. Protects the Jews, pedophiles, fags and lesbian. See how little the Jews think of them self's. They lumped them self's in, with the lower forms of humanity. When a Jew doesn't to be known as a Jew. What does that tell you about, how little the Jews, even thinks of them self's. Yep the chosen people alright. A World population that hates them and no homeland. A book that's says, 'their the chosen ones'. And then, put them in the middle of a desert, Surrounded with enemies on every side. As the Jews would say them self's, 'such a deal'. Simple case of, being used as cannon fodder, for their Zionist controllers. So now the same back lash, that always follows the Jews. Will start happening here in America, with every new law. Giving the Zionist more power over the rest of the population. And once again, the Jewish people will suffer from their Zionist controllers plunders. The Jews never seem to learn this. And their Zionist controllers, never tire of. Using the Jews, for their own agenda. Popul Vuh once again, ' here we are at Santa Cruz again'.

A good way to understand or maybe just see, how the economy works. Go out and buy some gold or silver ingots and watch how it's prices fluctuate. For the first "Time" since I've been buying silver. The prices moved straight up, no staggering , up or down. The real power, or 'powers at be', had to have made that happen. It was like someone either dumped, or bought a few tons of gold and silver, in one shot. You will soon learn the prices of gold and silver cannot be traced to, how the rest of the financial markets are moving. They do move based on market movements, some what, but you get these spikes. That just make you wonder, what is really controlling Worlds financial markets. Get a feeling just where you are on the financial Totem Pole. (token and Totem similarities, get it)

Funny listening to the BBC radio net work of England. Apologizing for remarks make by David Icke, about the Queen Mother and grandson. David called the Queen Mother a carnivore Lizard. Apparently her feeling get easily injured, just like the Jews. the Zionist controlled BBC, did just as their masters told them to do, and issued an apology. Why would the Queen even know who David Icke is? Except for one thing, 'the truth always hurts'. Apparently David hit a nerve, with his statement. And by the BBC being forced for an apology. He must of told the truth. If their would have never been a response. It probably would have all gone away. The rest of the World, would have labeled David, as just another mad Brit. I've notice the fact, that over the years, truth gets a much bigger response. You can brush off a lie. The truth you must respond to immediately.

A few things from talking to the brain washed masses, this past week. Said to a young salesman at an electronic store, TV is over for me in June. tried to explain to him why, I didn't trust the new wave being used. (Big Brother) He said he didn't care if the new signal had the ability to track him at home. This is new new generation that is being brought under complete control. Already they have accepted the fact they are constantly being monitored. Talk to another person about how hot it is here in Arizona for May. (12 degrees above normal this week) He mentioned the fact that the oceans where rising. How in the hell does anybody know if the oceans are rising? Here again the media controlled propaganda, telling the masses what is true an what isn't. He has no way of knowing, if the oceans are rising. This coming from a Vietnam vet. You'd think, he would have learned his lesions long ago. Ever notice how the skull and cross bones are ending up on the kids cloths. The same skull and cross bones, who want to enslave the World. Have created a generation. (More than willing to be killed, with all their chemical.) Now displays the logo of their killer, on their garments. This is reality folks, a damn near perfect propaganda machine. Sheep being led to the slaughter. Dressing for the occasion. Their only freedom of speech is silence, with thoughts that have been planted, by others. Didn't understand all the fears, White folks had for Obama, now I do. Everything is going so fast now. New news is old news, as soon as it is told. Happy 'Mother's Day', for all you good moms out their. A good mother is harder and harder to come by. Since this generation of women, are treating them self's with very little self respect any more. It's all tits and asses now, fuck the children. "God' bless. bye

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