Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Mother's Day, 2009"

Feminism has destroyed this day of reward, for all the mothers of Americas children. The days have long passed, for most children having a loving mother. With all the freedoms women have today, their children have become second hand. The hippie generation freed women, with the encouragement of the controlled media. Now you have working moms, with affairs going on the side. Before the hippie movement, women where stay at home moms. Now by necessity, or women's own desire, most have jobs. The system has convinced the mothers of Americas, they can raise and provide for their children, with out the father figure. This couldn't be the farthest from the truth. A village raises a child, not a single mom. This new idea, was created by the 'powers at be' to break up American families. So the children, come from mainly broken homes. This was done, to allow the 'powers at be', via the media. To become the surrogate parent and brain wash the children. By portraying the father as weak and uneducated. By burdening the father with child support he will have a hard "Time" staying up with. The father now become saddled with a moniker of a, 'dead beat father'. A name the same system created, to help divide the father from the children. So if you are one of the few good mothers, who realize what has been done to you, "God Bless You", on this Mothers Day.

Darwinism is being taught in American schools, why? If their is no life after death, then why are their dreams? It's a known fact, that when people get addicted to stimulate. And are not going into their dream cycle. They soon become mentally unstable. Why is it so important for an individual, to reach into the other side? To keep his physical side, mentally stable. The 'powers at be', want folks to believe they are soulless, like them self's. So Darwinism is being taught in the school systems now. The system wants folks to think that dreams, are some sort of anomaly. They want folks to believe they are, a soulless creature, that needs being led around. In Darwinism, were do your dreams fit? How about all those unexplained things flying around in the air. Why have a Mothers Day, when in the end? Mom is no more than a Dam, for new working slave. With out a "God", then what is mankind?

You can see why this idea of Darwinism, is being embedded in the minds, of the citizens of America. The idea that mankind was created, must be killed off by the 'powers at be'. You are to believe. Their are no missing links and those that think so, should be punished. All this being done because. The 'powers at be', know how they want the masses to think. Are the masses smart enough to figure this out? A few obviously, but really how many will awake in "Time" to save them self's and generations in the future? The schools have already become, no more than the TV. Just another propaganda machine. The teachers are no more than repeater. Here's the book, teach exactly whats in it. If you add your own thoughts, you will soon be fired. American public schools are now, no more than a dumbing down system. Controlled by the Zionist, with only one thing in mind. Mass murder and total control over the good slaves, the repeaters. Hello can any body hear me? Do you think, your ancestors crawled out of the water? That's what is being taught to the children now.

In the Biblical story of Noah's arch, what does the flood represent? How about the collection of all the animals, plants, and all living creatures? One of the threads on Godlike Productions was the question, 'where did all the water go, during the great flood'? Lots of ancient other writing and tales have the same story, of a great flood. This proves, this pretty much, had to have happened. Tibetan Monks and Hopi, both have this story. And their cultures are much older and isolated, than any current religions or cults. So what did the water represent in the story, of the 'Great Flood'? Having an naval and an opinion, I believe the water represented, 'purification' of the Planet Earth. The Earths sins where cleansed with pure water. Either by a great flood such as Noah's. Or the death to all those that chose the material things of Mother Earth. The "Aliens" where the collector of all living things on Earth. All you needed to keep, was all the DNA of all the living entities on Earth. Destroy the sinful inhabitants and return the living entities to the planet Earth. Why destroy the Planet, when it is much easier to, simply replant it. Add some up graded DNA, to the ones that call them self humans. Turn the lights back on, sit back and see what grows. This is my opinion on what happens every so many thousands of years. Or until mankind reverts back to his old ways of, self pleasure first and utmost..

Obama looks hypnotized to me. If you ever seen those videos on You Tube of a young Bill Clinton hypnotized, doing campaign commercials. Obama has the same look, no warmth to those eyes. Only the look of a soulless bastard, being led around. Always looking to the sky, as if "God" himself is looking down on him with approval. The Zionist sure have done a good job with their puppet creation. (rite in their with the Moon landings) He almost looks real, apparently real enough looking for the masses. It's 12 degrees above the normal here in the deserts of Arizona. The good news is, the chem-trails stop. In the summer months, we get a reprieve from the chem-trails. Their must not be enough moisture in the air, to do what they want from the spraying, I think? Who know for sure, but a friend says his itching goes away in the summer months. My skin seems to be less dryer also. Their are rumors flying about that the chem-trails are deploying a nano substance that gets under you skin and causes lesions and other problems. An ex pitcher from the 'Oakland A's' named Billy Koch, has the disease called, 'Morganella'. (From the chem-trails) He claims it ruined his career as a major league pitcher. At 31 years old and a top closer for the 'A"s', his career ruined by twitching. You Tube, NWO Morganelli's Billy Koch 'A' pitcher. Once again if you ask the government about this problem, it doesn't exist. Their so many reported cases now, you can go on line and look for many different herbal cures. It seems to be a fiber type substance that comes with the lesions. If you seem to have suddenly started to be experiencing this new discomfort. Their are some good folks trying to come up some remedies for this new illness. Isn't this story in the Bible, at 'end "Times"'? The disfiguring of people faces and skin. Folks someone out their is doing their damndest, to bring the Bible to it final chapter, Revelations. Take care of your self and keep learning. Knowledge is the only hope for mankind now, unless others intervine. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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