Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Mandatory Flu Shots, Are They in Your Future?"

One of national net works, morning shows mentioned this fact. Seeing how all the net works are under control. Was this just a test dummy, to get the idea in peoples minds, this is coming down the pike? Planting the idea in the back of folks mines. A little dropped idea, here and their, until folks think they thought of it them selves. Will this be the test to see, who the loyal clones are? Will it be used to see, who through out America, doesn't trust the current system? Will the ones taking the mandatory flu shots, be given the influenza. A form of mass killing. Then call the whole thing a mistake, while depopulate the country at the same "Time"? How about the ones who don't take the mandatory shots. These will be the educated free thinking and not your average clone. Not the ones who believes. Everything that comes from that fucking picture tube, is true. Will the educated ones who refuse the Flu shot. Be left unprotected from an Ariel chem-trail, being dumped on them? This can go so many ways. How could a decision, so tremendous as this? Ever be placed on the citizens of a so called, free country? On one hand, the only home you know. To not trusting, any part of the current government. This is where the country is today. Those that still have blind faith in something. And those that know better. Their is no middle road on this. You never hear someone say any more. That is a possibility, to I hate you, because you don't think like me. The fucking mass media, has done this to the American citizenry. Wasn't this all in an old movie?

I finally got my 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately it was on 'Godlike Productions'. I'd made a few comments and thread. Went to see if someone had made a comment to my comment. This is funny, my I.D. was removed from my own comment. Others where using my comment to add to their comment. While the one who made the original comment, was removed, that being me. I'd called a guy a moron, because he didn't believe in chem-trail. Him being a twenty plus year military veteran. Then I'm following a thread, about a so called UFO landing in Webster, South Dakota. Their were thousands of hits, because it was reported by a 'Business Week' reporter. This is going on around 5:00 PM Arizona "Time". Answered a few e-mail and when back to GLP, to continue with what's going on in Webster, S.D.. Guess what, gone and couldn't be found, any where on the site. Hoax or not, if folks are hitting on your thread, it stays up front. Wanting to know why a thread with so many hits, disappeared. I posted a question, 'who decides what is removed at GLP'. I'd gotten over three hundred and fifty hits, in less than three hours.Like a navel, I had 35 plus written responses. All basically, calling me a dumb ass, for asking such a dumb ass question. Got answers like, a picture of Obama, someone from Star Trek, etc.. And mainly, 'their are those that control', what is and isn't viewed on GLP. I'd taken a lot of abuse by those that act, 'all knowing'. (While hiding on some computer some where.) But the attackers also proved another point. The fucking Americans, are just full of them self's. My response was,'why would you waste your "Time' viewing something, that under control. Reminded my attackers in so many words. 'Humble' has become a lost word, in their vocabulary. In the end, when all the smoke cleared. I'd never gotten a answer to my original question, 'what happened to the original thread of a UFO landing in Webster'. Ask the man for the "Time" of day. He tells you how to build a watch, so you will know what "Time" of day it is. The Ugly Americans, had turned the whole thing into a stoning, rite from the Bible. (All negative responses stopped after my comment at #39) At lest maybe some of them, felt like the, pushy, grubbing Americans, that they can be.

Seems this swine flu, or what ever it's name, keeps getting legs. See where some Australia researchers says, 'the swine flu was man made and escaped into the general public.' This was the first official word, it was man made. Of course soon after that, he had to remove his statement. (the real Cartel talking) Now their is talk of a second more powerful batch, going around.

Wayman Tisdal at age 44 died, from cancer. An All American at Oklahoma and eleven years in the NBA. He played for the Suns three years. To me he was one of best, if not the best, Jazz bass player ever. He could blend in a led guitar, with his base. Make you believe he was playing a led guitar. Make little riffs so complicated, you wondered how he could bend his fingers that way. "God" bless the musicians, that take away some of the pain, of life here on Earth.

The favored filly, Rachel Alexandra at 9-5 odds, beat Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird. Today at the Preakness, in Baltimore. She is slated to be bread with Curlin, to try and produce a supper horse DNA. Sound a little like an "Alien" story and mankind? What is the difference between the horse industry and what the "Aliens" are doing, on Earth? Are the "Aliens", just the worker bees, for a greater power? Does the same problem present it's self. Create the next generation of DNA. Then the existing DNA become worthless. All the others horses off spring, are now going to be. No match for the new and better DNA. Is that the job of entities like Nibiru, Wormwood, the Turtle? To pass through, to cleanse the Planet in more than one way. While the "Aliens" introduce another better DNA? Really, how much difference is their, between the thoroughbreds and mankind? In the same shoes, what would you do? Keep the same old DNA? (Kinda like the Jews and many other societies, that keep inter breading.) Or be a good soldier and come up with something much better. Of course you would try the latter, everyone loves a pat on the back.

All this talk about who is doing the 'Crop Circles'. How about if it doesn't matter. Any way you look at it, the idea was fostered from another enitity. If they are from above, which I believe, or planted thought and ideas, by those above. It's all from the same source, a single spark of enlightment. Why try and fool the general public, if "Aliens" don't exist in the first place? Even the fake one are from above, because they are only attempted. To duplicate, others from above, art and messages. I'm still looking for Donald Rumsfeld. bye o

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