Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Perversion or Godliness?"

Do you feel like me and many others, trying to make a difference. Fighting the perversions of a sick society that surrounds you? Like many of us, believing their is more to life than the material World. We sat and watch others around us, treat other humans brutally. So that they may enjoy a bigger piece of the pie. Their is no real way, to stop what we view. So we've become complacent. Has human society, always been like this? Is this a new phenomena, created by the current 'powers'? Has America, always been this corrupt, but never reported to the general public? Has the Internet changed how the masses now, view their so called leaders? Wasn't America once thought of. As a place where, compassion and sense of giving came first? It would appear that the Internet has exposed, the under belly, of a once great America. Now that the corrupt under belly of America has been expose. This has forced many to re think their priorities. Some have written, this was needed to awaken mankind from their sleep. Hatred for the current state of affairs, has awaken many. Wasn't it the hatred of America, that reunited North and South Vietnam? Bush, Chaney and now Obama, sure have created that level of hatred, for the government, in America. Will this all be good, in the long run?

The pressures get ratcheted up daily now, one crises after another, day after day. You wake up and wonder, 'what's going to happen today.' This is what the system wants. Wants you worrying about you bills, the air, water, food supply. Everything but the Spiritual World. This way you are keep under control, just like good old Hitler did it. The "Time" has arrived for all of mankind to make a decision. Do you want to go down a Spiritual path, or a path of Perversion? This would appear to be that "Time". Submit to a un "Godly" master, or take the high road to Spiritually. To me this the test. A test to see if you are fit for the next step in evolution. Those that turn on their Earthly masters and look to the skies. And those that listen to their, Earthy material masters. Just as most ancient cultures have verbally or written, that is the test. The test for eternity, or the moment.

To all the de-bunkers trying to prove Crop Circles are man make. Here is a good test, that will end all the controversy. Bring out the so called creators of the British Crop Circles. Pay them big bucks, by putting it on a World TV feed. Give the so called Crop Circle makers from, 10:00 PM, until dawn. To create even the simplest of Crop Circles, in that "Time", as perfect as the predecessor. Not going to happen, because it can't be done. One thing to show some guys with boards with ropes tied to them, making a primitive circle. To the perfect circle and geometry, created in one evening, by the unknown.

How do you bail out debt with debt? America is bankrupt, meaning it's debt is far larger than it's assets. So just how do you get out of debt by borrowing more money? The bail out, is no more than the pirates, robbing what's little left, in the cabinet. Sad part, many know this, can't do squat about it. America has dug her own grave.

Ran a thread looking for Donald Rumsfeld on GLP. A lot of people wishing, he was burning in Hell, but no one with a recent view or photograph. Kinda wonder if Fulford's Ninjas got him. Shouldn't him and Bush be making the public speaking rounds like Bill Clinton? Making millions of dollars from appearances. I'm starting to think, Donald had to be killed off, because he knew to much.

Here in central Arizona, we are having record heat. We have been 10 to 12 degrees above normal, almost two weeks. Today it got up to 106 and this is May. While the rest of the country is having record snow and rain. Arizona goes through it's drought years, just as another area does. Trying to say, it's caused by Global Warming, is nonsense. Some how when the 'powers' want to make statistics go their way, they will. Aren't the oceans rising and both pole melting? Hello Carbon Tax

A good example of how bad the economy is getting here in Arizona. I've been going to pre bid meetings for commercial electrical jobs, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This way a lot of the small contractors are eliminated. When ordinarily you would have anywhere from five to ten electrical contractors show up. It's now easy to see as much as over fifty electrical contractors. Who knows how many others that will bid the same job, but not show up for the pre bid. I was told if you run an add for an electrician. You have to put cones up, because of how many electricians will show up looking for work. Now you have the same whores that created this problem. Saying the end is near and everything going to be rosier. Problem is, which end. End of America, or end of any hope of things returning to the, 'good old days'. Doom and gloom, no good news to report, only doom and gloom. "God" bless, maybe helps on the way. May you have sweet dreams and soft landings.

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