Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Ida, the Missing Link?"

For all those who believe, their is no higher authority than them self's. You got your wish, you did crawl out of the mud. Now you can go about your life, the way Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld and many others. You can rape, plunder, murder, innocent civilians and feel no conscience, or guilt. This lie presented by the 'powers' to show, Darwinism, is the only answer. The 'powers' want you to believe, mankind is no more that a flesh eating consumer. All this to steal away the real reason, mankind was put on Earth. The 'powers' want mankind to believe. They are not a spiritual entity. They are just some lower form, of Earthly life form, that evolved. Thus as a lower form of living creature. Mankind will have to be led around and encouraged. By a handful of superior leaders. Give them your own name, but they all want the same. Enslavement of the masses, bowing to their ever needs. If you are a good slave you will be rewarded with a better food and living conditions. If you want your independence and freedom of thought. You will have to be hunted down, like a rabid dog. All this being done in a tried and trusted fashion. Get all the major net works, telling the World that from this day forward. The missing years the educated ones needed, has now been found. What a bunch of bull shit, but will the bull shit be bought by the general public? The educated ones will dismiss this, because of the ones, bringing the information forward. The Christians will have to deny this, to be able to remain faithful to all those years. Of blind trust in a book called the Bible. The 'powers' even have the History Channel, touting that on the 25 of May, the World will be forever changed. Here again the controlled media be used as the tool, for a new indoctrination. The 'powers' have led folks to believe, yeah you can't always trust the big 3 net works always. But you can trust PBS and the History Channel to be straight shooters. This is just one more piece of the puzzle being installed. To complete the dumbing of the average American citizen. Who relies on the TV, for all their answers.

Good news, bad news about the H1N1 flu, for those born before 1957. The reason no one, or few have tested positive for the new virus. It is a partial copy cat, of the 1957 Asian flu pandemic. Dr. Henry Niman, a flu virus expert, with several books on the subject says. The reason the older generations is immune. That the Asian flu strain, had become entwined with seasonal common flu strains. Thus giving the older generation a sort of a natural resistance. (As most know, flu shots contain a mild form of the virus.) The bad news for the older generation. Your getting old. Here is a piece of a poem written by, someone from the younger generation, on the subject. 'Youth dies from new swine flu, mean while, old people raise their babies. And a new dawn, with out stupid people.' Not the best poetry, but point made. The poem is haunting and dead on. The old folks the writer was talking about, was the baby boomers. The generation that changed how the World thought about the environment and behaved. Even more haunting, is the fact that a lot of the younger generation. Is now moving in with their parents, because of the hard financial "Times".

As folks start to realize the damage that can done, from all the EMFs in the air. A new industry has been created. Folks are going from wireless, back to land line connections. Products being marketed for this new problem are. Copper netting, tin foil on the walls, lead paints for the wall. Some have suggested that the chicken wire, used in stucco construction. Can protect folks from the deadly micro waves. (Same thing used in micro wave ovens.) Here is the kicker, the old line, 'the meek shall inherit the Earth.' Turns out, trailers offer the best protection, because of the aluminum siding. It reflects the damaging EMFs. Also found out, if you live near a Ceil tower, you are being bombarded with deadly EMFs.

It's Memorial day Sunday, a good day for racing. As a child, my dad and brothers would listen to the Indianapolis 500 on radio. Next year, I revert back to the radio, on Memorial Day Sunday, and the Indy 500. This also is the day veterans, like myself are supposedly remembered. Now that this country has slowly creep into a type of fascism. It seems sad, all those good men died and fought an enemy, that was created for them. World War I and II, were created by a handful of soulless bastard. Who knows who the enemy was in WW I? And WW II, Hitler and the Japanese were the main enemy. America pushed Japan into a corner. Then folks like the elder Bush, financed Hitler, and killed millions of innocent civilians. Now the same whores, give the citizens of America, a day of morning, for their war dead. Who were killed for no apparently good reason. Now here American stands, some sixty years latter. Back doing the same thing to this generation. They did to those that came before them. Will the masses of America, ever learn their lesson's? History, always repeats it's self, until the masses break the cycle. Father beats the child, then the child beats his child. This is America today. "God" bless all the American veterans who have served over the years. Thinking they were giving their blood sweet and tears, for the defence of a country, called America.

A few word from the peanut gallery. Free flu shots, free converter for your TV, That's because your government loves you. And finally for the family, that had your child leave a word on my phone message. "God" was the word you left, why? "God" bless on this Memorial Day Sunday. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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