Sunday, June 28, 2009

"The Alien and the Professor"

For the past year, I've been helping a college professor remodel a home. Not just any home, but a house we call the 'Porn House'. The previous owner was the porn star, ' Jenna Jamison'. This a unique home, meant for partying and making porn movies. This home in a gated community, in central Scottsdale. Was never planned on being a home. Where you raise a upper income family. When you walk in the home, the first thing you notice is. For a house with almost six thousand square feet, only one real bedroom. And it has a 12'X12' sky light over the bed. (I keep warning the professor. One night he will wake up and a couple of Grays, will be looking down on him.) How I got involved is quite odd. A General contractor I hadn't talk to for years, called me out of the blue. He first went to my "Alien" bud and asked what I was doing. My "Alien" bud called saying, I would be getting a phone call. About a remodel project near my home. The Lizard as I call him, called rite on schedule. (more on that later). He called and asked if I would be interested on doing a large remodel project with him? I jumped on it at the "Time", because my work was slow. Due to the bad economy. He told me where to meet him. And we would do a walk through to see how much it would cost. To restore the electrical up too, current codes. He said he didn't know if we would get the work. I laughed to myself, as soon as we drove into the gated community. So this is where they are going to hide me out next. The Lizard knew nothing of the last twenty years of my life. He had no way of knowing, how the "Alien" connection had been completed for me. He had no way of knowing, he was being used. So I would be in a controlled environment and keep track of. Of course we got the work, as he acted surprised we did.

The Lizard is gone and the professor and I have become quite good friends. Together we are finishing the project. It's perfect for me, because I can come and go as I please. And also I'm able to go home for lunch and make myself a nutritious meal. (Everyone must stop eating in those poisonous fast food joints.) The professor is infamous him self and travels around the world giving lectures.(Just in Turkey and Japan) Like most professors, he is great at what he does, but single dimensional. Or as he likes to say, 'I do math'. He knew nothing of the chem-trails and Planet X. And little about the "Alien" connection, to mankind and me. To this day, I still don't know if he was part of the inner circle. That placed me with him, in this controlled environment. I'm always reminding him, how much effort some folks went to, to connect us. It gets even odder. He was the one who put the Hopi school system. Computer programs, on the Hopi resevation. Even his book, has a bunch of photos, of Hopi children in it. We are talking some major odds here, of us finding each other. Both having a Hopi connection and both being odd balls.

During the last year, doing the remodel. Here are some of the odd happenings. One day while they were laying down chem-trails. We both stood in front of the house, looking at three Suns. Glaring through the chem-trails. While a couple of guys who knew Travis Walton from the movie, ' Fire in the Sky', stood along side us. The kid doing the duct cleaning, father was an FBI agent. The roofers on the job, where friends from my past. Who knew of all my "Alien" connections and the story behind, the stone I had found. They where from the same Lutheran Church, who I had helped. Make the "Alien" connection, to their religion. And put them on the correct "Time" line. The day after returning from Chaco Canyon, Gallup trip. The professor was rite their, wanting to know ever detail of my journey. For a World traveler, he wanted to know every detail and who I'd talk to. I'd like to say, 'it's a small World', but I'm not sure. All these events where, pre planned by who? The 'powers', the "Aliens", or just who? By the way, the Lizard who help hook us up. His priorities are as such, food, shelter, sex, food shelter, sex, over and over and over. Until the day he dies, he'll never make the next connections. When you talk to him, his tongue moves in and out just like a Lizard's. When you go to the front door of his home. You are greeted by a large metal Lizard, hanging on the entry wall. All this a coincidence, naw, everything means everything. I've learned that the hard way.

While writing about the new era of Crop Circles yesterday. A new one was being put out to the public. Go to, and study the one that was shown on the 27 of June 09. It has a cross made up of two Lizards, leading a Sun. Followed by a heart and two round balls and a tail. With the heart having the letter 'S' on one side and 'U' on the other. To me this is totally Mayan. The Turtle, bringing Planet X in tow, with love. For those that deserve love. And to those not deserving of love. A tail representing the end of your story. Or tail end of known "Time" for some. All the Worlds current leaders, are that tail. Their "Time" has come to an end. Their is no avoiding the bad with the good, or Yin Yang. These latest Crop Circles are, a warning to mankind, prepare. Their is real gloom for the future, presented with incredible art work. By the way, the Aztec Spirit Bird that come just before the cross Lizards. It represents, the end of one life and the beginning of another. Just like the Phoenix Bird rising out of the asses. That came just before it, this summer. The 'Gig' is up, are you ready?

The old tales about why mankind should never eat pork, here's why. Get a piece of pork and pour a Coke over it. You will see worms come pouring out of the pork. Go to You tube and see the videos, then try it your self. The first thing you will do, is throw away all your pork products. Just as the Christian Bible says in Genesis, about mankind's diet. Don't be eating "God's" other creation like yourself. In fact, the way things are starting to look. They will be around long after your gone. And the winner is? Humble, remember that word, the word no American has in their vocabulary any more. Blow up your TV and get smart, it's the only chance you have left now. "God" bless, sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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