Saturday, June 27, 2009

"When Will Their Be Peace?"

When the neighborhood cop, sleeps in the same neighborhood. When the military never leaves the country. When Americas citizens stop being led around, by a handful of non Americans. This constant struggle to separate the police and military. From their own neighbor, has to be stopped. Their will never peace, until all Americans realize they are fighting. The same few whores, that want to kill them all. And destroy their natural unity. Arizona is becoming the World leader in this effort. Just yesterday Arizona passed a bill to thwart efforts by the federal government. To impose global warming taxes, on every citizen of America. A tax that will never seen anybodies hands, but the corrupt Zionist controllers. This type of tax, has already made life miserable for the citizens of New Zealand. This new tax, taxes every breath you exhale, up to coal powered generators, used for electricity. Every part of your life has some sort of energy, for creation. All energy and pollutions, real or not will have a newer higher tax base. This money will only go to, the same bastards. That pollute our air, water and food. The same bastards, creating the chem-trails. The same bastards the staged 911,Vietnam, WW II, etc.. With Arizona showing the other states how to stand up to the federal government absurdities. Maybe other states will follow. (So much for Texas, independence, they seem to be the worst. At letting others, (federal government) control their every move.) Everyone needs to see how their congressman voted on the, Cap and Trade, legislation. Here is where you will find out if you local congressman is under control by the Zionist. This will let you know, if your local congressman is honest. Or under the control of others, because of their sickening past. Only the corrupt, would vote for something that only goes into the hands of a few. Look what happened to 8 trillion dollars that just disappeared. And their is no one in congress, allowed to investigate where the money went. Where is the money going to fight pollution, from these new taxes. It's going into the same Zionist hands, like Zionist controlled Federal Reserve. The game is long gone for, "God" bless America. The country has been stolen. "God" bless America, but this, just ain't the same country anymore.

Got some good news about the fight to stop Monsanto from controlling the World food supply. India and Germany have both stopped, Generically Modified Foods and seeds. Americans judicial system even stopped Monsanto, from controlling American food production. Now Monsanto is going to each state. (Looking for those that can be bribed.) A new movie called, 'Poison on your Platter', can be watched on You Tube. It's the creation of, Mahesh Bhatt and Ajay Kanchan, of India. It shows what can happen to food, when it's DNA has been modified. You will hear how thousands of India farmers committed suicide, because of GMF and seeds. One of Monsanto's biggest selling items is, 'Round-Up'. To help fight the war against Monsanto. Only buy food items that aren't from GMF seeds.

The next item the 'powers' have in mind for every citizen, a 'Smart Meter'. This will replace your normal electrical meter. It will have the ability to control your electrical use. It has been long known, you can send messages through the same wires that power your home. With this ability, your A/C thermostat and most other major appliances, can be controlled by your serving utility. Appliances are already being built with master, slave controls. (Their easily over ridden) The way Fascism has grown so quickly, who knows how long before their are no private utility companies. This new meter, then would be used to control your life, even setting in your own home. (That is, if their such a thing as a private home in the near future) This has already been tried in some eastern states. With bad results, like home fires. Just one more step, like food control with Monsanto. The ability to control every aspect of your life. And turn every citizen into drone slave. Who's only purpose in life, is to make their Zionist masters comfortable. Case in point, watch TV reality shows, like 'Hell's Kitchen' and others. Who serving who, looks to me like, Gentile serving the Jew. (Thank "God" I don't have to watch that crap any more.)

Something big is about to happen. Not sure what it is, other than Nibiru, Planet X, Blue Kachina, etc.. Go to ( to see all the amazing recent Crop Circles coming from England. The theme this season is, a 'Comet' or a round object inbound. These new circles are far more elaborate than previous designs. The latest one on the 27 of June. Has some type of language, written in the design. The same type of lettering I've seen coming across my TV screen. (Before 12 June) Same lettering you see on photos from the Roswell crash. What ever message is trying to be told. Each individual will have their own interpretation, of the meaning. Maybe that is the point, your are an individual. And it's up to you, to save your self. Like all Ending "Time" stories, it's up to the individual. Your leaders, do not have the ability, to save you from "Time".

With each week passing, with out television, one one major effect it's had. I wake up in the morning not looking for something to worry about. That show how much effect the television can have on you mentally. I now awake thinking, what are my tasks for today. Not thinking about something that went wrong ten years ago. This is a neat new World. The same past, is still their, but the moment, I seem to be more into. Those old poems written about living in the moment are true. The TV was just another way, of stealing your individuality. As little TV I did watch, it still had the ability to control my day to day thoughts. I wish everyone could wake up to this new reality. The reality of, entertain your self. Learn your own creativity. Relearn you are an individual, and not a mindless clone. You had this ability when you where a child. Look how a child in a crib will entertain them self's. This is taken away from the child. The moment you put your child down in front of a TV. The mass propaganda starts. The propaganda, that the only way to be entertained is front the TV or controlled media. "God" bless and bye.

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