Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Happy Fathers Day, 2009"

Here in central Arizona, it's clear warm day, without chem-trails. As the heat intensifies, the trails seem to wane. All though, their have been chem-trails, with the cooler weather lately. I read some where, that the chemicals in chem-trails. Need humidity or moisture, to preform at their best. I can tell by my skin, how much spraying is being done.(dry and itchy) Folks are becoming, more and more aware of the problem. You can go to GLP site and see great debates going on about the chem-trails daily. You can tell the government whores easily. (shills) They are the ones who claim that the chem-trails are, an Internet myth. The attacks on those who complain of the trails, are soulless and vicious. It make you wonder, how someone could be so cold blooded. Imagine being paid to create lies for a living. What kind of person, could lower them self to such an enterprise. Some have suggested, they are only a computer generated response.(looking for key words) You can actually feel folks getting up set, from the attacks. The attacker have great language skills. And you can tell, they have been coached, quiet well. (if their are indeed human) Isn't this country great. Pay your taxes, have an opinion, write them down. Then some whore, hired with you tax dollars. Comes along and attacks you innocent words.

UFO sighting are differently on the rise. Your seeing more photos daily, then ever before. At the same "Time", Crop Circles are on the rise in England. (Crop Circle Connector) People daily now claim they have new photos of Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, etc.. I feel in my soul, things are ratcheting up. We are moving faster, lies are getting bigger from the soulless 'powers'. Days are flying by, no "Time" to think, prepare. The press being filled with lies about North Korea and Iran. Getting folk fired up, nervous. People buying into the propaganda, wandering what's next. All part of the plan for the formalization of. A single World government, with one money and one "God", gay Obama. This is where the World is being taken to. The Zionist have the common man of the World. Killing each other, at record rates now. All the murdering in third World countries. Mexico and their drug wars, cause my the American need for drugs. (Drugs they need to keep from going insane, from all the created chaos.) Christians and Jews, killing Arabs. While the more sophisticated, older China, watches from the side lines. Make you wonder who created all these, so called western religions. Was it the Zionist, centuries ago? I believe that's their origin. Three major religious players, in all this chaos. Where created at the same "Time", in the same city. Enough said, divide and conquer.

Go to Crop Circle Connector to see the most recent Crop Circle photos. The latest is showing a Meteor type object. Before that was the Aztec Spirit Bird. These are all recent Crop Circles. (June 2009) It's like someone on one hand is trying to warn mankind. While the other attempts to cover the skies with trails. Their always seems to be a pattern to the Crop Circles. Some generation will have a insect type theme, or a circle theme, etc.. The theme this summer, is a warning. Something is coming very soon. It only make sense, with all the current chaos going on. Nothing else fits, all to engraved in ancient history. Their is something out their and it is fast approaching.

It's been over a week now with out TV, except for the Jewelry Network. It has been like giving up smoking. Their must have been some type of stimulus coming from the TV. Maybe it's just that back ground, groaning sound. What ever it was, electronic or mental, their is a type of with drawl. I'm sure I'm not the only one. And soon the system will have a name for it. And those that don't watch TV, and get their daily dose of propaganda, are terrorist. Look what they are trying to do if you bring up the idea, 911 was an inside job. As I've said before, the 'powers' are good at what they do. The idea is to be smarter and one step ahead. This will be the future of survival. The clones who have given up, even their Spiritual World. And those that refuse to be a cloned and lose their Spiritual Being. I believe the new broad casting system, is just another step in this direction, of total control. "Time" will tell, it always does. My plants are loving all the extra attention they are getting. And my mind seems to need more and more stimulus. Instead of someone who could care less about my individuality. Pounding pure propaganda crap in my ears. Rite now the propaganda is, America must attack Iran. Iraq is OK. As long as their are 100,000 troops their. I sure hope their is help on the way, for mankind. Or maybe the "Creator" will say, vanish. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landing. bye

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