Saturday, June 20, 2009

"What Happen to Arizona's Notorious Hot Summers"

What a odd summer it has been here in central Arizona. Usually this "Time" of year, hot, hot, hot. Not this summer, spring like weather. Today it is only 92 degrees, instead of 110 degrees. Most of the "Time". Only a few of my plants survive the summer months. Today I planted more flowers, in this beautiful weather. Normally I'm locked up for the summer months, like an Alaskan winter. Tonight brings the summer solstice. With it, the Sun starts heading back south. And with this event, I know my new plants. Will soon be in the afternoon shade. I've noticed the rest of the country is having a prolonged winter also. Oregon is still getting snow, along with many other parts of the country. Yet with all these record setting summertime lows. This bull shit about, 'Global Warming' continues. This 'Global Warming' propaganda, is just another way to tax the citizens of the World. Still amazes me, how good folks, can be so easily brain washed. Their is no way, John Doe citizen knows if the oceans are rising. Problem is, John Doe has been convinced, this is a problem.

Obama kills a fly and makes World press. The Arizona Repulsive, had a short comment saying. 'Obama's capable hands, are good for solving all the Worlds problem.' Just another set up story, to show how caring and strong Obama the puppet is. Obama the fag, has only one agenda. To destroy America's identity, for his Zionist handlers. One way is not to protect the boarders. By letting the country be flooded with immigrants from around the World. With this, America loses it's personal identity. These groups of unwanted citizens, move into their own little neighbour hoods. Thus killing off the idea of a proud American. This is the exact same thing that the Zionist did to Europe. By letting all these poor, uneducated immigrants, flood Europe. Europe now has, no real boarders. And citizens have no real identity, of who they are. They have become just another tool, a slave tool. The poor immigrants, drove down the wages and family unit. The same thing that is happening to America. You never hears a kind word, about Obama the fag. Yet some how, his approval rating is high? Why, because everything let out to the press. Is now under complete control. This hated foreign born fag. Is the poster boy, for the NWO Zionist. He is not, America savior. He's America worst night mare. A foreign born Muslim, here to finish the job. G.W. Bush and others before him started. A broken down, bankrupt America. With no one with any balls, to stand up to them. Sad state of affairs, me and many others have witnessed. The planned 911 attacks. Brought this country, to it's collective knees.

I believe as like many ancient societies believe. All living creatures have personalities. The neighbour girl, has one bad ass Pit Bull. Just ask a friend. After her dog decided, he didn't like one of my buds finger. Some how the Pit Bull lost his Frisbee. He is now devastated by the lose. She went out and bought him another Frisbee. The second one was pink, not blue like the original one. That big ass dumb dog, just mopes around the house now. He cannot accept the fact the old Frisbee is gone. In Darwinism, how did all these individual personalities happen? Here is where I believe totally with the Urantia. The arrival of the 'Thought Adjuster', changed life on this Planet. Living proof, even the neighbour's Pit Bull, has some what of a soul. Every living thing in the Universe, has a spirit. Just ask the neighbour's dog. If he'll listen now.

Turns out that Sea Water can be used for blood transfusions. In current history, this has been known since the 1930. Another example of how mankind is being held back by the 'powers'. With all the infectious diseases around now days. This is great news for the general public. With the way modern medicines are controlled. Will this be implemented into the general society? I highly doubt it. Their would be no need for all those blood drives. No high medical cost associated with blood transfusions. Just won't happen, the Medical Cartel will stop this. They want complete control over your life, from birth to death. A Hopi friend once told me. The Hopi are to never accept a transfusion, or give blood. He explained, it had something to do with the individual personality or spirit. Turns out their Chinese believe. Your blood carries your soul. The Hopi and the Chinese, on opposite sides of the Planet. Hold many of the same Spiritual belief. It's well known about the Hopi and Tibet Monks similarities. And their is no doubt that all the ancient Chinese Spiritual beliefs, come from the Tibetan Monks. Just as all the Navajo Spiritual belief systems come from the Hopi. One was Spiritual, the other industrious. The industrious one knew they needed a spirit to survive. Even if it required, stealing it. (The more I research, the smaller the Planet gets.)

A final though about life in these hard modern "Times". Are the Americans, being tested to see just how far they will be pushed? Is the American citizen being pushed to the edge. To see how much control will they accept? And if America's citizens, do take arms up. Is this what they, are being goaded into? Pushed until revaluations does break out. And the Zionist sit back and watch as the non Jewish American, kill each other? That's what it looks like from over here. The Zionist have brought, brother against brother. Brothers murdering each other, much as the Black do. Will everyone please wake up and see what is happening to you. This is the reality of these modern "Times". A very small handful of soulless bastards. Have the World in constant war. Look at Iran today, a countries citizens divided. While the real enemy is the Zionist controlled America puppet goverrnment. The same tricks where used on the Native Americans. Today the same tricks, modernized. bye

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