Sunday, June 14, 2009

"American Slavery, Zionist Style"

Barack Obama is a Zionist slave, plain and simple. He would never even be a citizen of America, if it wasn't for his Zionist handlers. A man created by his masters, starting many years ago in Kenya. Separated from the crowd, and primed for future use. You can see from his speeches, much like is predecessor G.W. Bush. He's no more than a, teleprompter reader. You will never hear, an original idea or thought from this fake president. Just like the Holocaust Museum, something thrown on the American public. With all the elections totally under control, with the new computerize vote tallying system. Everything is under Zionist control. The Zionist are already having key word put in place, to describe Obama the slave. You hear words like "Godly", associated with his name. Things like, Obama is Americas future and will led America back to greatness. The same Zionist, that control Obama, will soon be trying to do away with, presidential elections. They will say America is weak and needs a "God" like leader. Their boy Obama of course, will be that "God'', America so desperately needs. They have already, put many of the pieces in place. You can see it in the way, the Zionist have Obama holding his head during speeches. The final sequences are all ready starting. First the financial failure of America, they created, via the banks and other institutions. Then their will be this new, man created flu epidemic. (Swine Flu) Piece by piece, until Americas citizens are no more than beggars. Begging for food, water, shelter, protections from epidemics. The food shortages are already under way. This is being done by, paying farmers not to grow crops. (or fertilizer shortages) Also telling farmers to use the food for bio-fuels, because. Of the, Zionist created, energy shortage. When every day it seems, more and more oil deposits are being discovered. Beware America, of what is being unleashed on you and your children's children. Recently in a speech, Obama stated, no one should even be allowed to criticize 911. The slave Obama has, already started removing freedom of speech and thought, from the America citizens.

From the lady who wrote the book, 'The Doctor Who Cures Cancer'. How to cure cancer with Habanero Chilly Peppers. Turns out, New Mexico has the lowest cancer rate in America. Reason why, chilly Peppers, simple stuff. (always it seems) UCLA researchers have used chilly peppers to reduce tumors with chilly peppers, by 80%. Turns out that chilly peppers, will turn cancer cells, against cancer cells. Here is one of her formulas for a self cure, for cancer. Each day grate one Habanero chilly, two cloves of Garlic and one to two table spoons of, emulsified Cod Liver Oil. Take these ingredients and spread on whole wheat bread with butter. (no substitutes like margarine) This is said to quickly start the process, for recovery. Everyone know that Kemo therapy, not only kills bad cells. It kills the good cells along with it. Thus making the patient very ill, with little chance of full recovery. Here again, the Zionist controlled doctors and Pharmacies. Never want to cure anything. Only control it, while stealing money from the national health system, but also the patients life savings. In the end, when the money has dried up. The patient is allowed to be killed off, with their own medications. As can plainly be seen, the American citizen, is doomed. If they listen to the words from the controlled doctors and health professionals. "Time" has come, for every citizen to protect them self's. From the system, that now controls America. America has become like the president Barack Obama. A slave to the system, it pays taxes to.

Some good news on immigration laws. A 8th Circuit Judge affirmed, the rites of a community to enforce Americas immigration laws. This is a blow to the folks, (Zionist) who are trying to destroy America and her boarders. With the reinforcement of this law, Sheriff Joe Arpio looks pretty good about now. Now police will be allowed to, ask people they are questioning. 'Are you a citizen of America'. And if not a citizen, to be arrested for false entry, into America. The Phoenix cops say they don't have "Time" to do this. You can under stand why, they have so many other criminal activities to handle. To other smaller towns in America, their police have "Time". Once the word gets out, about the immigration laws being enforced finally. Word will travel back to Mexico and other central American countries. Don't come to America, you will be thrown in jail. As the federal government tries to destroy. The American citizen, via local police departments. Can start to try and stop this dismantling of America. This is one step, in taking back local authority. And stopping this madness, being put on the citizens of America. By the corrupt federal system, that's out to destroy this once great country.

With the press, written and televised, totally under control. Make one wonder if their even was a shooting, at the Holocaust Memorial. All seems just another way to gain sympathy for the Jewish cause. Even the son spoke out against, his fathers hatred. All seems to clean, to well planed out. Like Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City bombing. Both caught soon after, both painted as miserable radicals. One out to get the FBI, one out to get the Jews. With this growing Jewish backlash getting stronger all the "Time". You could see this would be a good chance to gather some sympathy, for the Jews in America. The white boys don't need me to tell them. You can already see, folks questioning the shooting. The Zionist know how out numbered they are. They are hoping the whites and other American minorities won't figure this out. Doing stunts like this and the Holocaust, are planned. While the same Jews, murder the citizens of the Gaza strip. (The citizens of Gaza, to the Jews. Are like shooting fish in a barrel.) The Jews want it both ways, but their "Time" is limited. Their own Bible says their, "Time" is limited. As the Zionist controlled Obama, says things like. Israel must accept a Palestinian State, you wonder what is really going on in the back ground. Remember the little Jew from Illinois, is always with him. Making sure he says all the words, they want him to say. A man who can't control his own sexuality and smoking habits. Is a weak and controllable subject. A subject that wants, nothing more than to be in the lime light, a good slave. A good slave with, skeletons in the closet. So what ever comes from his mouth. Isn't is own thoughts, but his handlers propaganda.

It's my first Sunday with no TV. My "Time" now is scripted by me, not Tiger Woods. Last night was, 10 minute old footage from the live, 24 Hours of Le Mans'. Great stuff, not some violent hicks from northern New York, building motor cycles. No re runs of something that was worthless in the first place. Silence mixed in with some old episodes of the 'Newly Wed Game'. "God" bless, sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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