Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Nothing Out of Place, Another Blow to Darwinism"

As the 'powers' try to convince mankind, they are "Godless". Here is another example of "Gods" hand in everything that is good. Found this Thread on Godlike Productions about food, by a poster named, Canuck. The Thread is entitled, 'Earth's Pharmacy'. Look here at the comparison to health benefits from fruits and vegetables, to the shape of body organs. When Carrots are sliced, they look like your eyes. And we all know, Carrots are good for your eyes. Tomatoes have four chambers, and are red. Your heart has four chambers, and is red. Everyone knows how good Tomatoes are for circulation. Half's of Walnuts, look like your brain. Guess what, nuts are brain food. Kidney beans look like human kidneys. Here again, Kidney Beans are good for your Kidneys. Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb, look like bones. Here again, they are good for your bones. Avocado, Eggplant, Pears, look like women's womb and cervix. Here again, they are good for that part of the body. Figs are full of seeds and hang two by two. You can figure the rest out. Citrus look like breast, they are good for the Mammary Gland. Garlic and Onions, have layers that help to. Clear waste materials from the body, by the layer. I'm sure you could go on and on. All so perfectly arranged, a coincidence? I highly doubt it, to perfect, not random enough.

It all leads back to the Hopi story of the first World, and the Bibles, 'Genesis' story. The forbidden fruit was, flesh. Mankind has been dupe into believing, they cannot survive with out flesh. A part of the puzzle, to keep mankind controlled. Limit their years on Earth. Make them sickly and dependent on the system to protect them. Is this Lucifer at work? I don't like to go down this road, because I know so little of the subject. Problem is, you can see this connection, to the beginning of recorded "Time". This constant return of another 'Entity', to see how mankind has progressed. Flesh eating seems to me, is the parameter, measuring point. To mankind's advancement, sense the last return, of the 'Entity', or 'Creator'. In the beginning of each 'New World', flesh eating would have been forbidden. Not when the Forest and pastures where loaded with mankind's diet. Of fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, were every where. Their is little doubt that mankind has made great leaps. In a rather short periods of "Time". Always to be destroyed, over and over. Never seeming to learn, their place in the Universe. And here mankind is again. A flesh consuming society, on the verge of self destruction. Mankind is that, three legged dog, Leon Russell sings about. 'For he moves to slow, to get the message'. And once again, mankind is hanging out, 'next to the freeway'. And the diesel are screaming by.

All the news this week over the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial, got me thinking. Why do the Jews have a Holocaust Memorial in America? What the fuck connection, does that have to America? Where is the Memorial, to the 11 million Native Americans killed. While stealing the land from them? The Jews should have their Memorial in Israel, or Germany, not here. If the Jews deserve a Memorial why not. The Blacks in Africa, eastern Europeans, the Mayans and all of Meso America, etc.. We know for a fact, all those folks where murdered off. Their is still no real prof, 6 million Jews where massacred. Population records at the "Time", don't show this giant, disappearance of the Jews. When you only have 30 to 40 million Jews at the "Time". Six million Jews dieing, should have shown up. Just part of a larger game plan, to secure Israel a home land, in the middle east. When you control the media, 'history is yours'. The Jews will eventually get theirs. They always do, as history has shown.

Strange for the first "Time" in 55 plus years, no TV or news this morning. Checked to see if all the channels where gone. It appears, I'm going to have to learn Spanish and become a born again Christian. That's what's left, on the air. (Jewelry network, still on) It did seem rather odd, not having the light from the TV with out sound. Like losing a dog, or a child moving out. All those years of sitting down at around 7:00 O:Clock, with a beer. The propaganda has gotten so un bearable, it had to be done. It's over, a new part of my life begins. Now I will have to fill in the "Time". Creating new ideas and thoughts. Not to be drug down by, whats on the boob tube. You don't realize it, but your life is controlled by the TV. With out a TV, you can plan your own life. New thoughts will be generated, with the extra "Time". With out the TV, as I've written before, 'you can't be brain washed'. With in a few weeks, it will, as if nothing has changed. I've learned that from my children. How many lost years where their. Gazing aimlessly into a TV? Mind control, mind control, pure and simple.

As I remove my self from more EMFs, others run to them. It used to be only the women were constantly on cell phones. Now men are glued to them. A system that's trying it's collective best, to kill folks off. Have the same folks convinced, they are the center of the Universe and their every word is precious. Everyone has a cell phone and everyone is frying their brains out. The system will steal their social security, because they will never reach the ripe old age to use it. Their brains are being destroyed and they are paying for it, coming and going. And it makes for a damn good tracking device. Paying to be tracked, paying to be given brain cancer. This is what, that good old TV, is doing to you. Constantly telling folks, they can't live with out certain items.

We are having chem-trails this summer here. It usually goes away during the summer months. And my skin isn't itchy. Here they are today spraying and my skin is dry. A blue sky day, turned milky white. What are the 'powers' hiding? A friend recently said to me, 'tell your Martian friends I said hello'. Glad to see their finally getting some notice. Odd part is, I never talked about those type things with him. Have to admit lately, we have been getting more respect lately, bout "Time'. bye

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