Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Arizona's Illegals Problems"

The illegals crossing the boarder into Arizona. Aren't exactly your basic brain surgeons. These are your uneducated, your criminals, people running from their past. These are the ones, causing all the burdens on Arizona infrastructure. They drive up health care cost, by their basic lack of education. Diets filled with sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol. People who don't hold life to be a great priority. People who are use to seeing executions on the streets, by 'drug cartels'. Illegal who won't turn in the very people that harm them. Folks not trusting the system to protect them. Back at their home land, neither police or military could not be trusted. They have now turned Arizona into, one of the major crime states now. Once a state known for 'snow birds', tourist, mining and farming. Now has become number two in kidnapping in the World.(note I said World) Number three in crimes, in America. Number three in uninsured motorist, causing Arizona's to have some of the highest insurance rates in the country. Our deserts have become filled with garbage and human waste. Drop houses in every type of neighborhood, poor or upper middle class. The state has become, 'Saigon at night'. The nights now belong to corrupt illegals gangs and drug cartels. Drive by shooting are common in all towns now, large or small.

This allowing of the boarder to not be protected, has a bigger agenda. It's called a, 'One World Government'. By not enforcing the laws against illegal immigration. America is slowly losing it's own identity. It is slowly becoming a country with out boarders. Exactly what the 'powers' want to happen. It's forcing ethnic groups to, isolate them self's from other ethnic groups. The town I live in is mainly white. While other towns become more and more Hispanic. The blacks and other ethnic groups are scattered about now. Soon they will be in their little area for protection. The Jews have long ago, picked their area in, north central Phoenix. One day an entire part of Phoenix or the valley will be all Orientals. All part of divide and conquer, by the 'powers'. They have done a good job of breaking down the basic family unit. Now they will isolate folks and have them living in fear of the ethnic neighbor. Their is no putting 'Genie', back in the bottle now. Their is no trust worthy government official to turn to. All have been bought or threatened by, reveling their own past. The only way to break free from all this, stealing of Americans freedoms. Is for the states to, break away from the controls in Washington. Will this ever happen, can it happen? Has America become one large prison camp? Much like what the Zionists have done to the folks in the Gaza Strip. The Zionist say who will come and go. And who will have food and who won't. Have the 'powers' that control America, done the exact same thing to the citizens of America? I think it has been done. The final blow is being put in place now. It's call a financial depression. By controlling who makes all the financial decisions. The land of plenty has turned into the land of control.

This morning at eight o:clock, the skies where clear. With one lone chem-trail in the horizon, to the north. By eleven o:clock, the skies are full of milky looking chem-trails. Even when I was in a isolated area, such as Chaco Canyon. Their were chem-trails being laid down. Someone once told me, their was no escaping them. At the "Time", I didn't believe them. Makes you wonder if the 'powers', were hiding something in the sky, or just killing folks off? Make you wonder how much longer, can the secret be kept? I've noticed that, on either GLP or You Tube. If you mention something about the chem-trail problem. You will be bombarded by attacks saying, 'chem-trails and UFOs, are an 'Internet myth'. It still amazes me, how few folks have ever noticed the trails. Does the problem create, so many people are having with dry skin. A by product of the relentless spraying. This is the first summer I've noticed the spraying has continued. Usually in the summer months. You don't see the trails and my skin is much healthier and moist. This summer my skin and hair, are dry as a bone. You would think that maybe the aluminum and barium. Is removing the moisture from the air. The guy at the local health food stone, said he has more folks complaining about dry itchy skin now. He has been recommending folks use Aloe Vera as a cure. He says drinking it will help moisturize the skin, from with in. One lady I talked to, said it was helping her, dry itchy skin. Today I took the same kid out in front of his store. And showed him the reason, why all the complaints about dry skin. As we watched the aircraft lay down the lines. I asked him if he was having the same problem. He started scratching his forearm and replied yes, I've noticed it on my self. Once again living proof, people only know what the TV tells them. At least the kid didn't start attacking me.(The 'powers' have done such a good job of brain washing the general public. They can leave it to the sheep, to attack the educated ones.) Most folks can't believe their own government could do something like that to them. These are the same folks who believe terrorist took down the Twin Towers. And have no idea the third build, (building 7), was even part of 911. (never brought up in the governments own, internal investigation of the attacks of 911)

Five more days and the TV propaganda goes away. The 'power's' net works, constantly remind me, of my impending doom. You would think the TV signal going away, was the end of the known World. A constant thread across the bottom of the screen, spelling warning and impending doom. (If you can see this, your TV is not ready, for the new signal.) Some networks are bordered in bright red, warning impending doom. The impending doom is, I can't be blasted with propaganda and commercials. The 'powers' have no power, if they can't get into your head. Stop spending your hard earned money on their designer cloths and electronics, their fucked. No taxes generated by sales of all the that useless crap. No money to posion you with. Anyone old enough, can see how much this country has changed in recent years, via the tube. Imagine where the country might be today. If the TV, brought you the truth, instead of constant lies. The truth has no place in a modern day America. This is the sad reality of things. America was raped and brain washed. Not with the news papers or books. It could have only been completed with, the invention of the TV. "God" bless, sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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