Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Deception Pays in America"

What a punch in the gut, for the Pat Tillman family. The highest ranking officer, in the Pat Tillman cover up. Gets promoted to the, highest position, Commander in Afghanistan. Lt. General Stanley McChrystal, who never made a public statement about the Tillman murder. Gets rewarded for his efforts, in the cover up, of Pat's murder. This is how the, American Military Industrial Complex works. Their will never be a single word of truth about the Pat Tillman's murder, or the true reason America is still in Afghanistan. This country is spiraling towards, complete control by, Martial Law. The general before McChrystal, told the truth about Afghanistan. When he said, 'Afghanistan will never be brought under control by a foreign government'. The whores who are the true 'power', didn't want the general public, to hear that. So in true form, of a Fascist controlled America. The messenger, had to be killed, or removed in the case. (maybe he will be killed) McChrystal is so far a part of the under ground government. He wasn't even listed as being in the military. He was part of a Special Operation Forces, in Afghanistan. Who knows how murderous he was, while hiding in the secrecy, of Special Operation? This all is another perfect example of. In your face American policy, toward the American public. Just like Bush II, flipping off the press. (The very same controlled press, that helped installed him, as president.) America will never exit, either Afghanistan or Iraq. Their will always be enough of a enemies presences, in both countries. To keep the citizens of America thinking. Those damned old terrorist are every where. Saddest part, the American tax payer is paying the terrorists pay check.

Precious metals started making a run upward this past week. And as always, they where driven downward by. What I believe, is a flood of precious metals on the market. To hold up, the worthless paper money. On GLP, people where responding to silver going over $16.00 and gold fast approaching $1,000. (silver reached $16.13, had been up to $20, a year earlier) Folks who where holding silver and gold. Were talking like, 'it's never going to get cheaper'. And that it had finally happened, the ugly word, 'hyperinflation'. Been hearing about this, a long with many others for years. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened already. Some how, the 'powers', resurrect the worthless dollar again. How many more "Times" can this be done? How long before the reality of how worthless the dollars is, becomes reality? What's stopping the rest of the countries in the World saying, to America. Here are your worthless paper notes, we want the equivalent in gold and silver. Does America, have a gun to the rest of the Worlds heads? Is America's Military Industrial Complex, using the threat of HAARP? How much longer will the rest of the World? Let Americans use their worthless paper as payment? Could it be that the rest of the World countries, are printing worthless paper also. Are they also controlled by the same, 'powers' that are the Federal Reserve, in America? Talks show are always talking about the eminent death of the dollar. The Euro was suppose to replace the dollar, what happened?

Women of America, have been slowly poisoned by the 'powers', with milk products and Cell phones. Forty years ago, women had a one in forty chance of getting some type of breast cancer. Today that number is, one in four. How does that happen is such a short period of "Time"? Steroids and EMFs, that's how. You seldom every see a female, with out a Cell phone, stuck to their ear. All the young girl now have great breast, in their early teens. And a Cell phone stuck to their ear. Women who use to out live their counter part men. Are down dying or having major breast operation, in their sixties. A women at the Heath Food store told me, her friend recently died of breast cancer. She was only sixty years young. She said she had a habit of always putting her Cell phone in her bra. Between the EMFs and the steroids in milk products. She never had a chance. Neither product come with any warning for women. Young girls should be warned about the risk related to milk and constant use of Cell phones. The same 'powers' who fill the air with chem-trails. Will never warn the general public, of the dangers of milk and cell phones. I try and warn women, but this fight against the propaganda machine. Is a up hill battle. You try and warn others. They call you some kind of conspiracy theory nut. As one women told me, 'why waste your "Time".' Worrying about, what the government is doing to you. That's rite in their with. If you are a nature loving tree hunger, your some how crazy. If the odds are one in forty now, for breast cancer. What will they be in Twenty years? When they are all diagnosed with cancer. They will all think of me and my warnings. All women can look forward to breast cancer, at this rate of incline!!! On deft ears.

If you go to your search engine and type in, 'Georgia Guild Stone'. You will see what the 'powers' have in mind for the human race. This was erected by, the select few who want to kill the citizens of the World. (approx. 6 billion) They believe by leaving a warning, that some how. It will ease the Karma on them, at death. Like 911 with Bush II standing next to the cut beam, at ground zero. With the chief of the New York City firefighters. (The very same firefighters, his handlers murdered on 911.) These are the sickest of the sickest, the lowest of the lowest. Once again, in the face of the World. We are out to kill you, and were letting you know. You are to uneducated and sick to stop us, they are saying. Mankind is to stuck in the material World, of self greed to stop us, their saying. Every day it seems, they might be correct. While other and me, yell warning, only to be scoffed at. Bye

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