Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Obama the Fag"

As the hatred for Obama grows, is this a set up? Are folks being led to believe Obama is responsible for all their woes. Even as much as Bush was hated. People actually yearn for him to return, as compared to Obama. Obama has already spent more future national income, than all other presidents combined. The only change America has seen. Is a country that was partially free, to a complete state of Fascism. You hear threats now on the net, toward Obama's life. Is Obama going to be the next, Timothy McVeigh? A sacrificial lamb you could say. Obama obviously has no love for this country. Using him to ratchet up fears in America. Then claim he was assassinated, to bring on Martial Law. That's where this is going. Using the good citizens of America emotions, to conquer them. Obama is already a, 'in your face America', leader. A leader chosen to see, just how far Joe citizen can be taken. What better way, to finally remove everyone guns, with Martial Law. This would allow the government to enter your home and confiscate all your weapons and ammunition. None of the actions Obama has taken are random. He makes no plans, he's only a black puppet, instead of a white puppet. This is a game of, blame the nigger, for all America's woes. The 'powers' have proven, over and over. They can control their citizens of Americas minds and emotions. Look how everyone became so patriotic after 911. While the 'powers' looked down on the citizens of America. To them this must have been the ultimate reward. We kill three thousand of the dumb bastard, and they love us. They are even going to let us, take most of their freedoms away. Living in dumbed down America, it's great. If you are on top.

A by product of the actions of Obama's handlers (Zionist) is. The rest of the Worlds hatred for the American citizen grows. The saddest part of all this is. Mr. and Mrs. America, has absolutely no control over what the federal government does. Americas citizens demanded America, with drawl from Iraq ASAP. And even elected people they thought would stop the war in Iraq. All they got for their effort was. More troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. If that wasn't enough. They chased out the Republicans and got Obama the Fag. For their effort, Obama the Fag, attacked Pakistan. All this in the name, 'protecting Americas interest, World wide'.

Mayan Day Keeper have a job for all of mankind. Their job is to tell the citizens of the World, what the numbers say. Some "Times" the numbers say good things. Some "Times", the number say bad thing. They have no control over what the numbers say. When it comes to December 21, 2012, the numbers are bad. The Mayan Day Keepers came about, with the arrival of "Quetzalcoatle". Each day has a different meaning and with the conjunction of the year and month. Their are no two days the same. It's just like the Eastern Religions, take every day for what it is. One of the few remaining Mayan day keepers is, 'Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac'. He was groomed to be a Day Counter, since his childhood. You Tube, '2012 and the Mayan Calendar'. What he has to say in thirty minutes. Goes rite along with most ancient Mayan teachings. It's up to the citizens of the World, to save them self's, from total destruction. Just as you make plans when you make a trip. The "Gods" have made plans for this trip. The trip is, the life or journey, for Planet Earth and it's inhabitants. For mankind, their is a control and order. It's called, 'Law of Time'. In other words, mankind has been given so long, to get their house in order. Mankind has been given, just so many journeys here on Planet Earth. To figure out, this is a Spiritual Journey. Not a material Journey. So far, only a handful of Earths inhabitants, have figured this out. According to Rigoberto, the good will be saved. People like the 'powers', their "Time" is limited. (Funny I just wrote about the same thing. Only difference is, mine comes from listening to my own thoughts.) Really no different from most ancient cultures, 'End Time' scenarios. The Bible has the same ending also. (The Rapture) Rigorberto believes the "Gods" of Earth are returning. Even having mankind, clean up their ancient sites for them. Funny now at 'End Times', how many ancient temple are being found and restored. Just at the same "Time" line, as the re-arrival of the "Gods". They knew how far mankind would progress, between returns. The question must have been? How far spiritually, will have mankind progressed. A Planet of free will, good over evil. Well, here is mankind again, at the same cross road. The cross road of decision, Yin Yang.

As can be plainly seen, the 'powers' have been trying to self destruct. Rigoberto believes this is because, they know how sick and demented they are. They know they must be destroyed them self's. They keep pushing the citizens of the World farther and farther. Waiting for their actual demise to happen. That is the only way to explain their actions. After all, how much stuff can you have? How much money do you need, to say that's enough? They know they can never achieve this limit. Thus they must push and push, until they are destroyed by the general citizenry. The odds are staggering. 6 billion plus, against a handful. Yet the few, keep the many at bay. Is this because, most of the ones they control? Are really no different, than them. And if roles where reversed, nothing would change.

How are the Muslims going to defeat the rest of the Worlds population? With numbers of citizens. Europe's white citizenship is declining. While the Muslim population in Europe is increasing. This has been accomplish, through mainly immigration. By the year 2025, the majority of Europe will be Muslims. And with that, they will become the power, at the voting booth. Their is no reversing this trend. Even In America, the white have stopped multiplying. With this surge in Mexican and Muslim immigration, legal or illegal. It's only a matter of "Time" before the whites are controlled by the Mexicans and Muslims. Their is no way to reverse this trend. The Muslims will never even have to shot a gun. To take control of Europe and the western World. I was sent this video by a professor friend, it says it all. Demographic_Problem. It show how the World population will look in only a few years. The 'powers' have brain washed the generally white western population, not to multiply. While the Muslim World has encourage their populations to multiply. The way the trend is going, the 'powers' are going to have to change their tactics. How to control the Muslim World. They have already done a fine job on the whites. Lets see how they do against the Muslims. Well here it is another Sunday night, with 7 July only a few days away. As of this morning the Solar flares where intensifying and yet another new Crop Circle, last night. They seem to be coming on a daily pace now. You can gaze some what into the future, but that's limited. We'll see if the World is different by next Sunday. And their will be no reason, for my letters home. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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