Sunday, July 12, 2009

"What is a RFID Chip"

RFID stands for, Radio Frequency Identification Device. Here is your true mark of the 'Beast'. A simple way to tract the where abouts of everyone. A device so advanced, it has it's own antenna and battery. Nano technology at it's best, and worst. With rumors mounting daily. About the WHO (World Health Organization) ordering of, mandatory Swine flu shots. Whats the real reason behind this? These chips are already being used in everything, from Passports to Pets. (cell phone, automoble, pagers, blackberry, etc.) These chips are the real reason behind the Federal I.D. Blaming the war on terror as the reason behind the ID, with theses chips. The false flag behind the war on terrorism and the Swine flu. Is the mandatory RFID chip, installed in every, man women and child. Most poles I've seen, folks what nothing to do with these RFID chips. So how do the 'powers' get around this problem. Make it mandatory for every child entering kindergarten school. No RFID chip, no school, be it private, public or home schooled. Doesn't it seem odd that the new Swine flu shot. Won't be ready until September, October? Just in "Time" for the next generation to start school. Their are no random order to these dates. If you can't put a gun to the parents head. Do it to their children, saying this will help the World from getting sick. Another oddity is, what the hell does the WHO have to do with the individuals. Rite to chose, what's best for them and their children. Is the NWO already in place? How can a World Health Organization, have power over Americas families? These whores never stop, trying to control every aspect, of everyone life. When an organization that has no part of your individual government. Can say who get work and food, you have World Slavery, pure and simple. Theses act of terrorism against the general public have to stop. The Worlds population, must stop these advances against them now. Do you want to see your children suffer any more than they already are. Look how malnutrition this generation looks. Look how they have been dumbed down. Now are you going to stand by and watch their emotions be controlled from afar? Turning your children against the parent. For letting this happen to them.

Taking this all to the next step. How about the new frequency being used to enter your home, via the TV signal. Do you think for a moment. This might have something to do with the future installation of a RFID chip in your body. Why did the government need to free up the air waves? Remember, the government does nothing for the individual now, or probably never has. It's sad watching all this happen from the sidelines. The 'powers' have taught the individual to eat wrong. Drink things that are absolutely poison. All this, leading up to the final blow. A RFID chip in every citizen of the World. All part of the dumbing down and monitoring each individuals movement. (a good controlled slave)

As fast as the next generation of Crop Circles came.(almost daily) They have stopped, for now. Their apparently was no connection between 7-7-09, and the Crop Circles. The Sun continues to rise and no one seems to have been enlightened. And the mystery of the Crop Circles continue. Once again showing how gullible, the worlds population is. Their are certainly messages being told, but to who? Of this generation of Crop Circles, only one made sense. The crossed Lizards, towing in the New Sun. This was pure Mayan. On the 'Turtles' back, comes a new North, South, East and West. And with it, come love for some and death for the majority of others.

The book the Obama handlers tried their best to stop from being published. Has arrived in Book Stores this week. The book by, Larry Sinclair called, ' Bamopoly' is out. These book talks of Obama's drug, homosexuality and murder of an ex lovers problems. The World will soon know what, Obama the Fag President, genitals look like. Isn't this just great, another slap in the face of the American citizen. Look at all the other politicians in Washington. They are all a bunch of odd looking fucks also. I had no way of knowing this book would ever get published. Usually these things are controlled, by the 'powers'. Made me look good, aka last weeks letter home. Next "Time" you see Obama the fag gazing upwards. You can now imagine how his genitals are hanging. Only in America, can the 'powers', have this much control. How can this be, how did this happen? It has always been their, that's the answer. Only difference is the Internet. And now that is being threatened.

Being a child of the sixties, I though the long hair thing had ended. I though our generation had already fought that battle and won. (I re grew my hair, after the death of a grand child) Apparently to the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian policed force. It's still a war that has to be fought. Last week while leaving a Home Depot on the reservation. A reservation cop decided he didn't like the looks of me. It was obvious, he had been tracking me before. ( just like the old Indian and Calvary days, except white reservation cop) The cop was leaving the same area, when suddenly he noticed my truck. As soon as he could he was on my tail, heading south on the freeway. Now the reservation cop has no power over the motorist going down the freeway, but this didn't stop him. This cop got so close to my rear bumper. I thought I might hit my brakes and make him run into me. Thinking this may not be such a good idea, I didn't. It was easy to see he was running my plates, on his computer. Here is the funny part of it. What ever came up on his computer, he couldn't get away from me fast enough. As I told the story to a professor friend. He held up my pony tail and said, ' this is why he was after you'. Just another day in the life of the areas only known Martian. Wonder if my Martian buddies will get him for this? I wouldn't want to be him. I've seen in the past what they do to others. That have tried to bring harm to me.

Found this neat way of sending a message to a friend or for your business. It's call, 'Xtranormal', Their motto is, 'if you can type, you can have a cartoon'. You can go to their site and check it out. Pick out the character you like, and write a scrip for you character. It's as simple as that. Only problem is, I believe they own the rites to your work. You are doing it on their dime. (program) Heard from a friend, folks actually read my letters home. Thanks and to those who agree. I sure hope my friends, can help you out of your own. Self imposed cage, created by the 'powers'. We are all free to decide and chose who we want to be. Problem is, the massive amount of propaganda being pushed on you. Once you realize all they can do is kill you, you are set free. And they are doomed for eternity. "GOD" bless, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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