Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Hate Crime Bill"

The new 'Hate Crime Bill' has passed both the House and Senate. It's been attached to the Military spending budget bill. The Zionist controlled Democrats, knew it would never stand on it's own. So they had to attach it to another Bill before congress. This has been going on for years, being pushed along by the ADL. (Zionist, Anti Defamation League) This is all leading up the removal of America's Freedom of Speech. The first Amendment to the Constitution. Even worst, it protects pedophiles from prosecution. A total Zionist idea, because they are the rapers, murders and pedophiles. If this clears the next hurdle, your rites of, 'freedom of speech', are gone. No longer will you be able to express your feeling toward another individual or group. My simple blogs, would be enough to put me in jail. Piece by piece America's rites are being removed. Until this country is no more than a slave labor camp. Just the way the Zionist want. A replica of what they have done to both England and Israel. To find out how your Representatives voted. Go on line and type in, 'Hate Crime Bill' vote. Here are the low life bastards names from Arizona. Who want to remove the citizens of Arizona rites to freedom of speech and to protect pedophiles. Gifford, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick, Mitchell, Pastor, are the low life bastards that should be remove during the next election. I'm glad to point out, both Senators from Arizona, Kyl and McCain both vetoed it. From the House, Flake, Franks and Shadegg, were good guys and also vetoed the bill. All those that voted for the 'Hate Crime Bill' are probably Zionist controlled pedophiles them self's. These are the lowest of the lowest, because they can be obviously be black mailed for past deeds. "Time" is running out for each state to start weeding out the Representatives who are under Zionist control. I've been proud to say I live in Arizona. Problem is, we have our own whores in congress. With out freedom of speech, what does America stand for? One final word on this subject. Most states have their own 'Hate Crime Bill'. This is just another way for the federal government to. Over ride states local authority. And to be able to shove their Zionist control over the states own laws. The same way they are attacking Joe Arpaio, here in Arizona now.

In the news recently, was a story about a Army officer who refused to go on deployment to Afghanistan. His name is Maj. Stefan Frederick, US Army. His reason for not wanting to be deployed in Afghanistan was. Obama isn't the true president of America. He believes like so many other Americans, Obama is a foreigner. A foreigner put here by the Zionist. (To help make the complete and final destruction of this fine country.) Maj. Frederick should have been locked up in the brig for, refusing a direct order. The fact that he was correct. He was simply let go, or like the military likes to say. 'He was washed out.' The 'powers' didn't need a court battle, they could have never won. Just like the recent book about Obama's homosexuality. The system 'powers', cannot defend their Black Puppet. So rather fight these truths, they must turn their heads. Instead of fighting the accusations. Also along the same line. A lower court finally agreed to hear arguments about Obama's true place of birth. All other efforts have thrown out, by the Zionist controlled courts. Maybe just maybe, their still a few real Americans in the judicial system. And finally, Obama's balls got me banned from Godlikeproductions. I posted a thread about Larry Sinclair's book called 'Bomopoly'. The freedom loving folks that control GLP, just thought that was to much. Now I can use all the curse words, attack about anything I damn well please, but by no means. Leave Obama the fags balls out of the thread. These conspiracy sites, seem to be, under some kind of Zionist control. As the rest of western World media them self's are. I'm still carrying the flag for freedom of speech. If I'm lying, it should run off peoples backs. Like water off a Ducks back. Tell the truth, and folks seem to get real upset, real quick.

What do the Governor Mark Sanford and Sarah Paulin have in common. Both refused federal bail our money. One suddenly stepped aside, the other is being pushed out. What is tied to the stimulus money any way? It seems their must be some under riding strings attached to these moneys. I'll start the research on that and pass it along.

Well the Crop Circle makers only took a few days off. From 5 July until 9 July it seems. Their back at it, check out to see their latest works. Man made my ass. Jim Marrs will be here in Arizona up in Sedona on 8 August. He will be at the, Sedona Creative Life Center, from 1 pm until 4 pm. I'll be their for sure. Even if he has a little bull shit to him. He still has a great way of saying things. Notice how the folks in Sedona needed all those words to describe their meeting place. If you ever been to Sedona and met the people. The first impression is, damn these folks take them self's serious. Why are the Zionist Jews murdering the Palestinians in Gaza? Is it for the sport of it? No it turns out, theirs plenty of natural resources under the Gaza strip. You Tube 'What is it? Maitreya's Star??', great music with video. Here is a good line I found, 'World in Peace, or the World in Pieces'. A few facts regarding the number 1947. Year Dead sea Scrolls found, birth of Israel, Roswell, DNA discovered, Google 19.47. Why are folks so scared of the "Alien" agenda? has a list of all the UFO frauds. Her are a few of the obvious ones, Linda Mouton Howe, Dr. Greer, Art Bell, Billy Meier, Bob Lazar and many more. I have my own list, starting with NASA and MUFON. "God" bless and bye.

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"Hate Bill" Favoritism

If "hate bill"-obsessed Congress can't protect Christians from "gays" as much as it wants to protect "gays" from Christians, will Congress be surprised if it can't protect itself from most everyone? If "hate bills" are forced on captive Americans, they'll still find ways to sneakily continue to "plant" Biblical messages everywhere. By doing so they'll hasten God's judgment on their oppressors as revealed in Proverbs 19:1. (See related web items including "David Letterman's Hate, Etc.," "Separation of Raunch and State," "Michael the Narc-Angel," and "Bible Verses Obama Avoids.") Since Congress can't seem to legislate "morality," it's making up for it by legislating "immorality"!