Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Sasquatch and Native Americans"

Sasquatch or Big Foot, as the most Americans call it. Has a Native American connection, it turns out. Been listening to some shows on Blog Talk Radio about Sasquatch recently. Usually it's some 'good old boys' out in the woods with cameras and voice recorders. Trying to capture sounds or pictures of the elusive character. I prefer not to call Sasquatch and animal. To me, their just another creation of "God". The knock on Sasquatch is. No one has, even a trust worthy photo or film of the character. No known clump of hair or faeces. No body has ever been found. Nothing to really go on. Just plenty of spoofs on the subject. Here again, I've never been to New York, but I'm pretty damn sure it's their. I've written before about a camping trip in western Arizona with my sons. When we where all awaken in the night, from an incredible smell. The area is known as Bill Williams River and Alamo Lake. A remote area, near the Colorado River. This spot has running water year around and plenty of mountains. Their are wild burros in the area, but they stay pretty clear of humans for obvious reasons. What ever presented this smell, had to have been, real close to us. It would have been easy, because we where in a tent. You always hear stories about the smell from Sasquatch. One evening while listening to one of these shows. A guy from the California Highway Patrol was on the air. This lead instant credibility to the program and subject. That was the first "Time" I heard the Native American connection. He also stated the military had written instructions on how to handle an encounter with Sasquatch. Now were going some where, I'm thinking.

Now with the Native American connection, the rest should be easy. Found a good site on line called, You can go to this site and just like Doppler radar site. Push the dot in your area, to see which Native American tribes in your area have some Sasquatch tales. Once on this site, I knew what my sons and I smelled that night was more than likely Sasquatch himself. Their where tribes in this area of Arizona with Sasquatch stories. Even neater, many of the local Native American stories are on this site. Here is a list of the tribes in Arizona, with Sasquatch legends. Walpai, Yavapi, Havasupi, Commanche, Mescalero, Chiricahua and Navajo. Seemed odd their where no Hopi, but then again. All the other tribes are decedents from the Hopi. The more you study the subject, the odder it gets. Many Native American tribes believe their is a connection between Sasquatch and the "Aliens". They believe, just like mankind, Sasquatch was put here by the "Aliens". This would explain why, no physical evidence. Bury their own and always put their body waste in a moving stream. Many folks who claim they have had encounters with Sasquatch. Say their seems to be some kind of mental telepathy with the being. You hear the same stories about the Central and South American, 'Goat Sucker'. When you really think about it. No mater where you are in the World. They all have some sort of Sasquatch story. (Yetta for example)

When people set around and talk about the meaning of life. Are they justifying their own existence? If you look around, everything you see, is trying it's best to cling on to life. From the cards in your hand of poker, not wanting to tossed away. To the single blade of grass in the concrete in you drive way. Every thing wants it's moment in the sun. I recently tried to throw aways some small dolls from children's childhood. I swear they talked me out of putting them in the dumpster. Their back in closet, probably talking to each other. With the way mankind is heading. Are they going to be thrown in the dumpster of reality? No more needed, like the cards in your poker hand. That hoped they would be keep around, for the winning pot. If everything is living, then what isn't alive? For just like the Mayan day Keepers say. Every second has a name and no two seconds, have the same name.

Had my first anxiety attack last night. Yesterdays letter home drained me. (pedophiles) And the news just keeps getting worst. Bush was bad enough, but Obama has taken it to another level. Above Top Secret had a video called, 'John E. Mack on Dreamland', one contributor had recommended. John had a connection with me through Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hover. His talk about abducties, brought some things to the surface. Then when they were discussing how he died, or was murdered. That brought things to a head. It was damn near impossible to control my breathing and nothing I could do would stop it. Hard to describe how the mind works when it come to controlling bodily functions. The mind will keep you in good health, but it can also destroy your health. The older I get the more separated from the general population I've become. While it seems everyone else just wants more and more of the Material World. I find it harder to keep a roof over my head. Wanting not to take more than I need. It reminds me of the Hopi story about the "Ant People". The reason the "Ant People" have such a narrow waist is. They try to take less and less. While trying to save the good folks who have been selected to re-enter the New world. After the destruction of the Old World and it's sinful inhabitants. The World today, needs a lot more of these types here on Earth. If not, mankind will be doomed once again, just as in the past. Wish their where some positive words to say, but that is being taken away, more and more daily. "God" bless, sweet dreams with soft landing for those who try to care for 'Mother Earth'. bye

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