Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Princess Diana Quote"

'I cite my own family as a force against your works. They would rather eat people alive. Than compromise their interest. They're really not human'. Now we known why, Princess Di, was distancing her self, from the Royal Families. Now we know why she had to be murdered. All this talk about the 'Queen Mother' carnivore habits seem to be true, based on this statement. (David Icke is looking pretty smart now.) This explains how the ruling families of England could be so inhumane. Look how the citizens of England are enslaved and watched continuously.(camera network, no guns, no knives and now no scarfs) Now they are all being prepared to take Swine flu shots soon. It's not, will you participate, it's you will participate. And the poor old British citizenship can do nothing. They were disarmed long ago. And will be forced to take their shots. This is the same kind of control that. Obama's slave masters are preparing for the citizens of America. After all, England is only a test bed for the Americas. The 'powers' now know, just how far people can be pushed. All they need to do now, is disarm Joe Average. And that is the next step, using Obama the puppet as the voice. You can see this coming, step by step. Talk about the ultimate population control. Sterilization via a so call Swine Flu Epidemic. Even in America, several thousand folks are being forced to be a test bed for the new Swine flu inoculation. Problem is, these Guinea Pigs may be given a placebo. In order to assure the rest of the population the new Swine flu inoculation is safe. While setting the rest up for sterilization. One of the 'powers' oldest tricks. Create a problem, then present a solution. Will America fall again to the same old tricks. We will all know soon enough. Just as soon as the new poisons are prepared. Remember Jim Jones and the Kool Aid? The Swine flu shot, is Americas Kool Aid. This Kool Aid may not kill the citizens now, just future citizens.

Here in Arizona, state health officials have recently stated. Mandatory flu shots for students, will not be pushed, this fall. (Hope they have the balls, when push comes to shove, from the federal government.) State officials saying, if you 'Want' the Swine flu shot. Go to your local doctor for help. And are urging teachers to send home any kid, showing flu type symptoms. Officials are afraid of the backlash from the parents of Arizona. Arizona has been ahead of the curve, lets hope it continues. The country would all be driving around with ID chips in the drivers licenses. If it wasn't for Arizona vetoing that controlling idea. Not to mention how the Brady Gun Control Law was stopped by one Arizona law enforcement officer. Arizona has had it's share of shady politicians, but they have all been for the most part. Carpet baggers from back East, like John McCain.

In the news lately has been the story about. Some how, NASA erased all the Moon landing tapes. Not one or two, but all. They now want the good folks of the World to believe in the re-created tapes. All this coming on the anniversary of the Lunar landings. Here are a few ideas on how, the World knows, America never went to the Moon. Apollo photos showing shadows going in every direction. (Multiple light sources.) No blast crater, or dust on Lunar Lander. And if it did lower it's self onto the Moon. Wouldn't their be all kinds of debris coming up from the Lunar surface, like shrapnel? One of the most telling evidence is. The Lunar Lander was tested only once on Earth and it crashed. Yet six different "Times" later, it landed perfectly on the Moon, OK. Stanley Kubrick was the director for all the Lunar landing tapes and you can clearly see. He wanted folks to know it was a fake. It would seem, he must have been forced by his Zionist controllers, to direct these lies. And wanted people to find these mistakes in his works, because he had a conscience. The 'powers' only know power through intimidation and not through knowledge. This is just another example of this. The Moon landings are just as fake as the current American financial crisis.

Odds and Ends: Ron Paul is a fake, to let the citizens of America, think they do have choices. He's just as much of the problem as the rest of the politicians. He always has some grand ideas, that are always defeated, yet he's still in the lime light. Some great footage on You Tube, showing him giving the Illuminate hand sign. If you are in the media, you are under control. That's why people like me will never be put forward. Only those that obey the company policies are keep in the inner circle. Speaking of circles, more good Crop Circles showing up in England last week. . are good sites to visit. Think I've found the new music. Went out side the other evening to stretch and try and talk to the "Gods". The air was perfectly still, I replied, 'you don't want me here for some reason, do you?' So I went back inside to find this music, I'd only heard a few "Time" in short spurts before. (sixties electric Jazz) It's now called, 'Acid Jazz'. You can find it on You Tube, Nu-Jazz or Acid Jazz Music - Jimi Tenor - Spaced Out. (Went back out side, with music playing. The "Gods" caressed me with the wind, as if to say, 'thank you, much better'.) The music the system doesn't want folks to have. They'd start thinking and stuff. Start realizing just how under control their minds are. Been watching part of the Internet movie called, 'The Arrivals'. It's amazing how many great old architectural locations their are on Earth. Discovered two new areas of interest, Puma Punku Bolivia and Mount Nimrod Turkey. Here again, giant stone work, that couldn't be duplicated today. What does it symbolize, when you wear your pants down around your ass? You ain't got shit, look at those who do this. Your unemployed black, Chicano gangs, white trash, no Oriental though. Inca's also had the flood as the last destruction of the Earth. Exopolitics Summit 2009 from Barcelona Spain, as always, send money. Can't save you, with out money. "God" bless and bye.

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