Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Eat Well, Live Well, Nazi Health System is Coming"

With Obama the puppet handlers, your health is in your hands. The best way to prevent you from being murdered by your health professionals. You must first and foremost, tale care of your self. Under the new system, yes new system. (The NWO and Obama have gotten everything they have asked for, so far.) They will tell you if you are to be treated, or left to die. Just like the Hitler Fascist system did. When they talk about selective treatments, what do they mean? They mean, if you are about to retire. You have now become a, 'worthless eater'. Sense you won't be paying as much taxes. And the state now has to send you a check each month. You are now a burden on the system. Even though you have paid your taxes all those years and deserve your retirement benefits. The system could care less. They want you dead, not sick but dead. As the old line goes, 'you are what you eat.' And now more than ever, this very important. My diet has keep me from the doctors all these years. And the rest of the nation needs to start now. This is mental warfare, it's no different than physical warfare. With the constant bombardment of fast food commercial. America has changed their diet habits. And are behind fifty other nations in longevity. Do you realize, most of the other fifty countries are considered, 'Third World' nations. What happened to America, happened to the good folks of Germany under the Hitler Fascist system. You can bankrupt these NWO whores, buy boycotting their eateries. Make your own breakfast, pack your own lunch. If you have to eat out occasionally, make it a mom and pop place you can trust. Not some NWO food chain restaurant. (I can't think of one healthy thing to eat at Denny's.) Remove all flesh products from your diet. (Slaughter houses are not allowed to test every cow for Mad Cow disease.) No more Micky Ds, Taco Bell, Arby's, Jack in the Box, etc.. Let these bastards know, you are on to their game of death, via your mouth. Don't put your life in their hands. The NWO are out to rob you of your health and money.

Along the same line as your diet, Digital Broadcast. Turns out Germany started the conversion to Digital signal in 2003. In Germany they started to experience some odd occurrences after the conversion. Folks where starting to complain about their ability to concentrate. Birds and animal where leaving certain ares, the digital broadcast where transmitted from. Three prominent German Dr's. sent letters to congress and the president warning them of what started happening in Germany. Of course these warnings where ignored. Here is a site folks can go to for more information on subject.

I'm becoming a firm believer that in today's world. Everything that can reach your mouth or ears is under some sort of control. Like many others, I enjoy the 'conspiracy sites'. Last night on, Above Top Secret. A person who sounded genuine, said he was an abductee. He was fielding question and had a series of 1 and 0, he said was some kind of code her would reveal later. Sad as folks wanting to know what this person had experienced, asked questions. I mean, it seems everyone now days wants to be an abductee. Like it is some romantic adventure. like it would give them their place in the Universe. (More on this later.) As I read this responses to questions, I was looking for something he might have said. So I could say, 'yes that is absolutely true'. Then the truth came out. All he had to say was. If you have had an experience, visit MUFON. The gig was up, the lie was revealed. What he was really trying to do was. Get all the experiencers (spelling) to turn their information over to MUFON. MUFON is part of the corrupt system now in place. If they weren't part of the corrupt system. You would of never heard of them. (How many other UFO research groups have you heard from, via the controlled media?) If the guy was legitimate, he would surely respond to my remarks. He obviously couldn't respond to my inquiries and gave no response. I killed the thread, with the last entry. Anyone after me would have seen my response and would of wanted something from me. It never happened, up till mid night, I keep checking to see if anyone wanted some true answers. First thing this morning I checked the site looking for the thread and if anyone had any questions. Be damn if the thread was gone. All the other threads that where posted, where still their but not the one I responded too. Only much later near noon, did it re-appear, with my entry the still the last one posted. You know I feel sorry for the good folks who just want some legitimate answer. And not some more bull shit lies. If the guy was telling even a morsel of truth. He would have defended his words. Instead he ran away from his own post. Same thing happen the day before on a comment about Crop Circles. The system whores seem to run from me now. And they are easily spotted, always using the same old tired lines. Are you stoned, got take a pill, etc.. Or a group of de-bunkers, will attack some poor individual. Who is only trying to communicate their thoughts. These type of individuals who debunk, are the lowest of the lowest. Not smart enough to make in the real World. And low enough, to hate all those around them who are smarter.

As "Time" keeps flying along, it's soon to be August. And then September when the Moon is bombed. If the world hasn't gone Mad, then what does Mad look like? With the Japanese and India going into the Space Age. What is behind the bombing of the Moon. The corrupt system tells America it's to see if their is water. For some so called futuristic return to the Moon. The country is bankrupt, so throw that idea out the window. Why is America, starting the first Galactic Warfare? Just what is on the Moon they don't want the rest of the World to know? Even bigger, why doesn't the Moon rotate like everything else in the Universe? That would be more important to know than. To spend millions of dollars, a bankrupt America doesn't have, looking for water. Just as the "Aliens" did for me. Hopefully it will be "Time", for the "Aliens" tell the rest of their World. 'It was "Time" to, let you know'. Is it "Time", to let the World citizens, know what is really happening, through out the Universe? Can they handle it and if they can't, so be it. Everyone seems ready for some sort of change, but what will that change be? Well here it is, Sunday already. "God" bless, take care of your self and your loved ones. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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