Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Federal Food Control, Bill 2479"

The food scare is truly upon the country now. With the passage of a food safety bill. You now will get Federal control, over all foods produced in America. The House of Representatives passed this new legislation this week. Next stop is the Senate in a couple of weeks. The country has been set up, for this new law. By having the controlled media plant stories. Saying their have salmonella poisoning of peanuts, spinach and other fruits, vegetables and meats. The Federal government has used these planted stories. To take control over, all American food production. Just one more step in a line of many changes. Brought upon the American citizen, since the election of Obama the puppet. This law will ensure that the giant 'Monsanto', will control Americas food crops. All the small and organic farmers will be tossed aside. Just as they have been in so many other countries, mainly India. The Bill would give the FDA, power to impose Martial Law. The head of the new food control, worked for Monsanto (absolute craziness). These onslaught of new laws, to remove all freedoms, just keep coming one after another. Just like the Hate crime Bill. Most procedures where removed to assure their would be a quick passage. This Bill failed when first put forward. Then it was reintroduced a couple days later and passed. How much money or threats did Monsanto used? To assure this passage, the next "Time" around. The federal government will put so many rules in place for the small farmer. He will be forced to tell the government. Who each one of their customers are. A small farmer can be fined up to $10,000. If caught not keeping thorough record of all purchases and sales. All this based on the 'powers' scare tactic, of stopping terorism. Here is how local Arizona Representatives voted.

Jeff Flake, Trent Franks,, and John Shadegg, did the honest thing and voted nay

Here are the list of 'Whores' representing Arizona. That voted to take away, one more of Arizona freedoms. The soulless bastards name are as listed.

Gabrille Gifford, Raul Grijalya, Ann Kirkpatrick, Harry Mitchel, Edward Pastor,

In just a few short months, Bills like the new Health Bill, Hate Crime Bill and now the Food Control Bill. Will change this country for ever. As we all know, once these Bills are passed. They have a way of getting more and more items attached to them. Where in the end, their is total and absolute control. Over every aspect of your individual freedom. No wonder their have been so many warning. Telling Americans to leave the country before it's to late. Maybe it is to late to save America? Will any body in Congress stand up, or has everyone been to scared to attempt too. America all hated the way the Republicans ran the country. The Democrat controlled Congress, has only gotten worse. I believe the country is now, under complete Zionist control. It's obvious that most all of Congress, is under some sort of outer control. What true America would approve such controlling laws? If they them self's, weren't under total control. Via their past or financially.

New news on the supposed Swine Flu pandemic. (The fun never ends.) Obama's the puppet has divided up the country into five different sectors. This would allow the military to help FEMA in mandatory flu shots, if needed. The key word is 'needed'. It's not if you think you may need a flu shot. This is to allow the federal government to say, 'you will Need to take the shot'. One more item removed from your control. I've yet to find one person who told me. They would volunteer for the un tested shots. Some how the system has produced 20 million shots with no trial run. Will the citizens of America, be that trail run? Money, and control, is where this fake Swine flu pandemics is all about. The true weapon of mass destruction, is now the 'Needle'. What better way to start control the general public. Then by making the children and pregnant mothers, be the first to take the mandatory shots. One more step in keeping pressure coming from all sides until Joe Average, just caves in. You can already see that in the young adults. They lack the general ability to organize them self's, against this tide of control. I'm sure this was instilled in them in the young school years. By dumbing down the populace, the 'powers' have the upper hand. A few folks have suggested that the 'powers' are losing their powers and are moving quickly before a revolution removes them. I'm not to sure that will ever happen now. You hear a lot of folks talking about. Taking down the system, but where are they? 'Yea' you can be a big shot on the Net and spout a bunch of bull shit. It seems when talk comes to shove, they all fade into the back drop. The old line, 'when to going gets tough, the tough get going.'

Found a good movie about John F. Kennedy's assassination on, 'Above Top Secrete'. Good old Jim Marrs and the guys from the movie JFK are involved. One more reason to be very afraid of Americas true controllers. Well worth the "Time", to learn even more facts, you never heard before. You can see why the 'powers' will want to control the Internet soon. Along the same lines from 'Above Top Secrete', melted cars from 911. How in the hell do cars and fire trucks get melted from a falling building? I can hear Obama the puppets speech on 911, in the back ground. 'No one should be allowed to bring up the facts concerning the 911 attacks'. What happen to freedom of speech, oh yea, the Hate Crime Bill. Every "Time" you hear Obama the puppet talk. It gets clearer and clearer, he's only a puppet. The 'powers' may have made a bad decision on picking him. Like Bill Clinton, he's better of not heard from. It's already taking it's toll on his popularity. Those big as ears, are like warning signs. Stop me, stop me.

A good argument I heard about Zecharia Sitchin theory, about genetically engineered humans. If the Annunaki where so sophisticated, that they came from Nibiru. Why would they need genetically engineered humans to do their mining for them? Wouldn't they already be far beyond simple mining systems. Zecharia's theory when thought of in that way, falls apart. Mr. Sitchin books are getting thinner all the "Time", like the Moon landings. I'm sure he has some things correct, but how many facts have been twisted to help his Zionist controllers? "God" bless and may the future get a little brighter. bye

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