Sunday, August 2, 2009

"It was Fun Being President"

This statement is from G.W. Bush. Does this sound like a person who really went to all that much effort. To become president of the United States? Sound to me, like he was hand picked, by someone. Just as Obama the puppet, came out of now where, along with Bill Clinton. G.W. was selected to be the mouth or puppet. Their only jobs was to read what was presented before them, and not much else. Really no different than the evening news, being presented to the general public each day. You can see why G. W. came to press conferences, hung over. He had to do, no real thinking. And if he did fuck something up. It could be easily edited out. Just to show the commoner, they did show some of G.W. stupor talks. (Always hidden rite in front of your face, isn't it? 911) This is the true essence of politic on the highest levels. Let the country think that their vote is so all mighty important. Steal the good folks energy, "Time' and money. Then just install the teleprompter reader into place. The game has been being played this way for, "God" only knows how long? Did any thing either G.W. or Obama said while getting elected ever come true? Obama the puppet said his administration would be open to the public. I can' think of anything that is transparent about his administration. As an old Guru used to say to me, ' get out the rhetoric cannons'. These presidential whore have been, trained long before entering office. To do just as they are told and nothing else. Both Clinton and Obama said the UFO thing would brought to the general public eyes. While just the opposite has happened. In fact, their is little doubt, Americas 'powers'. Are threatening other nations, from coming forward about their knowledge. What happen to Mexico, England, France and many more. From coming forward and saying, yes the "Aliens" are real? These countries make all this noise about the, up coming disclosure. Yet when it become "Time" to truly enlighten the World. Nothing ever important is reported. Just some investigation released to the World public. Yea it's great being president, as long as you do as you are told. Look what happen to Kennedy and his openness. Got him and his brother murdered.

I believe it was Paul Newman who said. 'Getting old ain't for sissies'. For my self, I'm not truly sure how old I am, but. These things are starting to effect me. Thought I'd share what I've found out, when it comes to noises in your ears. Being an old electrician, I'm constantly exposed loud noises and loud music, on job sites. Turn out their are many other ways to get ear damage. Other than just loud noises or head injuries. Many over the counter pain remedies such as Ibuprofen, common aspirin, Tylenol, and any pain killer with NSAID compound can do the damage also. They never warn you about such bad side effect. One other trick is to hide the information in the fine print. This knowledge is hidden, because it would hurt their sales. The drug companies also know. They are part of the 'powers' super structure. This way laws suits are limited and when they lose. The trial and pay outs, drag on for years. So much so, the individual who is suing. Often never lives long enough to receive their just reward. It's simple, if you are in pain, go to your local store get some relief. Now down the road you find out, their are guinea side effects from your usage. You've got no where to turn. Just recently Obama the puppet, signed into order. Any deaths or side effects from the new Swine flu shots. The manufacture, cannot be brought to trial. (These whores never stop, do they?) The next step being taken. Will be the removal of natural cures and their individual independent stores. You can see this coming down the pike. Along with Monsanto controlling the food supply. The next generation of Americans. (or what ever they will be called) Will have no place to turn when it comes to their general health. Johnny Cash said it all, when he said. 'I owe my soul to the Company Store.' Like a coal mining town, tucked into the mountains. The system will be your pay check, your food, your health care and funeral home. Think I'm kidding, look what has happened so, quickly since the election, (appointment) of Obama the puppet. As long as you produce income for the system, your kept alive. Get a little old or injured, you die. (Hard to believe, what I'm writing about is true.) Hate to change the subject, but. How did the country get into this kind of shape, so quickly? The more I think about it, the more upsetting it seems. Problem is, their are only a handful of the educated public. Aware of such tremendous problems. For the most part the country still gets all it's information from the controlled media. I hate to say this, but this is the Matrix. And it was brought to the citizens, slowly but surly over many decades. It seems like it happened over night, but it didn't. Before you take even the simplest of medications. Do your own home work on the product you are digesting into your system. Take care of your self and your family. Big brother has no interest in your life. Other than you being a mindless, soulless consumer. Thought I'd add this little tippet to the equation. In the end, I believe those 'above'. Will decide who lives and who dies. No matter, when you are in the order of things.

Those who believe the economy is about to recover. Are greatly mistaken, by the 'powers' propaganda. They very banks and their controller are making the stock market go up. Your stolen money is being used to get folks back into the market. When you have received as much money as they have. It means only one thing, they control the game on every level. 'Keep your money, in your own pocket', as the old line goes. This country is based on expansion, and that's a long way away. Here in Arizona, even the illegals are returning to their native countries. With thousands of empty strip centers and homes. It will take years for those to be occupied again. The controlled media says on one hand, recovery is about to happen. While on the other hand, they tell the American public. This may be worst than the Great Depression. The Universities and technical schools, are producing so many people. Their is absolutely no where for them to find a job. When I bid on a large commercial electrical project. Instead of being any where from five ten other contractors. Their are often over fifty. Now how in the hell is this going to turn around over night? I've created a line for this problem. To many Kachinas, not enough Kachina buyers. "God" bless and sweet dreams with soft landings on this Sunday. Take care of your loved ones, the system isn't. bye

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