Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I Had a Dream Last Night"

The revolution had be begun. The invaders where from a foreign soil and where Caucasian in appearance. The foreign enemy had a dead look in their eyes. Like they had been either drugged or brainwashed into becoming, robot like. They where ill prepared for, the American private sector. As someone once said, invading America would be stupid. Why, 'because theirs a gun, behind every blade of grass'. And that's exactly what happened, to the Caucasian invaded from abroad. The invaders had control of the streets. Much the same way, American troops, do have now. In both Afghanistan and Iraq. The problem is, the American troops. Don't control the bedrooms and what lay with in. Under every pillow was hidden a hand gun. (A hand gun, is much better weapon. When it comes to close or hand to hand warfare.) The Caucasian invaders, where armed with rifles. (This is the same problem, facing American troops.) The sheer numbers of hand guns. And the huge number of American citizens. Willing to die, to protect their so called freedoms. Was far to great of an enemy. One by one, the invaders where eradicated. When push comes to shove. Always bet on the home team. (Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.) The only way to take control of America. Would have to be with mass genocide, via another source. I believe that other source will either come from a vaccine or aerial spraying. The dream proved one thing. A foreign enemy, will never conquer America citizens in combat. If I know this, then those that want America to fall, know this also.

The revolution has begun, look out side your window at the lines in the skies. Look how the WHO is allowed to take control of any country that doesn't conform to their orders of. Mass inoculation, of every citizen of a country who is part of the WHO. America is part of the WHO (or NWO). No American was ever questioned about this federal mandated law. The WHO has said, that any individual who refused inoculation. Will be labeled as an criminal and will be arrested and imprisoned. For failure to take their shots. If Joe Average American citizen thought they where free to decide their own fate, think again. That rite was taken from the citizens of America years ago. Joe average is no more than a slave in his own country. If their where any freedoms left. The streets would be full every day, with protesters. Look how the workers at General Motors have been stripped of the pension funds. Do you see them in the streets protesting. Did anyone every hit the streets and say. This bail out is only for the bankers, no. Their are no protesters making front page news. Why, this countries citizens, have been so brainwashed. Everyone is scared to raise their hands and say. All this bull shit must stop. With the economy on the brink of total failure. No one wants to be be labeled a radical. A radical at one "Time" meant something in America. (Founding Fathers) Now the radicals have been hidden from the media and imprisoned, or worse. Think of all the personal freedoms that have been remove since 911. Yea you hear everyone grumbling, so what. Their grumblings is under their breath, as not to be heard.

The only protester you do see, are the elderly. The elderly who's medical benefits are eroding as I type. Their the people of the sixties hero's. Their are so many videos now on You Tube. Showing the elderly at Town Hall meetings raising their voice is disgust. They know what is being done to them. Their efforts will never be seen on the evening news. Look how Senator Dianne Feinstein treated the elderly who entered her office in protest. She called the cops, who lured them out side, while Feinstein locked the doors behind them. The same good folks who help to elect her. Will never be aloud to be heard from. People in the streets calling for the Obama health bill, to be stopped, are now being told to leave. Isn't that rite under the American Constitution to protest openly? (Soon their will be a law passed. That says your not allowed to bring up 911 or the Holocaust) The bottom line here is. America was never a Democracy, it's corporation under the control of a handful of lower forms. (And I don't mean Obama, he's just the puppet.) Who could care less about the freedoms of the American citizens.

Speaking of Big Brother and more and more surveillance. Being done, on each and every American citizen. I've been having problems with my phone service for years. (I'm totally sure it is bugged, friends even say, they hate to call here.) I call and place my complaint. Then the provider, I won't us their name, but it starts with a 'Q'. Sends out one of their repairmen to check out my problems. They go on down the the box or debark board and give me a new twisted pair. Come back to me and say, it has been repaired. Then of course as soon as they leave, their is noise in the line once again. 'Q' has sent out two different men to do the repair this week alone. Always the same results, never quite correct. It's not the repairman fault, so I don't ever giver them any shit over the problem. The game is, do as little as quickly as you can, then split the area. The last repairmen to come by, we had a short conversation. I told him, he'll never resolve the problem until they install a new under ground system in. He agreed an worked on. As I was leaving, I told him. At least make sure my computer line is running. Said to him I need the net, because I don't watch TV, an need Internet access. He looked at me strangely and I replied. Don't trust the new signal they are using hey? He laughed and said two words, Big Brother. His smile said it all, those bastards now know. Your every movement in your home. The old signal went only one direction. The new one goes both ways, he replied. You can fool some of the people some of the "Time", but you can't fool all the people all the "Time". Well sort of, their where chem-trail lines over head as he talked. He was damn proud of what he knew. He just didn't realize, how in depth the problem was. "God" bless on this August afternoon. Weather here in central Arizona is finally starting to make a break. We only had about one mouth of terrible hot temperature, instead of the usual three months. So much for global warming. bye

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