Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Random Thoughts on 9 Aug. 09"

Most people know, their have been very few deaths. World wide from the recent run of Swine Flu. Here are a few numbers about the average number of deaths each year from other categories. (America) Auto accidents 43,000 +, poisonings 12,500+, fire and smoke 3,300 +, falls 13,000+, drownings 3,800+, medical surgeries 3,000+, (don't know if I trust that one) firearms discharge 750+. None of these number have been surpassed in America yet from the Swine Flu. The more you research the Swine Flu. The weaker the evidence gets, of a so called pandemic. In fact trials are just under way to test the new vaccine. Apparently enough sheep have been found. Who are willing to step forward and take the test vaccine.(approx. 3,500) How in the hell does anyone even know. If they are being given a true flu shot? Or some placebo, to make appear the new vaccine is OK for the masses. This is the same system that brought America into two wars they will never win. Not to mention countless others lies through out history. I'm still looking for some who has answered my questions. Would you volunteer for the new vaccine? Nothing but no from everyone.

Last couple of nights, I've been watching the series of movie from Disney. It's the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' trilogy, I guess you would call them. (that number three thing) Now Disney is part and parcel of the controlling system. That take you from birth to death. With the company policy, or brain washing. Never liked watching movies any way, because the facts get so twisted. So as I watch these pirate movies, I'm always looking for the subliminal innuendos. Here are a few I've found. Skull and Cross bones are the pirates logo. Sound familiar, how about the Bush family and Yale.(How many presidents through out history, have come from this group. Starting with the Clinton and Bush's) The pile of gold they have accumulated. That's the gold taken from Fort Knox, during the Great Depression. Inca gold, found out recently, gold from different areas have. What as could be best described as different DNA. How about the symbol on the Inca gold pieces. Pure and simple Illuminate, Skull and Cross Bones. At the end of the first movie. You see Johnny Depp, digging through the pile of stolen gold articles. Looking for a certain piece, then walks aways with a golden chalice(magic powers used by the Illuminate). (Can't of the name of the cup for the life of me.) How about the golden compass he uses to find directions at sea? That also trans forms his fellow pirates into other dimensions. No these movies are far more than meets the eye. They are the 'powers' telling folks exactly what they have been doing to them, through out history. It's the old, 'if I tell you what I'm doing to you. Then at my death, my k
Karma is cleared, 'see I told you'. Just as they did on 911 with Bush and the old fire fighter on the pile of rubble photo. You could clearly see the cut beam in the photo. Their it is folks, rite in front of you face.

A good video on You Tube called, 'BBC now admits Al Qaeda never existed'. Show how Osama bin Laden was used, as the fall guy for 911. How this all fits into the greater picture, I'm not quite sure. Seeing how the BBC, is just another tool used by the 'powers' to control folks thoughts. Many have said the Illuminate are running scared. And that's why so many Bills in America. Have been rushed through Congress. Are the Illuminate, trying their best to protect them self's, for their eventual fall? I can't seem to see, this happening. Even folks I've talk to on the streets, say the same thing. (as always I promise folks, I won't use their names) Benjamin Fulford keeps saying, they are at their end and out of money. While here in America, more and more freedoms are removed weekly by the Congress. As I've been stating in my own blogs. This just seems to add more confusion to an already muddles story line. One day Obama the puppet says the economy has bottomed out. While Geithner the other controlled whore says the opposite. Maybe the bottom line is, total confusions. Is that is the only way to stay in power?

In America now, it seems the country make very little except. Thing used to kill with, such as harmful chemicals and weapons. All the jobs have been sent over seas, until you have what you have today. A bucket of worms feeding off of each others waste. The country has turned into a service industry. An industry that only services other citizens. Where is the fresh money coming from? If one even think about relocating to a smaller town or village. You better bring your own money, because the town folks have none. As I look for my own escape, from the city. The first thing you notice is. Where's does the community income coming from? In most smalls town, in Arizona. Money comes from, the highway departments, social services, schools, hospitals and other services. With federal money coming to an end. What are the small communities going to do? I've even invented a line for it, 'bring your own money'. No jobs equal no taxes, equals no services, equals your f--ked. This was no coincidence, very well planned out path.

An observation at the car wash. Me and some other women where waiting a long "Time" to get our cars cleaned. As the women complained, I explained it was, the rather large black cat with all the silver (minimum of 5 ozs,) and Rhine stones around his neck. This big black cat, was making the white boys, who where wiping off is Bentley. (illegals are splitting back to Mexico) Keep re wiping down the same old spots. He was their, front stage and he knew it. My observations is, before Obama the puppet. This would have never happened. Seems the blacks are getting a little head strong. With all the black propaganda from the media and Obama as the president. Little do they know, along with most Americans. Obama looks to be, being set up for assassination. The whites all blame him, for their current dilemmas. All this country needs is Obama assassination and Martial law will be forth coming. Is that the big plan, makes you wonder?

Found this line recently. 'Never argue with an idiot. They'll bring you down to their level. And then beat you, with experience.' "God' bless once again. The kids will soon be back in school. And the coming so called flu season starts. Lets all hold our breaths and pray things will eventually go for the good. Sweet dreams with soft landings for all. bye

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