Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Anti-Defamation League, Comes to Arizona"

A while back here in Scottsdale, we had a black city official. Open a letter, that contained a 'letter bomb'. The party responsible, has never been brought to justice. Why would anyone one, want to do him harm? A average size city's, highest ranking black official? Made absolutely no sense, unless a group, had other agendas. A letter bomb is no easy task to accomplish. You need someone with great deal of knowledge, to pull this off. Their was never a group that took responsibility for this action. So who had the most to gain by this action? Any group that was trying to push for, greater laws against hate crimes. Would be my only guess. If a 'White Supremacist' group would have came out, And said proudly, 'we did it', that would make sense. All though, that never happened. When I first saw picture of the Don Logan looking perplexed (target of letter bomb). Sitting next to Bill Straus of the Anti-Defamation League, it suddenly all made sense. Just as the poor Jewish citizens of Israel. Are pawns in a much greater plot of sympathy. Was Don Logan was set up the same way? Thus here comes the Anti-Defamation League, to poor old Don Logans rescue. They could care less for for the rites of Don. They have a much larger agenda. The Hate Crime Bill, that's attached to the 'Defence Spending' bill. This is the same legislation that has been pushed for years, but has always failed.

In Arizona most of our hate crimes are, race against race. You have the Mexican Drug cartels, fighting for turf. You have the Mexican gangs fighting for turf. You have the Mexican human smugglers, fighting for control of the human cargo. As for white on black, or black on Hispanic. Their is very little evidence of that going on. (except in the jail system) The blacks are less than seven percent. And the whites are becoming more and more polarized daily. You rarely see a skin head and biker gangs are few and far in between. This is the land of the retirees, and electronic employees. Not unemployed gang members, razing hell. So why should the anti-Defamation League be in town? Stirring shit up, promoting their own agenda, pure and simple.

Here is a great way to explain how the wealth of America is split up. (heard this some where) Assume you have 100 Americans and their is 100 dollars between them all. One guy has 42 dollars, another has 11 dollars. The other 47 dollars is split up amongst the rest (98). The guy with 42 dollars, pays the guy with 11 dollars to control the other 98 folks. Get it, the Rockefeller's, the government, and the rest of the Americas citizens. This goes rite in line, with the fact. You may own your home out rite, but you don't own the mineral rites under it. So if one day, those that do own the mineral rites under your home. Decide their is oil or other minerals under your home. They have the rite to set up drilling or mining operation, on you property. So much for freedom, to do what you want with your own land. All home owners sign away the rites to what's under their property daily. With out even thinking twice about it. Remember, that's the Statue of Liberty, not the Statue of Freedom. The government says, who comes and who goes in and out of America. And at this current "Time", the illegals are allowed to come and go as they please.

Like most people, who don't have a lot of trust in doctors. I heard a better way to describe them. We all know doctors, who go through medical school and get a license. They are allowed to do what? They are 'allowed' to practice on you. The key word is 'practice'. And that is exactly what they are doing, practicing dispensing medicine (drugs) to you. Drugs that are provided to them, by a select group of drug companies. That are in cahoots with the federal government. I guess you would call it, 'pay to play'. Play the game, live well. Deviate from this, and get chastised for your efforts. Look at all the laws being pushed through congress to control natural remedies. Soon their will be controls over every natural herb. These Herbs will be snuffed out. And all your medicines, will be under the control a just a few drug makers. You won't be able to visit your local Herb shop. To administer to your own care. Your care will be in the hands of others and not your self. To pick and chose, how you want to take care of your self. It's coming folks, you just won't hear about it in the controlled mass media. Hooray for Hollywood, hey?

As the year 2012 approaches. You'll see more and more propaganda, being brought out of Hollywood, on the subject. The movie '2012' next, then followed by another called. 'Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind', or abduction. A movie losing based on facts, about a town in Alaska. A town who's citizens, seem to be disappearing regularly. (Nome?) All this helping to desensitize the citizenry, of the World. A movie making folks fear the unknown, or the "Aliens". Like the the movie E.T., who was a good "Alien". You will now be programed, to not trust the "Alien" agenda. Programed is exactly what Hollywood was set up to do. It's not about entrainment, It's about control of your mind. Look at the effects of the movie, 'The Matrix' did to peoples thinking. Now as folks start to realize more and more. The terrorist thing is just another fix. The approach of 2012, will be twisted to fit the 'powers' agenda. Just as TV turned to cop shows, directly after 911. 2012 will be used the same way. Be careful what you allow Hollywood, do to your mind set. Don't let a handful of whores, dictate your basic belief system. "God" bless. bye

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