Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Quietly Killing Americas Population"

Each and every "Time" I go to the grocery store, their it is. 'The dieing American populace'. The shoppers are always look the same. They all seem to fall into two categories. The obese, or the sickly looking thin ones. Women legs and arms, always seem to have no muscle tone from malnutrition. Or they are obese and look tired from carrying all the extra dead weight. Their shopping carts are filled with poisons. Poisons they don't even know they are ingesting. The stores do their best to keep this perpetual combination going. All the dead food products are always at eye level. Entire rows of either sodas or chips. Can goods loaded with chemical laden preservatives. Milk products that use, cow loaded with artificial growth hormones. Meat departments that only have animal flesh. That was also raised on artificial growth hormones. Their all slowly being murdered off, quietly and slowly. The fats ones, waddle their way. Slowly to their cars, barely enough energy. To load their poisons into the cars. If I say so much as a word of warning. I'm quickly looked at, as if some kind of trouble maker. Their is no reversing this now. Their minds have be totally taken control of. The mass media has done their job. Even I'm forced to buy produce. That has been sprayed several "Times", before it is harvested. The only other products I can buy. Free range eggs or organic milk products. (milk, cheese, butter) The entire rest of the store is off limits to me. I hate to see the citizens, in such bad condition. At this point, theirs little me or anyone else can do to stop this trend. Sad watching this take place. Once a country of the strongest and smartest. Has no been reduce to, mindless clone. Waiting to soon come down with, some type of cancer.

With no TV now, I'm trying to watch a few movies. Never being a movie buff, for obvious reasons. I'm now reminding my self why. As a friend said to me. Your just to analytical for the movies. My friend has a great selections of movies for me, to sort through. Looking for a little levity, I borrowed a movie called, 'History of the World' part 1. The propaganda was almost immediate. Here where all the malnutrition Hollywood Jews, lined up in one location. As a child, I'd never even notice this, but now I'm older and wiser. Of course all the Jews had the positions of power. They had their, token dancing nigger slave. The head of the military, was naturally a Jew. And rite on cue, all the solders where gentiles. This was of course, 'rite in your face, cronyism'. I tried my best to watch, but only a few minutes in, I was done. You can easily see how this country has been devoured. By the Zionist controlled Jewish Hollywood. The Jews with their porn and drugs. Made an easy impact, on the not so educated American public. Now with control of the congress. The take over of the Americans minds, has been completed. All just makes one wonder. Just how long has this been the true reality.

Obama the puppet flew in to Phoenix yesterday. I was coming back from renting a movie, The Cable Guy (lasted only a few minutes). When Air Force One, flew over head. Had no idea when he was going to arrive, but as usual. I got to see the aircraft fly over. He is here to visit the Grand Canyon with his family. Good, he can do just as everyone else does. View the Grand Canyon, filled with polluted air from California. It takes all the fun out of going up their to view the Canyon. Not only is the Canyon full of dirty air. The crowds of herded visitors is worst. Their is talk under way about controlling the crowds. Problem is, it's such a great cash cow. One day they will have to go to some type of reservation type of a plan. This is the only way to stop this problem. Of course the 'powers' have their own plan. It's called, 'depopulation'. Obama's handlers and me, liked the same Mexican restaurant.

If you want to find some interesting reading check out DYNCORP. Look at what they do with your tax dollars, They seem to be every where America has an interest. Their another private defence contractor, much like Blackwater. They have some board members, who are retired military and congressional people. Funny how that all works out. You wash my hand while on duty. Then I'll wash your hand when you retire. This country is so completely corrupted. You could spend hours upon hours. Finding all these little facts out. Just wikipedia both Blackwater and DYNCORP, you'll be amazed.

With all the good folks being unemployed now. Here is how Arizona ranks with unemployment benefits. Bottom 5, #46 South Dakota at $298 a week, # 47 Tennessee at $275 a week, #48 Alabama at $265 a week, #49 Arizona at $240 a week and # 50 Mississippi at $230 a week. # 1 at $628 is of course, Massachusetts. The sadist part of this, about Arizona, It's not cheap to live here. That's why so many folks are leaving here and returning to their roots. This was once a booming economy, with lots of jobs. Now if you have a lower paying job. You might as well go back home, where the cost of living is much cheaper. And that is exactly, what is happening. Even the illegals are returning home. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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