Saturday, August 22, 2009

"A Trip to the Acupuncturist"

Recently I've been having trouble with my ears, noise. It's a part of growing old, we all hate. I've been lucky over the years, with my health, sort of. Never really been to a doctor, except for broken bone or sprain ankles and wrists. When my ears first started bothering me. I choose to go to a conventional ear doctor. He said outwardly, my ears appeared to be normal. In typical modern day medicine. He also added my problem might be a tumor. (This is why, I hate doctors. They always want to leave. That thought in your mind, of doom.) With my hatred of conventional medicines. I try and choose a path, that starts by eliminating things I do. So I go on line, to see. What might be causing the problem. And what to do, to alleviate the problem. Or to narrow down, what might be causing my problem. The bad news, to help the problem was, no more. Tobacco (2 hand rolled cigs, not inhaled), four beers with ice and limes, salt, cheeses, and late night snacks. By doing this over a one month period. I was starting to get the problem under control. Thinking more could be done. I went on line to see if acupuncture could help, also. Their it was, yes it could.

So back on line, to find a Oriental doctor, who practised Acupuncture. Found one close by and called immediately. My thinking on the subject was. Modern day medicine, is about a week old. Compared to ancient eastern healing methods. Met with, what is called, 'Classical Chinese' practitioner. He told me my problem was from my Kidneys and Liver. This he learned by looking into my ears, at the blood vessels, he said .This made sense to me, because of my lost decade, booze and drugs. I was amazed by his prognosis. He even reminded me I'd had a stroke. (Cocaine in the seventies) The next question from him was. What was my family history of health problems. As I've written many "Times". Neither me or the family I grew up with. Have any idea, where I was from. And who dropped me into their situation. Of course their where more questions from the practitioner, about my blood lines. Now it's was "Time" to open up to him. With what I knew about myself. I first asked him, if he believed in "Aliens". Then explained their was a 'C' on my back, not man made. He looked puzzled and I scrogged my shoulders. As the conversation went on about my past. He finally opened up and said, 'I saw the 'Phoenix Lights', myself with my wife'. 'Incredible', what where the odds of this happening, me meeting him? At this point, I figured, this must Divine intervention. Told him I had faith in is judgement totally now. Now the question keep coming from him about my life style. And past medical problems, and type of stress I might be under. He said the more he knew, the more he could help. He wanted to know if my pee pee was in working order. And if I had hemorrhoids. Said my sex drive was quite alive. And I once had hemorrhoids. He said what do you mean once? 'Well sir, I replied'. I woke up one Monday morning, from Sunday night dreams, and they where gone. Not a single word in reply from him. After all what could he say. I said to him, I've been waiting for same results for my ears. At this point, he said his wife would apply some patches to my ears. And also, drain some blood from my ear veins. She said this would help to detoxified my system. She added, we will prepare some Chinese herbs for me to drink. They where to help my, Kidneys, Liver and Lungs.

The herbs where to be boiled down into a tea, where not cheap ($80 for seven day) And drank one each day for seven days. After day two, I noticed I was getting head aches and a stiff neck. Happen to look on instructions. They said if this occurred call him immediately. I called and he said to, stop taking tea supplements. All the faith I had in is prognosis had gone to hell, in a hand bag. I guess you could say the lesson learned here is. It's all in "God's" hands, when it come to you health. Yes you can eat correct and exercise and take care of your self. The true bottom line here is. Those above, are the true healers.

A recent trip the the grocery store, reveled the truth of the matter. When it comes to your diet. A couple of guys ahead of me, where checking out. They had a bunch of fresh corn in their purchases. As my turn approached, the clerk to check out. I asked him if the corn, the two guys from New Zealand ahead of me. Was Genetically Modified Corn? He started to studder his speech. I asked if he knew, what I was talking about? He said he did, and didn't know for sure if the corn was from, genetically modified corn seeds. Explained to the clerk, The days is coming hopefully. When all your customers will be asking that question. As he nodded in reply, yes I know. You could see the guilt in his eyes. From selling them something that was bad for them. If we all would start, this little process. I bet it wouldn't take long, before all the stores would be forced to. Get all genetically modified products off their shelves. Caught up with the guys from New Zealand. Told them not to eat the corn and return it. They looked at me in amazement, and headed to the car. Surely thinking, crazy old fucking American hippie.

Here in Arizona, the Navajo Code talkers are getting press, as the die off. Turns out, they weren't the only Native American tribe, that was used as Code Talkers. Here are a few other I found from a article from Clay Thompson Valley 101, from the Arizona Republic news paper (propagada). Here are the others. Apache, Comanche, Cherokees, Chippewas, Choctaws, and Hopi. "God" bless. bye

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