Sunday, August 23, 2009

"What is Anti-Semitic?"

'Anti-Semitic', here is a catch all term, used by the Jews. To describe everyone who has, ever said any thing bad about them, as a people or race. In a response to my blog about the Jews and Navajos, aggressiveness toward their neighbour. I am now Anti-Semitic, I guess. I got news for the responder. A Black fellow electrical foreman, was years ahead of him. He once said to my face. 'I thought you where the most racist person I'd ever meet.' 'Until one day I realized, you hate everyone equally.' 'I have to answer to a greater authority than others, and I expect others to do so,' was my response. The very reason behind the so called, Hate Crime Bill, is Anti- Semitic words. If I was to say, hey that Jew fucked me over. I could get sued or locked up for using the term. Now if I said, that fucking Arab, fucked me over. That would just fine in the eyes of the laws. (Damn good chance, I'd go before a Jewish judge. Rather than an Arab judge.) Calling me Anti-Semitic, is just another way of saying. You can't use the truth, when describing the actions of a Jew. The Jews are going to have to realize. They cannot hide behind a simple law. To protect their antagonistic ways, toward other human beings. Look no further than the Gaza Strip. The Jews have these poor folks locked up. Not only are they starving them to death, by controlling all the roads that lead, in and out. They used, Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous weapons on the civilian population. If I was to say, 'how could the Jews be so ruthless and inhuman.' The Jews could respond and say, 'I was an Anti-Semitic.' How fucking dumb can one race be? You can see why so many Jews today, are renouncing their own blood lines. I would be to, If for generations. My fore fathers, where only known as, greedy, blood thirsty, conniving and soulless. By calling me a Anti-Semitic, in many ways. I am getting a badge of honor. A badge of honor, for having the nerve to call, a whore, a whore. Not many people are willing to stand up to the Jewish Parasite that has enthralled America.

As for the Navajo, they have their own deceitful past. The word Navajo, comes from the Hopi of Northern Arizona. The word Navajo, literally means, 'those that pound others in the head with rocks'. I can't think of any better term, to decide how the Jews treat their Arab brothers. And like the Jews, have done to their neighbours. The Navajo encroached on to the Hopi lands, with blood shed. The Navajo "God", supposedly told them. The Hopi land belonged to them and Old Oribia was their Jerusalem. In much the same manner. The Old testament in their Bible. Tells the Jews, the Arab lands belong to them. And Jerusalem is their birth rite. So me comparing the two different entities. Is not that far from the truth, if not the total truth. I have spent a lot of "Time" with the Navajos and Hopi. And one of my sons, is married to a Navajo. I'm been self employed most of my working life. Over the years, of trying to collect my money for work completed. The Jews have always been the worst. Not only will the Jews try their damnedest not to pay you, They will take as much as they can, from you for free, along the way. To where other nationalities, are glad to pay you, for a job well done. So to the responder, you come off as just another uneducated moron. I've tried to collect my money from. If you are Jewish, you apparently don't know much, of your own past or presence. Or you are living in total denial. The truth hurts and the truth will haunt the Jews for many years to come. By passing laws, to stop good folks from bring up your wicked past. You are only making the problem worst. As long as the Jewish inbreeding continues. Their will never been an end, to others hatred of you and your past. Much the same way the Hopi will never forget the Navajo transgressions to them as a people. Do you think the Arab countries, will ever forget? Until every Jew and American that helped them. Enslave another people culture, have been killed? You are blind to the truth and will always be. (Don't get dad going, as a son once said.)

Good old Arizona is getting news again. Not for one of it's many UFO sightings, which still occurs daily. No this "Time", for our gun laws. A State where as long as you display your weapon openly, it's legal. I think this is a good way of showing. How important it is to have gun laws. That protect the citizens, of a so called free country, from the federal government. This is the state that broke the Brady Gun Law. That stopped a national ID system. A state that has one of the Worlds Seven Wonders. Why Obama the Puppet choose Arizona to speak to the VFW, makes no sense. He is against all the freedoms the veterans fought for over the years. To show a bunch of veterans supporting him. Make me wonder if they weren't all bussed in. In an apparent attempt, to show Obama the Puppet, has the military behind him. When the gentlemen who had the gun at the rally was asked. Why, he brought the gun. His answer was, ' in Arizona, I still have some freedoms left.' That said it all. A country where the rest of the states are slowing becoming just like England has become. Arizona still fights for the individuals rights to bear arms. This country will never become a Nazi State, until all the guns are removed from the citizens. When the rite to bear arms is gone, the gig is over.

I believe it is written in the government laws. America cannot assassinate another countries leader. I sure like the way the government got around this law. Simple stuff, just hire a civilian contractor to do so. And that's what they have been doing over the years. Just as leaders have been disposed of in the, Banana Republics and other Latin American countries. Blackwater and other have been hired to do the killing in foreign countries, in today's wars. Here is the funniest part of the Blackwater killings. They where against al-Qaida. Isn't al-Qaida, a CIA operative? Just more of the same old bull shit coming out from the federal government to muddy the waters. I'm so confused any more. Just who in the hell is America fighting in the two wars fronts called, Afghanistan and Iraq. Who is the enemy, it our federal government. 'I saw the enemy and it was me,' as the old line goes. "God" bless, sweet dreams, with soft landings, on this Sunday evening. bye

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