Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Bloodless Coup"

American has been taken over by foreign powers. With nary a shot being fired. Some swear that America has become Communist. While others swear, it's now a Fascist run state (Germany WWII). You need look no farther than how the congress votes now. The borders don't exist. Legislation has been passed, to allow. More and more immigrants to enter the country. (Visit, to see how your Representative, voted on immigration bills) 911 was an inside job, created to take most of Americans freedoms away. The 'bail out', was for the bankers alone. Jobs have been shipped over seas. Children's educations has been, put on a back burner. While the country builds, a larger military force. You could go on and on, about this subject. America is now in shambles. And the saddest part, no one in congress cares. Look how the Town Hall meeting are going. Yet congress goes about it's business, destroying America. Yes the country did see a 'bloodless coup', and no one noticed until, it was to late. The Genie is out of the bottle. And unless some giant up rising, is forth coming. The Genie will never be, put back in the bottle.

All this bull shit, about the great late Ted Kennedy. Filling the air waves and news papers. Here are a few facts, they never talk about. Ted Kennedy never rose above private, while in the Army. Got caught cheating on a test. Got caught paying another student to take is test, while at Harvard. Opened flood the gates, for third world countries immigrants. Offered amnesty to illegal immigrants. A know, loud mouth drunk, with a blond in every pond. And finally, Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker. Mr. Ted Kennedy was a NMO puppet, plain and simple. Not an American hero. You could see the fear, by the looks on the other NWO puppets face. (Bill and Hillary Clinton, GW Bush, Obama) They knew, Ted Kennedy had to be killed off. Why, to help the final surge. In bringing America, under one health care system. All these recent deaths are no coincidence. The price you pay, when you play, for fame and power.

Here in Arizona, their has been a rash of UFO sightings (as usual). Recently I had a knock on my door, waking me up. Seems a friend had had a sighting. And he wanted to confirm with with me, it's legitimacy. He said it happened quickly, only a few moments longs. He said he keep asking himself, if he was awake, or just imagined it happening. This seems to be a common denominator when have your first sighting. Did I really see, what I just saw. He told me, it was a bright orange ball. He said it was coming from north of his home, in south central Phoenix. By fate, their had been several other such sighing, on Above Top Secret's site. The folks their, reporting their sightings. Where looking from Glendale to the east. It was obvious, they where all seeing the same UFO sighting. Why Arizona seems to be UFO central, I'm not sure. Is all I can say, if you spend enough "Time" on line, looking for such happenings, it's their. I told my friend welcome to the club. And the sighting was no coincidence. Those above, knew he had saw them. I said to him, now you know. Their is more to life than meets the eye. Reminded him no to let folks dissuade, his sighting. And always remember, 'I saw, what I saw'.

Here is some good news, from the good old boys, of the Immigration Department. Any of you electronic devices, can be taken from you, while reentering the country. You Lap Top computer can be seized. What that's has to do, with boarder enforcement, I haven't a clue. Yet just another freedom, take away from Joe Average. Just as the countries citizens, have been striped of all rites. By passing, one little law here and one little law their. Until one day you realize, you have absolutely no freedoms what so ever.

Turns out, the gentleman Chris Broughton, who got so much press lately. With the rifle, slung across his back, at a recent Arizona Obama visit. Attends the same church, that the Guy who was on You Tube and I had written about. That was beat up by Boarder Patrol and DPS agents recently. This same Baptist minister is back in the local Arizona news, along with CNN. Pastor Steven Anderson, was featured on CNN. For his sermons, about Obama the puppet. The sermon entitled, 'Why I hate Barack Obama'. He contends, their is proof in the scriptures, 'God hates Barack Obama'. He goes on to say, 'I'd like to see Barack Obama, melt like a snail tonight'. Referencing the practise of pouring salt on snails from the Bible. If you would like to contact Pastor Steven Anderson. His church is called, 'Faithful Word Baptist Church', in Tempe Arizona.

For you local Arizona residents. Here is a good way to spend a week day or weekend day. Head on up to Prescott and attend the horse races at Yavapai Downs. It's nice and cool, with a small crowd that awaited you. This ain't no Kentucky Derby crowd here. Just some good old folks, spending an afternoon, watching the ponies run. "God" bless with sweet dreams and soft landings. Maybe this madness will all suddenly end. When the good folks of America. Come together and say. Lets bring America's freedoms back. bye

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