Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Corporate Warrior Racket"

American has turned from a country. Who was willing to help other, during disasters. To a country of invaders. In the last eight years. America has invaded, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan. For only one reason, 'corporate greed'. Our soldiers are looked at around the World, as invader. Now that the American citizens are starting to realize, what is meant by, the term. 'For America's best interest', truly means. It simply means, what is good for, 'America's giant industries'. Mainly the, 'military industrial complex'. These same industries could care less. For the soldier and his family. Who's partner, is fighting in foreign lands, for some corporations, that supplying his needs. Look how the returning veterans have been label as, 'domestic terrorist'. Even a professor I've done work for. Says he is scared, of the returning veterans in his class room. (I would be willing to bet. None of them, have ever done a thing to him.) With all the propaganda coming out about our returning veterans. He has been brainwashed, by the controlled media. The 'powers' spend millions of tax dollars recruiting new soldier. Then when their enlistment term is done, their spit on. (The Veterans Administration included) Then the same system, turn around and says, they can't be trusted. The exact same propaganda, was used against the Vietnam era veterans. The returning veterans, from Vietnam. Where telling folks, just what was really going over in Vietnam. The same thing is happening today. Look at all the veterans today coming home from over seas, telling the same stories. The 'powers' can't have this. So the start the propaganda, against them.

Now to add insult to injury. The enlisted men of our military, are being forced to take the un tested, 'Swine flu shot'. While the corporations that provide the shots, line their corporate greedy pockets. This is a country, that has gone totally mad. With Obama the bastard, as the leading figure behind it. Obama the puppet, has about as much control over where the country is going, as I do. In fact, I and other writers, might even have more, than him. Lets face it America, war is a racket. A racket set up, to keep the same individuals rich and in power. Claiming all along, 'they know what's best, for America'. The country is finally starting to wake up. If you just keep away from the 'Main Stream Media'. You can hear the backlash, of an angry American citizenry. Go to any on line media outlets, such as Godlike Productions, Blogtalk Radio or GNC Live Talk Radio, and many others. You can see how many Americans, are finally awakening. Will this be enough, the next few years, we will tell. If the Town Hall meeting are any indication. A fire is starting to brew, under Americas good honest citizens.

Pastor Steve Anderson of Tempe Arizona. Has many videos of his beating, on You Tube now. Just type in, Pastor Steve Anderson's beating. I found a compelling interview of him, on Alex Jones, radio program. It's called, Pastor Anderson on Alex Jones, CNN Again Talking Words. CNN is such a controlled media outlet. They are calling for his arrest. They want him arrested for, asking "God" in his sermons. To get Obama the puppet, for the evils he has done to people around the World. He's using lines from the Bible, where is OK, to ask "God". To punish those that harm children and Innocent people, with their acts. Look at all the children killed or harmed for life. From all the air strikes. America is committing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Your tax dollars at work, for evil and death.) Since Obama has been put in office. I was raised Baptist myself. What he has to say, is purely from the Bible. You can plainly see by the propaganda from CNN. They are a Zionist controlled media outlet. And being Zionist controlled, the truth shall never be spoken. Only bull shit propaganda, 24/7.

You Tube has it out for, 'little old me now'. You Tube had posted on my You Tube account, 'recommended for you video'. It was a video from that fat turd, from 'Penn and Teller', Penn. It was called, Agnostic vs. Atheist. I listened for about 30 second, before I realized. Just more of the, same old, NWO propaganda. So like a good soldier of truth, I felt obligated to, post my opinion. Now You Tube claims to be un-bias and open. That is un-less, you get a little to close to the truth. My post went something like this. 'Penn is a fat turd, NWO shill'. That can't even keep, his hands away from his mouth. With in a few moments, my comments where removed. So I went back to the same video. This "Time", I typed in the comment box. 'Why did you remove my comments.' 'Where they a little, to close to the truth?' Sure enough, with in a mater of moments. It also was removed, by the You Tube whores. Not before two e-mails arrived in my Yahoo mail. Both e-mails wanted to know. What I had to say, that could have been removed that quickly. Well my best guess is. When I am on You Tube. Those that want to control the truth, are on their with me. It kind of made me fell real proud. To know that what I have to say. Can influence others. So You Tube, you better watch out for the little old man from south Scottsdale. You never know, where him and his "Alien" buddies will strike again. Also, my "Alien" buds and me say. Thanks for the new badge of honor. And just maybe, my "Alien" buds will be visiting you soon. They always seem to. Good luck, you'll be needing it. Next "Time" you hurt you self's, you'll surely be thinking of me and my friends.

'Idle hands, are the Devils workshop'. That would be me, this week. I'm redoing my floors now, because the dying economy is catching up with me. To help break the silence during the day. I listen to bull shit, I could care less about. Yesterday I listened to a, Blogtalk Radio program, about Nevada politics, while eating my lunch. I have it so I can make comments, to any program I listen to. The guys show, who was on the air, noticed my call letters. He made the comment, wonder what RD47 stands for. He said it sounded like some kind of drug. Asked if I would let him know. So I did and responded with my blog address. These cats where all concerned about the Congressman Reed. And what a whore he was. So I made a comment about more important things. Like, what the hell do the folks and politicians think of all the Chem-trails, over Las Vegas. Guess what, no response. What dummies, they might all be dead, before the 2010 elections, from the spaying. "God" bless bye

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