Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Obama's Speech to the Children"

The Tuesday speech, Obama the puppet, will broad cast to the public schools. Bring back thoughts about. Hitler and the Nazi, propaganda machine, to many Americans. Who is he to think, he has any rite. To enter, any school age child, class room!!! He is only an elected official. As we all can see. Obama the puppet and his handlers, no longer thinks. He works for the good folks that elected him. He has no constitutional rite, to enter the class room. (In fact, he has no rite, to even be president) He has now crossed the boundary, of an elected official. Into the area of a dictator. If Obama the puppet has the rite to talk to the school children during school hours. Then so does, every other American citizen. What really separates him. From every other, red blooded American citizen, nothing does. If he want the children to know he is. He should spend Americas tax dollars. On educating the children of America. Rather than spending billions of dollars. Killing Innocent men, women and children in foreign countries. If he wants to build a personal legacy. Do it by changing how this aggressive country, does business around the World. He can't do crap about anything, while he is elected. He is no more than a face, that reads a teleprompter. A lost soul, who sold his soul, for a little quick fame. His handlers stupidity, have taken it's tolls. Of Obama the puppets, over all approval ratings. Even the Blacks are turning their backs on him. Obama and his handlers, have done nothing for this country. But take billions of dollars. From every good citizen, of the once proud country. Instead of dividing the country as his whore handlers wanted. He has brought this countries, good folks together. Together under on cause. To take back control of the folks they have elected. His handlers stupidity, has awaken many American citizens. Who where once, a sleep at the wheel.

Obama's speech Tuesday, now has become the talk of the country. Many elected officials have come out against this ignorant idea. Minnesota's governor has stated. This Obama speech was uninvited, to their school system. The state of Minnesota, will not allow this broad cast, to be shown. Many other schools system have told their parents. If they want to opt out of the speech, they are welcome to do so. It is unconstitutional to force any child. To watch any thing, in the public school system. That in the first place, their parents have approved of. I'm proud to say, the schools here in Scottsdale. Have said children's parents, have to approve the viewing of the speech. While some other backward schools. Such as the Mesa school system. Mike Cowan of Mesa Public Schools says. Their students must view the Obama speech. Just goes to show why. The Mesa school system and it's citizens. Are considered to be the laughing stock, of the state. The parents have the rite to approve, what their children learn. Not some, uneducated ass hole. No mater if that official, is local or federal. After all, who's raising the children. The federal government or the parents? This is just one more step, in the direction of the federal government wants. Taking away parents rite, to raise their own children, the way they want to. (Hitler's Germany) Arizona's superintend of public schools, Tom Horne says. 'The materials presented with the speech are'. 'Too worshipful towards Obama and educationally unsound'. Good for Mr. Horne, maybe he sees the hand writing on the wall.

Enough of the blood boiling subject, when it come to Americas. Freedoms being taken away, a pieces at a "Time".

Obama's approval rating is dropping a point a week. This has never happened since these thing where keep track of. All these rumor of Obama's handlers taking over the Internet in "Times" of emergency are just plain stupid. Look how much money is made for giant corporations daily, from the Internet. Besides, wouldn't the rest of the world keep moving along. Obama's controllers, just keep the crap flowing constantly. (Alex Jones and others) You hear all this talk about 'Derivatives' and the banks failures. If you can figure out, just what the hell a Derivative is, good for you. I've tried and get more and more confused the more I try. To learn about these items. You can get pie charted to death, trying to figure out what they mean. I did learn one thing for sure. The banks and other corporations are holding 500 trillion of them out their. That's more money, than their is in the entire World, many "Times" over. That's why banks are called 'Zombie Banks'. They are all bankrupt. The only thing they aren't tell the rest of the World is, they are. As someone once said, 'as long as America, can keep printing dollars'. 'And as long as you can keep adding zeros the the American deficit.' 'Everything will be just fine', my ass.

Gold and silver are on the rise this week. Gold is approaching $1,000 an oz. and silver is over $16 an oz.. Sachs has been holding the prices down, but for how much longer? Before the Cat gets out of the bag? China this week, dropped the dollar. Told their major corporations they didn't to up hold, fake American investments. China also told the banks in England. They where bringing, all the gold they where holding in theirs banks. Back to China's own vaults. Make me wonder, as corrupt as England's banking system is. Is the gold in their vaults. Much in the same way. The gold was stolen from Fort Knox, during the' Great Depression'.

Many believe the only way the criminal that now control America can survive. Is to bring on WW III. Maybe that's why Obama is trying to push the citizens of America, into a corner. Then they can declare Martial Law. And relieve all of the Americans citizens, of their land and personal holdings. Then turn around and sell their assets, to the highest foreign bidder. Sound improbable, think about the constant chem-trails in the skies. These whore have no souls. They only understand, is greed and personal lust.

Just want to remind folks that. Ron Paul is not your savior. He was put in place, to make the citizens of America. Think their is a, 'Night In White' to save them. He's just another Freemason. Bill Moyer of PBS, has a good video on You Tube called, Bill Moyers Journel-Bill Moyers on Health Care-PBS Also a good video on YT from some guy called Billy Reid, The S.E.T.I. Song. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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Mike Licht said...

After the President of the United States speaks to school children about the value of education, Republicans will make opposing comments extolling ignorance.