Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Get Rich, Become Famous"

Simple, call Obama the puppet a liar. And no mater what him and his handlers say. About how many, uninsured Americans their are, (me included). Whether their are, 30 million uninsured American? Or their are their 47 million uninsured Americans? (I like the way, they pull these numbers. Out of their collective asses.) Is it 30 million Americans and 47 million, including the illegals? Obama and his handlers say that the illegal are not included. In the new health plan. They for get, one little matter. Their are no provision stating, that people who use the new health plan. Must prove if they are in the country legally. For some reason called, more money for the health insurance and drug companies cartel. This provision has been omitted. That's why Joe Wilson, was correct, in calling Obama a liar. This is the same way, they protect Americas boarders. Pass a bunch of laws, then never fund them. It's as simple as the old, pea and shell game. Who ever is president. Is their, at the real 'powers' wish. And the health insurance companies, along with the drug companies. Are the one who wrote the new health bill. They want to force every citizen in America. To be under a government controlled system (their control). A system that isn't really ran by the government. It is under the control of the insurance and drug industry. With the IRS, being the one. To collect their unlawful monies. Where does it say in the constitution, you have to be insured? It's not their and was never intended to be. Unless the Constitution is amended. The government has no rite. To tell anyone, they must be insured. If you want to pray to your "God", for your health. That is your rite under the current Constitution. Theses whore that control Obama. Want the power to decide. Who get medical care and who is let to die on the curb. Just the same way, Hitler had control over Germany's citizens health care. Lets all hope, that Obama's handlers. Don't get another hand out from the citizens of America. The same way the bank gangsters did.

Speaking of Joe Wilson of South Carolina. His campaign raised $750,000 in a heart beat. Who cares if he has to make a formal apology, to Obama the puppet. He is now in the national spot light. The 'powers' can't suddenly murder him. That would be to obvious. You can already hears rumors, of him running for president. Fuck the little mad dog John McCain, spouting his words, for an instant apology. Who gives a fuck about him any more? His "Time" has come and gone. (Me and many other Vietnam era veterans, doubt he was ever captured anyway.) By the way, did you notice. When Wilson called Obama a liar. Obama's left arm, went into a nervous twitch. A sure sign, of a man standing in front of millions World wide, was indeed, truly lying. Obama is a good teleprompter reader, but even he can't stop reacting. When caught in a blood face lie.

News from Sonora Mexico isn't good. They are upset, that the illegals are returning back to Mexico. They say it is hurting them financially. The leaders from Nogales Sonora Mexico. Went across the boarder into Nogales Arizona to say. Arizona has to change their laws, about the hiring of illegals. Funny stuff, did they believe the good "Times" would never end? They are now getting a piece of their own medicine. It is true, the streets are drying up. Of illegals lined up on every corner in Arizona. The illegals have been a burden on every aspect. Of the hospitals, court system, welfare and much more. The powers couldn't stop what has started to happening. They thought by driving the American economy into the ground. The country would be flooded with illegals, from south of the boarder. Quite the opposite has happened. Even Jesse Ventura has headed south.

On 10 September 09. Ben Bernanke says the economy is now recovering. Every one remembers him, for calling this current condition, the 'Greatest Depression'. Just where is the recovery? Their are no adds for jobs, in the paper any more. What used to be the wants adds. Are now only a couple of pages long now. The stock market is being held up. By the banks, that stole all the money. From the so called bail out. That the American citizens, current and future citizens paid for. How can 550,000 good folks going for unemployment claims, be called, recovering?

A new book is coming out this month. About the murder of Pat Tillman. The book is called, 'When Men Win Glory', by Jon Krakauer. It talks about, the cover up of Pat Tillman's murder. And how Pat was better off the the Army dead, rather than alive. (propaganda) Related to this same subject. Their is a great video on You Tube called, 'US Soldier Exposes Iraq War Secrets and Lies'. He tell how they where instructed, to kill every thing in sight. If they where fired upon. In doing this, they could escalate the war. By killing as many civilians as possible. The hatred toward them would grow larger. This was the tactic, to cause more backlash. As he states in the video. Imagine if one of your family members were killed by an American soldier. Wouldn't want revenge, against the American invader? The tactic apparently worked. We'll never truly know, how many American soldiers have been killed or wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. He goes on to say, their are over 10,000 AWOL military hiding out and staving in Canada. He himself was once one. The kid was from Chandler Arizona. The video brought back memories of Vietnam to me. You had the same thing happen their. The controlled press, talked of how rosie everything was and America. Was winning the war against Communism. It took the vets to stop that war. That's the very reason their is no, true news coming from either Afghanistan or Iraq. The murderest 'powers', never want this to happen again. You'll never see the flag draped coffins of the dead soldiers, being flown home. Yea it's all good and the civilians of Afghanistan and Iraq, love american soldiers. bye

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