Sunday, September 13, 2009

"America Awakening on, 9-12-09"

Obama the puppet and his handlers. Are doing a fine job of. Unifying Americas citizen, against the NWO. The largest gathering in American history. Gathered in the streets of Washington, DC. It happened yesterday, 12 September 09. Call it a, 'Tea Party', but. No other march on the Capital. Has ever brought together, such diverse group of American citizens. You had the, war protesters, health plan protesters, tax protesters, anti-abortionist, inflation, bail-out. You could go on and on. This was the real America, 2 million strong. Yet nary a word, from the Main Stream Media. What little press the protesters got, was down played. My Yahoo main page, and morning news paper. Only reported, folks in the tens of thousands attended. PBS crimed in with the same bull shit. If you wanted to see, which news media is under the NWO control. You had to look no farther. Than what they reported about, yesterdays events. As one women stated.' This was the first shot fired, in America's next revolution!!!' Finally the country is awaking from it's slumber. Thanks to many different types of Internet news. Blogs, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and many of other, on line media outlets. The word is spreading fast and furiously. The only folks now supporting, the current condition of America. Are those that have been put in place. To send out the message. That every thing is just fine in America. The media folks like, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Charlie Rose. Theses are your whores, who have sold out, their fellow American. For a few pieces of gold. Folks are getting tired of being lied to. They can see where America is heading. And who was chosen to be the front man. And that front man, isn't even an American citizen. Folks are in the streets. And finally feeling good about them self's. You could see it on their faces, from You Tube videos. (You Tube, 9/12/09) Good for America, and hopefully the police and military folks will see. They are also part of the general populace. And what is ever being done to their brothers and sisters. Is also happening to them. They must wake up, and not be a slave. To a corrupt system, that could care less for them. When they are done with them. They need to realize, they to. Will one day, rejoin their fellow citizens, in civilian life.

If you see or hear about it in. In the 'main stream media', it's probably been planted. Well that could very well be true, about Senator Joe Wilson. Yes he cried out about the lie. Coming from Obama the puppets mouth. Could it all just of been a set up? A set up to fool the American populace. Into believing, they finally have someone on their side. Turn out, Mr. Wilson has his own skeletons in the closet. First of all, he's a Freemason. In 2003 he voted for a Bill. That would reimburse, drug companies and hospitals. For the money they spent, treating the illegals. For the years from, 2003 to 2008. Take it a step further, he also supported and voted for, 'The Patriot Act.' The very act, that started Americas. Heading into Fascism, soon after 911. If you been elected, to a post in Washington. Their is a damn good chance. You are under the control of others. (PAC's) Need money to run for office? The PAC's have it for you. Only catch, do exactly as you are told. Get rich, be famous and mainly, stay alive.

The anniversary of 911, went by with out much fanfare. Could it be, because more and more Americans are finally realizing? 911 was truly an inside job. 6 of the members who worked on the 911 investigation. Now say, they don't trust their own report. A report that never mentioned, what happened to build 7 and much more evidence. And why, some five hours later. Building 7, fell on it's own foot pattern. Funny how the rest of the World knows the truth about 911. While here in America with it's giant propaganda machine in place. The truth is still being hidden from it's own citizens. In in central Arizona, we had our own reminder of the NWO. We got chem-trails, filling a beautifully clear blue sky. Was it just a reminder? Who is really in charge.

Being one of millions of Americans with no health insurance. I went down to my local VA hospital. To pick up my paper work. So I could start using their services. I also thought it might help me. If the 'powers' force down the throats of the American citizens. Their idea of a health care bill. And how much it would cost, each and every citizen, a year. Phoenix has one of the larger VA hospital in the country. As I visited the hospital. The first thing I noticed, where the young soldiers needing help. It brought back memories of Tripler Army Hospital on Oahu, out side of Honolulu. I spent many days their. As two of my children where born their, during the Vietnam thing. The place was packed. You could hardly walk down the isle ways. With wars going in two different counties. And Arizona having many retired military, because of the weather. They could use a place twice as large. The Phoenix VA hospital, also got in the news. Along with many others. For the conditions in the hospitals. And the way, their brave ex-military were treated. This was an eye opener. It goes to show you. The government will spend millions of dollars recruiting the very young. They will lie to you with all their media propaganda, but. When it comes "Time" to take care of you. You are suddenly, a second class citizen. And to think recently, Obama and his handlers. Brought up the idea, that the injured veterans. Would have to pay for their own medical cost. They incurred in combat or while on duty. If you want to support the troops. Go to a local VA hospital and spend some "Time". Volunteering and talking to your wounded veterans. Instead of that, the Obama handlers. Want you to volunteer, spying on your neighbours and how they are living their lives. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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