Saturday, September 19, 2009

"No Money, No Car, No Job, I'm Black"

Here in south Scottsdale we have a lot of 'Section 8 Housing'. The whole idea of 'Section 8 Housing'. Supposedly was to get the poor and uneducated folks. Away from their past. Instead of doing that. The poor and uneducated, bring their problems with them. Much the same way the Hispanic from central America do. As the old line goes,' you can take the n----r, out of the ghetto, but. 'You can't take the ghetto out of the n----r'. Now that Obama the puppet. Has been president, for eight months. The Blacks are just where they started. Walking around with, no money, car or job. They still have their cell phone. (co-signed for, surely) Dick in hand, scarf on head, walking the walk. In just the same way. As when they where Black slaves. Owned by their white masters, who bought them from a Jewish middle man. Obama and the media, have the Blacks, thinking they have arrived. The problem is, the only place they arrived from. Was where they came from. Look how they are portrayed by the media. A myth, perpetuated by their Zionist Jewish masters. It's a sad state of affairs surely. Yea the Blacks have been saved by the puppet master. 'Saved,' to be able to have, change for a bus ride. A bus ride with all the other uneducated folks. If anybody should be, in a up rising against Obama the puppet. It should be the blacks.

Here in Arizona, the Swine flu has become a major topic. Thank "God" the state hasn't taken the same path as Massachusetts. (land of Ted Kennedy and socialism) Massachusetts has passed laws for tracking. Who has taken the poisonous Swine flu shot. (wrist band, with coded message) The state says they are only doing this. To make sure the poor and uneducated are properly protected. I'd say it's more like. 'They want to make sure the poor and uneducated don't multiply'. (Doesn't your body belong to you any more?) You'd have a hard "Time", here in Arizona. Trying to pass such a, mandatory law. Still every day in the states only major news paper. (propaganda sheet) Their are head lines, about the so called, up coming pandemic. Make you wonder how they even know. Such an event is going to happen. How do they truly know? Their are about to be thousands of Swine flu cases. Is it, because of the on going aerosol spraying, called chem-trails? Is that's whats going to spread the virus? Here is a statement from Arizona's, Health Services director, to the public. (Will Humble) 'Any risk associated with the vaccine, are minute and pale in comparison to the chances of catching the virus'. Notice he didn't say Swine flu. What virus is he talking about? How is he so sure such an event is about to happen? He is surely just a puppet, with a good pay check. (A pay check the citizens of Arizona paid for.) This puppet is willing to push forward. This un tested un proven shot, for what? Will Humble says, ' the first in line for the untested vaccine will be'. Get ready for this, toddlers and pregnant women. What happened to the idea? You body is yours. You can go on line and see for your self. What types of chemicals are in the H1N1 shots. To start with their is Mercury. Finally if this isn't enough. How does anybody even know? If the cases of Swine flu deaths, are even from Swine flu? This is the same system. That ruined so many lives in 1976. Chasing the same virus.

Another book has been published about Pat Tillman. Here are a few statements from Pat himself. 'We have little or no justification, other than our imperial whim'. 'Nub (his brothers nickname) have willingly allowed ourselves to be pawns in this game and will do our job, weather we agree with it or not.' 'All we ask is that it is duly noted that we harbor no illusions of virtue.' About his funeral arrangements if killed. 'I do not want the military to have any direct involvement with my funeral.' 'There are no true answers, just shades of grey, coincidence, and circumstances.' In the end, Pat Tillman was worth more dead than alive. And you can clearly see. It didn't take him long to figure that out. Maybe Pat was a bully and got what he deserved? Who knows for sure? I just fell sorry for his family. Their the ones, who must live with this all their lives.

Odds and ends found looking for things to write about. Cartoon using Obama's face. Obama says the government can fix health care. Here are the things they fucked up from the past. Medicad is broke, Social Security is broke, U.S Post Office is broke, Amtrack is broke, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are broke, the budget is 1.6 trillion in the red. 90% of the country want the Federal Reserve broken up. (CNBC)

The government wants to disarm the veterans coming back from the wars now. They are afraid these men and women. Know the truth about what this country is about now. (Pat Tillman) They also know, they are well trained killers. Well trained killers, they don't want to turn on them. (Vietnam veterans anyone?) Has Americas military become, Israels Army. Turned into invading countries that Israel, is at odds with? Look how America got involve so easily with Iraq, Look how America is now turning their military attention towards Iran. Who said they would bury Israel? America has no fear of Iran or did they Iraq. Only the Jewish state of Israel had beefs with their two neighbours. Who was really behind the attacks of 911?

Australia a few months ago. Said they were going to inoculate the entire country for Swine flu. (manditory) They have now did an about face. Now they want to see how many American and British deaths. Their are from the inoculations. Yea America, belly up to the bar and get your shot. The government treats the citizens of America. As some sort of lab rat. Test it on the American lab rats. Then turn it against the rest of the World. (chem-trail) Here is a good example of this type of American mentality. I was driving down the road and saw a young family. They were driving a Honda Cube, with a licence plate that read. 'I'm a organ donor', yep give your organs away for free. So some Jewish middle man, can in turn sell them to the highest bidder. (Keep watching the TV propaganda folks.) bye

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