Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Next 911 Is Now?"

With all the rumor swirling around about the next pandemic. Could the Swine flu vaccination be, the silent 911? The World and America has woken up to the fraud about terrorist attacks. So what better way to fool the citizens. Than by injecting them with a deadly toxins. It could be done slowly. Let folks start dying off in masses, after a period of "Time". When the rest of the World notices. That Americans and Brits are not dying suddenly. Will they jump on board and start taking the vaccination? With all the stories about the NWO, now out. They will have to choose another path or. Are they are steps ahead of the game? Look no further than the, 'Georgia Guide Stones'. Located in Elberton Georgia and erected in 1980. Here is the NWO, plan for the future of the World. First order of business is depopulation. Reduce the current population to a workable 500,000. This would require killing off about 6 billion people. This will not happen with wars. Sterilization won't do the work. So what better way than a World wide pandemic, created by the NWO.

Now that the word is out, that the current Swine flu is man made. A reintroduction of the 1976 Swine flu. This has to be the plan. This is how you get to a one World government. And unfortunately, folks are falling into this trap. Look how many American medical people are refusing. To take part in these inoculations. The government is going to be forced, to make the shot mandatory. 911 was used to remove most of Americas freedom. And now the obvious next step, is a man made pandemic. No one can stop the chem-trails. And it appears that no one can stop, the next step. The sheep have been led into this corner. Unable to defend them self's. Tired and confused by a deadly diet. The sheep are ready for slaughter. Their are those that are screaming, look out. Problem is, they are being drowned out. By the mass media campaign against them.

A massive aerial event happened last night on the east coast. I started following it on 'Godlikeproductions' (8:30PM). What was described as a, trapezoid looking shape. (triangle) Could be seen from many locations. The first thread or report, came from New Jersey. Then started to spread on the site. Folks reported seeing it in these locations, at the same "Time". Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Michigan, Washington D.C., Ohio, Queens New York, Delaware, Virginia, Florida. And even odder, Lisbon Portugal and two locations in Canada. (Ontario, Toronto) It didn't take long for the de-bunkers to start their bull shit. They where calling it a test missile. I've seen missile launches from Edward AFB, in California. Here in central Arizona. They looked nothing like, what was described. Missile trails are long lines of smoke, in uneven lines. This was a cone shaped object. Many had their own take on what this all means. One thing for sure, a lot of folks saw the same event. The best description was by someone who never seen it. He said his life was miserable, because he's never been witness to an event.

As Obama's handlers try to push their health bill down. The throats of the American citizens. Here are some quote from Arizona. If Obama's health care bill is so good for the country. 'Then why did Congress?' 'Run like a pack of rats, to pass a bill. Exempting them, from the program?' Gabrielle Giffords said, ' she would only vote for a bill that isn't fully funded'. What the hell did that mean? Is the money falling from the air? If this is such a good plan? Why is not good enough for our congress folks, another asks? And finally, ' who would be the watch dog over such a program?' The government, like they can be trusted.

Their are now, more women in the work place then men. The 'powers' have secretly remove men. This is because women will work for less money. And they are more easily controlled, because of their emotions. Men stand in the way, of total domination over the World, by a few. Where as women, can be keep in line better. The women will never bear arms against the system. Where as the men, are more likely to get feed up and revolt. As you look back you can see theses small steps being take to control the populace. Look how the military has reduced the physical parts of boot camp. Have allowed the gays to gain access. This is being done to slowly. To take all military powers from the men. Soon their will be a women, with highest ranking in the military. Just you watch and see. The generals will be taking orders from women soon.

William Cooper is the man, who predicted 911 was going to happen. It cost him his life. He lived in Eagar Arizona, not far from where Travis Walton grew up. (Fire in the Sky) His book called, 'Behold a Pale House'. Is still available. You can go to You Tube and see many of his lectures. He has been called the original Alex Jones. Alex Jones is now doubt, a NWO shill. Meant to keep the folks in a up roar. Wondering where and when the next 911 will happen. While it is happening now silently. It's the old, shell and pea game. "God" bles on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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