Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Posse Comitatus"

Posse Comitatus, is a federal law. America will soon be learning the definition of. A law passed in 1878. To limit the powers of the local police forces. Before then, local sheriffs where aloud to use the Army. To up hold the federal laws, in the frontier territories. Once the west was won, and civil war was over, as is said. Their was no need for these powers. This law was passed, to protect the citizens of America, from the police and military. From what happens in third World countries, that have military coups. Just recently their where troops in the streets, of two small towns. They were helping the local police. Here in Kingman Arizona and also in Newport Kentucky. The big question is, why? Both these towns are small. In both cases, they where directing traffic. Why would two small towns need this kind of help, is beyond me. They could of easily, used locals to help with their traffic. What are the reasons, behind this? Are the 'powers', getting folks used to seeing military in the streets? (Just as America's freedoms are being taken away bit by bit. To see just how far the American public will be pushed.) Are these small towns being used as test beds? To see, how the public will react? For the most part, it seemed the locals took it in stride. Thank "God" their were others. That wanted to know, just what was happening, in their towns. Videos of the two incidences, can be seen on You Tube. (National Guard in Kingman, Violation of Posse Comitatus Welcome Police State) (Are We Change Ohio Investigates Military Check Points-Mirrored Back up) Better hurry, before they are removed though. This seems to goes along with. How you see the local police, in black now. What happened to the, 'boys in blue?' Now the cops look more like storm troupers. Instead of someone you could call for help, in an emergency. Here again, little by little. Then suddenly one day you awake. And you are truly, living in a 'police state.' It's happening folks, all around you. The economy has been devastated. And the police and military are being pushed into a corner. A corner that was created by the need, to feed their families. You want to control folks. That's easy, take their source of income away. (food) And that's what is facing, Americans and the rest of the Worlds population today.

Not much of a protest in Pittsburgh this week. The league of G-20 countries meet in Pittsburgh for some unknown reason this week. Still trying to figure that one out. (With so many other cities, around the world much prettier.) In the slow moving direction toward, 'One World Government.' The G-8 has been expanded, too G-20. They are now all together. Going to try and fix the Worlds financial problems out. This of course is just a rue. They are staving the Worlds population into a corner. All part of a much bigger plan. And of course that plan is NWO. With China, India and Russia on board. Their are your population centers. With out those three countries. Their was little chance of this being accomplished. With the rest of the World in the same predicament as America. You can see the World slowing moving towards one currency. You may have money printed in your countries colors, but. In the end, it will be backed by some sort of World bank. Much the way money as in Europe now. Obama even said, America must be disarmed. And the rest of the World along with America. Must together, fix the Worlds financial systems. The hand writing is on the wall folks. Dream all you want. Their are no green shoots of prosperity coming. No place to run, no place to hide now. All the world majors powers appear for the first "Time", in the same corner.

William Cooper was correct about Alex Jones. After trying to hear what was going on in Pittsburgh with the G-20 meetings. I was forced to listen to Alex Jone on the GNC network. You would have though the end of the World was surely coming. (never yell fire in a theater) You could here Alex Jones. Yelling at his employees in the streets of Pittsburgh, get out. He said they where using weapon with loud noises on the children. Protesters were running for their lives. All just a bunch of political bull shit. I tried to see on You Tube all this so called hysteria. Yea they did use some sound equipment on the few protesters their where, but. For the most part, you saw kids. Just wanting photos of the protest and looked to be having a grand old "Time" of it. Their where a few kids dressed in black wearing masks. They were poorly organized and did not do much. My generation was the last generation of Americans to get violent in the streets. This generation is suffering from malnutrition and fluoride in the water. A dumb down bunch of kids. With no particular agenda and no where to go. Sad state of affairs. This generation silently stands by and watches their brother and sister be killed off. In two wars that have no true meaning. Except to make money for a handful of folks. And kill off Israels enemies. Alex Jones is a shill. A shill controlled by the folks who want to enslave the World. He's doing his best to start folks rioting. So the 'powers' can declare Martial Law. You know he's a whore, he gets plenty of press.

You know thing a getting bad. When you go to the car wash. And all the guys are white. Asked the kid at the car wash, 'what happened to all the Mexicans'. His reply was, ' the white boys, have taken over the car wash'. Yea their where a lot of Mexican and illegal doing the menial jobs here in Scottsdale. Then the economy went sour. And when the smoke all clears, it's the same old story. ' Black is beautiful, Tan is grand, but White is the color, of the big boss man.' When push comes to shove. The whites still control the job market. Do you think for a moment. That the white bosses are going to fire all their white boys? Never going to happen, they have to go home. And they live in fear of the minorities, in the end any way. Yea the illegals are heading back where they came from. Boarder arrest are down, tans are going home. You even see a lot of whites leaving for Mexico now. No one can trust the 'powers' and their evil ways. The educated white elders are making plans. They know if the country goes into Martial Law. It will be safer in some Mexican town, along the gulf. Where your money can still buy protection. Even Jesse Ventura has headed south. Who wants to have a child that is born into slavery. That's what Americans have turned into, slaves. Sold down the river, by those they voted into office. "God" bless, good luck. bye

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