Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Killing Time, Before, Time Kills Me"

Everyone wants me dead. The Illuminate want me dead. To them I'm a useless eater. The Mexicans want me dead. They think, I'm living on their land. Social Security wants me dead. I'm over sixty and their bankrupt. The rest of the World, wants me dead. They hate all Americans, for good reasons. All their Arab Nations want me dead. They think I'm supporting the Israelites, with my taxes. Japanese want me dead. After all, America incarcerated their American counter parts. Then dropped the atom bomb on their native soil. The Canadians want me dead. Just for shits and giggles. Yea this country's 'powers', have done a great job. Of making every American, hated by the rest of the World. If the rest of the World only knew. I've got little or absolutely no power over those who control me. I go to work. Pay my taxes, or they will lock me up. Then I turn around and elect some politician. Who could give a flying fuck, what I think. I've been brain washed. I've been poisoned by the food I eat. Their are aircraft over head. Dropping "God" only knows what, into the air. If the rest of the World thinks. That Joe Average America, has any powers, their dead wrong. Joe average and the rest of the World. Think Americans are somebody, but Joe ain't shit. It has all been an illusion and the illusion is about to end. 2012 is screaming toward the Americans and the rest of the World. It's been fun, kinda. I don't know for sure. I'll have to wait and see what the TV says. This is the real American reality.

The 'powers' have told the American soldiers. Are you tired of fighting, in some worthless wars?In both Afghanistan and Iraq? Well let you leave. With out any benefits. Problem is, we're giving you. A, 'less than honorable discharge'. When I was in the military. This usually meant you where a fag. Smoke pot while in the military. You were incorrigible, or couldn't play with others well. A bevy of other problems you may have incurred while serving. The fact your tired. Of getting a few months, out of combat. Then sent rite back into the fight. You can't even comprehend. This now, some how makes you a bad guy. How much longer can the generals. Let their men die and have their lives destroyed. Fighting not for freedom, of the occupied country citizens. Not fighting for the freedoms of all Americans. No, they are killing the Israeli Zionist's enemies. Are the generals part of the problem? Or have they been lead a stray, by their own personal greed?

To bad the Pittsburgh police had to turn on Penn State University students. Now the world knows. Why Pittsburgh was chosen by the G-20. Their police force, are a bunch of train gestapo type. Armed to the hilt, with clubs and tear gas. Shooting rubber bullets at un armed students. They showed the true side of the NWO police. Students were asking the police. Why are they doing this to them. They were not involved in the earlier days riots. For their questions, their answer was violence. The Pittsburgh police acted out like a pack of mad dogs. Watching the videos on You Tube, was scary. Here was the NWO, driving home a point. The point was, I suppose. You want no part of, protesting for personal freedoms. Get in group, then you have the rite to be attack. Go to You Tube and type in G-20 riots. You will watch in horror, what lay ahead for the next set of protest.

FYI Iran now has dropped the dollar. And guess what happened for their efforts. Obama the puppet, told the Iranians. His Zionist master says America will attack their, so called nuclear facilities. You either use the dollar, or we will kill you. (Another reason the World hates me.) Saddam Hussein dropped the dollar. Look what happened to him.

Come down with cancer and you have medical insurance. Your worth about $750,000 to the medical mafia. That's the amount most insurance companies put out for each patient. You can see why their has never been any real effort to cure Cancers. In fact, the system just keeps putting more and more poisons into the civilian system The chances of getting Cancer now, Are fast approaching 50/50. When in years past the odds where slim. To put this in perspective. Theirs a damn good chance your doctor will be Jewish. Who is in turned controlled by the Zionist. Do the math, it's incredible. Once again showing, Joe Average American Is no more than a commodity to the Zionist.

Good to see I'm safer now now. They just arrested some Arabs in Denver. These three cats, some how had, weapons of mass destruction. Saddam didn't have any and he ran a country. Some how a cab driver has these weapons. How much longer will the citizens of America, buy into this nonsense?

A good site to visit is, 'Half Past Human'. The creator is Cliff High. He now believes, 15% of the population has "Alien" DNA in them. He also states, these are the ones who will never be brainwashed. When you think about it, he could be correct. Look how 80% of the population is willing to take the swine flu shot. Look how you always have a small group of folks. Who never go along with the masses. These are the one, the NWO fear most. These are the one who word are kept from the masses. Now the big question is? Are these ones, being protected by those above? I wonder, why are their a few. Who always seem to be, a few steps ahead of the other. Are these the real chosen people. Not the Jews as they claim. If you feel like your always the odd man out. Their might be a good reason to believe that now. Hell, you just might be an "Alien". "God" bless, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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