Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Good at Killing"

For centuries a small group of ruthless people. Have been controlling and killing off the rest of society. No mater if it's World Wars, influenza, or starvation. It all being conducted with nary a soul noticing until now. Call them the Illuminate, the Masons, Templar's or what ever name you please. The World is starting to wake up and see what's being done to them. They used blankets infected with small pox. Too kill off eleven million Native Americans. While World War I and II were happening. Millions of eastern Europeans were killed off. In Africa today, millions are dying from Aids and starvation. Deplete Uranium is being used in Afghanistan, Iraq and against the Palestinians. It's all part of mass sterilization war fare. Now it's "Time" for the largest mass murder. It's being disguised as Swine Flu. It's not the flu that will do the killing. It will come in another form, called mass inoculation. This will be use to sterilize the Worlds population. Now that the World is waking up to this madness. The 'powers' have a need to speed things up. That's why daily, their are reports about Swine flu death. All part and parcel to control the mass populations minds. Thank "God" their are folks willing to put their lives on the line. To try and stop all this incredible madness. With talk of mandatory inoculations. People have to realize, the local Sheriffs, have final power over this idea. You Tube, Watch This!!! Sheriff Mack ~ For. This is the same Arizona Sheriff that broke the Brady Bill. Your local Sheriff has precedence over federal law. This is another reason, local Sheriffs such as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are under great attacks. They want the federal government to have total control, over local jurisdictions. The World will have to now set back and see. If enough good folks, just say no, to mass inoculations. Or will the sheep fold under the pressures. And stand back and be given this deadly poisons.

Glad to see the Oklahoma City bombing is back in the news (Alfred P. Murrah building). I've always felt. How in the hell did little Tim McVeigh. Pull such a bombing off. Then this so called master mind. Escape Oklahoma, in a vehicle with bad tags. This made no sense. Then on top of that. He was put to death in a heart beat. The country was finally starting to see a little, 'peace dividends'. Then all of a sudden, the Oklahoma City bombings. To drive the point home. The ruthless 'powers', even killed children. Now attorney Jesse Trentadue of Salt Lake City. Obtained the tapes of the Oklahoma City bombings. Under the freedom of information act. The tapes were from security cameras. Mounted on other various companies buildings (4). Some how, none of these cameras were running a few minutes before the explosion. Then all of a sudden, started running again, rite after the bomb exploded. Similar to no tapes of the aircraft that hit the Pentagon. How do all four tapes stop at the same "Time"? These type of thing, are the reason. More and more folks are awaking to their true predicament. They the same systems wants you to now believe. Your all going to die, from the Swine flu.

Unemployment reached a record high. The system wants you believe it's at 9.8%. As most folks know. That doesn't include all those that have run out of unemployment benefit's. Not to mention how many of the employed, are now only working part "Time". While this is going on. The Zionist control people in Washington. Are saying the worst has happened. The country is nearing a breaking point. Now I'm starting to wonder. What is that breaking point?

Made my first venture to the Veterans Hospital here in Phoenix Arizona. I was preparing my self for the worst. Last "Time" at a veterans hospital. It was during the Vietnam thing. Their were young soldiers lined up and down the hall. From the battle injuries from Nam. Today visit was more like going to a general hospital. I only saw one person in uniform. And she was an over weight black girl. It amazes me. How un fit the enlisted kids can be. And some how still serve in the military. It would appear, they will take anyone now. My doctor was quite different from what I expected. She was well educated and had much Worldly experiences. (She also had a Blogspot blog, she did) She even talked about how control they where. By the big pharmaceutical companies. She said they were even afraid to issue medicines that were not recommended by the drug companies. She said if some thing went wrong. They could be held liable. She also brought up the fact. About how many type of anti depressants are being issued. She made a good point by saying. It didn't mater what weight you were. The same medication was issued for everyone. So if you had a skinny cat like myself and a three hundred pound obsess person. We both took the same amount of medication. I got lucky you could say. With all the horror stories about the VA. My visit seemed routine and helpful I hope. "God" bless, and good luck in these, World changing "Times". bye

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