Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Nobel Prize, What A Joke"

Well the World now knows. What a joke the Nobel Prize really is. For Obama the puppet to get nominated for the Nobel Prize. He would of had to have been nominated. With in ten days of taking office, as president. I always had my doubt about the damn prize anyway. How could Al Gore get a Nobel Prize for the environment? The fat turd, lives in a mansion in his home state. Yet rite after his defeat to another puppet, called GW Bush. (By the way, where in the hell is Bush?) He wins the prize and it's million dollar plus payday. The World now understands, the Nobel Prize is just another wing of the 'powers'. Just as the Worlds population is played against it's self. These prizes are passed around to their own, insiders. Obama the puppet is doing business as usual. As he is instructed to do. Killing as many people as he can, while in office. Their are still over one hundred and thirty thousand troops in Iraq. The war in Afghanistan is about to get bigger. And with in days of being in office. Obama the puppet, sends cruse missiles into Pakistan. What a joke, he is. And now, what a joke the whole Nobel Prize thing is. The only good that came out of the whole thing. It has a waken the the World to just one more of the 'powers' follies. All of a sudden the World is talking about the Nobel Prize. Where as before, no one payed much attention. The 'powers' are making it easy for the rest of the World. To now recognize who they are. A few years ago, only a handful of folks. Were aware of what the 'powers' are trying to do to rest rest of the population. Now no mater who you talk to. They know they are under heavy attack from the 'powers'. If this is part of the plan, to expose them self's. The 'powers' are doing a great job of it. I have to commend them, at how fast the World been has awoken to their deadly schemes.

Some progress has been made. In the fight to have Obama prove where he was born. One honest judge, is letting the proceeding move along. The real problem is. Just where will the knees be cut off. By a higher court, that's under orders to stop the proceedings? This also bring up another question. Obama the puppet has spent 1.6 million dollars defending, where he was born. Better yet, who's money is he using. As a career politician. Where does that kind of money come from? Besides, shouldn't just be a simple matter. Show some photos of his growing up. How about some photos with his school chums from elementary and high school days. Better yet, where is the birth certificate? What a simple problem to resolve. Yet here it seems to just keep dragging on. Here is good example of how the country feels about Obama's birth place. I was looking for shoes today at a sporting goods store. Out of the blue, the gentleman who was looking for some news shoes. Bring up the economy and Obama the puppets birth certificate. Yet all this get no press.

The 'powers' have their puppets telling the country. Their is a recovery going on as I type. The country just has to realize. The recovery comes with out jobs. Ask anyone who has heard this statement, and they will laugh. Or as a friend says. ' Just keep piling it on. The country is bankrupt anyway'. Now Obama wants to bail out the insurance companies, and the news papers. And on top of that, he want another type of police force above your standard local police. Where is the money coming from? How does the country keep expanding the current wars? I wish someone could explain. How does the country keep paying their bills? One out of five are now unemployed. Their is no real tax base. And damn near one third of the country is on some kind of assistance or works directly for the government. Yet the government just keeps spending more and more. I sure hope Cliff High of 'Half Past Human' is correct. One day this will all have to end. The troops will have to come home, because their is no money to pay them. The rest of the World will quit taking Americas worthless dollars. And this will finally stop the World wide killing. That America is so known for.

Speaking of how things are changing. I was selling some gold for a friend of mine. I have a bud who is in the precious metals business. His place is always busy now. You either have folks trading in their paper savings, for gold or silver. Or a scene from the movie, 'Grape of Wrath'. Where folks are selling their old jewelry. To feed them self's and their children. On this day, their were a couple of older ladies selling their gold jewelry. I asked them if it was the end of the World? They both turned to me and said in unison. Haven't you heard, 'their a new money coming'. I replied do you mean the 'Amero'? Why they were selling their gold jewelry made no sense to me. Why trade something that will always have value. For something that has nothing behind it? You could see they had been propagandized by all the media coverage. Every where you look. You see adds about turning in your old jewelry for cash. To me this is part of the game. The game is, place your wealth, in paper money. That has nothing behind it. So one day when you really need something of value. You are stuck, by the 'powers'. Once again, all the real wealth. Will be only in a few hands. Then you are fucked. Folks will be forced to turn to the government for assistance. And that is exactly where the 'powers' want you. A servant to their powers. A power that says, who lives and who dies. They done to the Black, Hispanic and the Native Americans. Now they want the entire country under their controls. That way, citizens of America. Will have no way to stop the monster, that controls their every day lives. Hard to start an up rising, when your hungry.

Sad to look out side and see that the chem-trails are back. It's started to cool off, here in central Arizona now. We are spared from the chem-trails during the summer months. As soon as it cools off a little, they are back. Last night I went out on my patio to look at the stars. No stars to be seen. Just ugly chem-trail lines in the skies. For the first "Time", I saw a dual line laid out in the sky. Not quite sure how that was accomplished, but it was. Now today it's partly cloudy and you can see them. Laying down trails above the broken up clouds. Once you know they are back. It's depressing, knowing theirs nothing you can say or do. That will stop the 'powers' from their deadly games. They just keep stealing billions of dollars from the citizens of America. Then turn around and poison the same folks they steal the money from. A endless cycle, that's been going on for thousands of years. In one way or another. The 'powers' keep telling the citizens of America how free they are. And the dumb down society, keeps buying into the same old lies. Like a dumb fuck, I need some exercise. So I'll finish this story, get on my bike. And ride around in the air. Knowing that it has as a minimum of, barium and aluminum in it. "God" only knows what else their is in it. bye

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