Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Obama Promises to Keep a Promise"

As the Americans and rest of the World realizes, day by day. Obama the puppet, is no more than a Bankster Whore. Doing the bidding of those who put him in office. Obama has broken every promise he made to the American public so far. He promised an open office, and public debate, on his agendas. He promised, he would bring troops home from Iraq. You could go on and on about his so called promises. The only promise it appears he is going to keep. Is the one to the fags and lesbians. He promises to end the, 'don't ask, don't tell', military policy. You could see why he will stand by this promise. As rumors and stories, swirl around about his gay life style. He is bound and determined to help. Those who pursue his own life style. By pushing this agenda on the military. It will only help to demoralize the military even more. The idea of our young military men and women. Being force to shower and parade around naked. With those who lack true morals. Will in the long run, demoralize the troops even more. His policies of calling the vets coming back from a war zone, Domestic Terrorist. Has already destroyed his relationship with the military. Now to add, insult to injury. The idea of two men having sex in the barracks. While the rest of the soldiers try to rest. Is a sick and unmoral attitude. This will surely cause a wall, between the gay and straight soldiers. It will also cause more deaths in combat. Young men in combat. Always have a way of getting even. Look how many young officers were killed. By their own troops in Vietnam. While in the heat of battle, scores will be settled. Unless the whole idea of letting the gays and the straights. Do battle side by side. And watch the gays be murdered off. This policy will never work. This whole idea of letting the gay and straights, be in the military. Is just one more way to break the military down. The Bankster, have no need for a strong military. After they are done with them. That's why they are having Obama push for a non military police force. This is another reason. They are putting troops on the streets. To cause a division between the military and the civilian counter parts. The country needs to wake up to what is being done to them. It's all about, 'divide and conquer.'

What does 2012 really mean? Jose Arguelles the author of the book called, ' The Mayan Factor'. Claims he discovered this magical date. Some claim it came from a broken Mayan calendar. How much faith can be put in the date? You hear about it constantly now. The movie, '2012' will come out next week. The fact that this 2012 date, is getting so much press. Is starting to bother me. Before only a few would talk about this Earth ending date. Now it's common chatter. The Main Stream Media has picked up on it. Are the 'powers', trying to twist reality? So much of the 2012 ending makes sense. You can clearly see how mankind's morals have decayed. You can see how the Earth has been so polluted. Even known astronomers, believe their will be some kind of alignment. I listened to the author of the books, 'How to Survive 2012', and 'The World Cataclysm in 2012'. His name is Patrick Geryl and the interview is on Project Camelot (1 hour 34 min.). He talks about how the Earth will suddenly stop spinning. Then reverse it's rotation, causing a Polar shift. It is common knowledge. The Earth mantel is only about sixty miles thick. And floats on top of the Earth. This sudden stoppage would cause a two mile high wave. Thus wiping out most of the worlds population. It even goes along with the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. He claims this happen about every 11,000 years. He claims their would be no place to hide. Even the rumors about the 'powers' building under ground shelter. Wouldn't survive this sudden stoppage. Their would be giant Earth quakes that would collapse, any effort to hide under ground. This seem quite amazing. When you couple it with the Hopi story of the end of "Time". The Hopi believe that in the end "Time". The "Ant People" would take the good people from the Earth. Then take them into the sky. Then deliver them inside the Earth. That explains why the "Ant People". Must first take the good people into the sky first. They would not be able to survive the huge earth quakes. That will ensue after the Earth stops spinning. Patrick Geryl claims his finding are a combination of Mayan and Egyptian tales. How this all come together, may not be exact, but. Close is good enough for me. It seems to fit every ancient societies end "Time" scenario. Everyone is sure, 'something is up', that's for sure. It's just a mater of, 'what's up'. I know I'm driven, to try and figure out what?

Here are a few good lines coming from the Obama Nobel Prize win. Obama wins Heisman trophy, Publishers Clearing House. Obama wins an Emmy, Grammy. Win a Nobel Prize for Physics. The World will have fun with this one for a long "Time". It's rite in the with, GW Bush's drunken press conference. Well at least one good thing came from this. The World now knows what a bunch of bull shit the Nobel Prize is.

The Hopi want the environmentalist to stay out of the lives. Recently the Sierra club. Went up north to try and close a coal burning power plant, near their reservation. The modern day Hopi and their elder ancestors, share nothing in common. This generation of Hopi want jobs. They could care less about the reservations environmental needs. Their ground water is being removed. Their water table is dropping. The coal that is mined on the Hopi reservation. Is move on a conveyor belt. In a wet slurry type fashion. Thus much water is needed to transport the coal to the Four Corners power plant. Sad to say the Hopi modern generation has fallen so far. They have forgotten it was their task. To hold to the traditional ways. Maybe that is why, the Earth must now be destroyed? "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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