Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Come on Joe"

Here in central Arizona, Maricopa county for a fact. We have the most famous sheriff in the county. His name is Joe Arpaio. He's the one who's inmates wear pink under ware. And houses inmates in tents. Under the Arizona's blistering sun. He will stand up to the federal government. When most other bow to their demands. He's one of a kind. And for the most part, we're lucky to have him. He does more for the true immigration laws, than any other elected official in the country. Yes he is an elected official. Who always seems to win by a landslide. He's not from here. He's another carpetbagger from back east. He thinks he the new generation of Wyatt Earp. And he's here to enforce the laws. That are part of our country's constitution. Our states ex lesbian governor Janet Napolitano. Who is now head of Homeland Security. (Once again, the Zionist showing their love, for the fags and lesbians) Butts heads with Joe constantly. She was put in place. To stop folks like Joe from doing their job. And their job is first and for most. To protect the Constitution. Which includes the boarders, in case anyone forgot. Now Joe has come under another attack. This "Time" from ICE, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. ICE has singled out Joe for his well known immigration sweeps. ICE is calling out Joe for, racial profiling. Now how dumb can the federal government think, the rest of the country is. If you are looking for undocumented illegals. Theirs a damn good chance, they of dark skin. And speak little if any English. ICE is doing the bidding of the current administration under the disguise of Obama the puppet. Who only doing what he is told to do, by his Zionist masters. Here again, only Joe and his men. Have been selected to lose. The rites to act as immigration officers. None of the nations sheriffs come under this control. Well good old Joe has ignored this order. And just completed another sweep in the north west part of the valley. What's even funnier, he turned over the suspected illegal to ICE. Who in turn accepted the illegals. If they hadn't accepted the rounded up illegal. Joe was going to ship them. To the Boarder Patrol agency in southern Arizona. Isn't this all quite funny? It's like the story of the, 'Wizard of Oz'. When to curtain suddenly opens and their sits a little old man. Making scary demands and loud noises. Joe has called their bluff. And Joe is still in office today. It makes you wonder, why haven't they just simply arrested Joe. And thrown him in some federal jail. The reason they haven't. Joe is doing exactly what he was elected to do. That is, first and foremost, protect the Constitution.

All this talk of disarmament, between Russia and America. How stupid can this be. Large nuclear weapons have become a thing of the past anyway. Future nuclear weapons attacks. Will be carried in a suit case and simply set down in the target. Much the same way the Twin Towers and building 7 were destroyed, on 911. And has the World forgotten about. All the depleted uranium weapons being used against the people of both Afghanistan and Iraq. And now the same weapons are being used against the Pakistanis. Look how the Jews used depleted uranium weapons in Gaza and against the Palestinians civilians. It's all smoke and mirrors. Got you looking in one direction. While on the other hand. Thousands of civilians are being killed by the new weapon of mass destruction. The weapon that turns the land. Into a waste land for billions of years. The 'powers' are soulless, when it come to any ones life but their own. They would just as soon destroy the World. Then to relinquish their powers.

Now that America and the rest of the World are telling the 'powers'. They are not going to stand back and be given the new Swine flu shot. Their is suddenly a shortage of the vaccination. You can see the World is awakening from their slumber. No mater where you turn, you hear talk of. Don't trust the system. Look how ammunition sales are still sky rocketing. (Last month alone, 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition were sold.) How more and more folks are preparing for food shortages. You hear the talk from every level of society. A few years ago. Folks like me were looked down upon, in the general public. Now we are just one of the numbers. Folks wanting to know where they can buy silver. Folks wanting to know if their is going to be a run on the banks. You see it and you smell it in the air. Dissatisfaction with the 'powers' and their bailouts' Of everyone except the working classes. If the 'powers' truly wanted to save the economy. Instead of the banksters getting the money. Why not give the money to the working class. They would have in turn. Spent the money on things they needed. Taxes would have been generated and jobs would have been created. No instead the money was put into the hands of the already wealthy. And their it sits, helping no one.

A recent poll shows. One third of the parents are refusing to let their children be given the Swine flu shot. As much as the 'powers' through their control media and school system. The word has gotten out about the true nature of the shot. See their is some sort of awakening in the general public. Could this really be the beginning of the Aquarius Age? Where the World leaves the Pisces age.

Afghan war just hit the eight year mark. All based on the attacks of 911. All based on an inside job. And look where America stands today. No closer to winning the war. Then I am of seeing twenty one years of age again. Billions of dollars wasted millions of Afghanistan civilians dead or injured. Thousand of young Americans live ruined. And now the country awaited to see if another forty thousand American young men and women will be sent in. Into a land that has no significance to anyone except the generals and corporations. That make all the profits from war. If you asked the general public, why America is even in Afghanistan. They wouldn't have a good answer. Most have forgotten it was all about 911 and that Cat named Osama bin Laden. The government even came out and said. They were no longer even looking for him. Now you can see why the country is waking up. Wakening up to the fact, they can only be lied to so much. How much more will the country stand? According to Cliff High of Web Bot, not much longer. With the dollar falling and the two wars continuing. How much longer, before the system breaks down? bye

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