Sunday, October 18, 2009

"B52 and A Signal From Camelback"

Today marks the twenty fifth anniversary, of a B52 Stratofortress misfortune. That crashed near Hunts Peak, on the Navajo reservation, in northern Arizona. This is the area know as, Monument Valley. Which is a very popular tourist stop. For folks from around the World. It crashed while making low level practice bombing run. This was back in the days, of the so called 'Cold War'. The B52s would make low level simulated runs, across the desert floor. As if it was flying, under the Russian radar. That would be needed, in case of WWIII. Flying at 500 to a 1,000 feet above the ground. Their isn't much "Time" to react from an emergency. B52s where brought into service in 1955. And are still used to day. They were used in the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. In both of Bush's attacks on the civilian populations. I've seen them over head spraying chem-trails across Arizona. (Still being used on the civilian population today.) These practise runs were at about Mach 1, or 500 miles per hour. On this eventful day, 25 years ago. This B52 wing clipped a rock outcropping. This cause the aircraft to start a pin wheel effect. Six of seven crew members where able to eject from the aircraft. After the initial impact. I'm not sure if these types of operations were stopped after the accident. No mater to the military. Losing an aircraft and a few crew members. Is the price you pay, for a giant military industrial complex. Beside your tax dollars would be spent to buy a new aircraft. And train new crew members.

This morning as I opened my door. To go out onto my patio. A bright light hit me in the face. It was coming from near the top of Camelback Mountain. Which is in east central Phoenix. It was easy to tell it was from a mirror reflection. Someone made sure I would detect the light. It had to of been well planned out. I could tell it was from the area. Of one of the few trails that led to the top of Camelback Mountain. The last "Time", something like this happened to me. It was in an area above Carefree near Humboldt Mountain. Soon after the incident, my UFO sightings started, at age 47. What was behind this event I'm not certain? Was it a warning to soften up my blogs? Was it another precursor to events to come? What ever the reason behind. I'm here to acknowledge, I saw your signal, who ever you are.

A third person has died from the Sweet Lodge incident near Sedona Arizona. Another white hypocrite, was making money on Native Americans traditions. This white guru name was, James Arthur. White American seem to love using ancient Native American traditions. To fool the general public. You see this especially in Sedona Arizona. Charging about $9,000 a head for a 5 day retreat is good money. Tell the white folks they have to starve. Then stick them in a Hogans covered with tarps. Then puring water on hot rocks. And convincing them, they are sweating out all their past sins. If you have been eating wrong for fifty years. A few hours in a Hogan, sweating. Will not rearrange your Karma. Sad to say, folks buy into this stuff. Now the Yavapi county sheriffs department is treating this as criminal neglect. As many Native Americans have said after this incident. Leave are ancient ways, to the true Native Americans.

On a follow up on Sheriff Joe Arpaio two day crime sweep. That was completed yesterday. Their were a total of 60 arrest. Some of the arrest were for illegals with out standing warrants for their arrest. Two Jamaicans were arrested for selling drugs. As Sheriff Arpaio has said. ICE stripping him of his powers to make federal immigration arrest. Have had no effect. Those that were wanted would still be on the streets committing other crimes. If not for the work of Arpaio and his men. Only under the current administration. Is it against the law, to support the Constitution!!! And you wonder why? The country is starting to awaken to what is truly happening to them.

On the front page of the Arizona Republic news paper today. Is a story about a man 26 years old, who is dying from H1N1 or Swine flu. How we know for sure? The guy has the Swine flu, is any ones guess. That's not news paper's job. It's job is keep the propaganda going. The propaganda to fool the citizens of Arizona. Into thinking they need the Swine flu shot. Once again, here is the government creating a problem. Then turning around and saying they have the solution. Much the same way with 911. The system always reminds folks their have been no attacks sense 911. When in fact, they were behind 911.

Bad news for the Zionist controlled Israel. Both China and Russia have thrown their support behind Iran. Even while the western controlled media. Claims their is fighting in the streets of Iran over the past election. Nine more counties have dropped the dollars as their main currency. If I were Joe Average American. I'd be at least, buying some silver or gold and an insurance. Against the fall of the dollar. One thing for sure, Silver and gold will always be, silver and gold. To where as the dollar, who knows for sure. People in America are not ready for a major disaster as the rest of the World is. They have never known what it's like. To one day go to the store and the shelves to be empty and the banks closed. Folks better start waking up to the idea this may happen one day. And even if it didn't. You can still rotate your dried goods. Folks should start preparing for the worst. The Banksters can only keep the dollar a float for so long. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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