Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Obama, Incapable of Telling the Truth"

Friday afternoon, while the country was busy looking forward to the weekend. Obama the puppet, was doing just as he was ordered to do. Declaring a, 'National Declaration of Emergency', for the Swine flu. This order opens the flood gates. For all kinds of new federal powers. This puts millions of dollars, if not billions, into the Drug cartel companies hands. That are manufacturing the Swine flu vaccination. This allows hospital to move, their clinics. Out doors for mass inoculations. This gives the president the powers of Martial Law. Now the president can force Swine flu shots. On all the citizens of America. In the premise, it is good for the masses. To protect the country from a mass pandemic. Even as reports come in. About side effects, of the untested Swine flu shots and sprays. (Internet reports, not from the MSM) Cliff High of Web Bot. Predicted a large event, would happen on or near the twenty fifth of October. ( Could this be what his computers were telling him? First Obama the puppet came out and said their would be mandatory Swine flu inoculation. When when that met with open resistance. He came back out and said. The inoculations would be voluntary. Now this new twist on Friday afternoon. Bit by bit, what ever you choose to call them. Are the 'powers' are going ahead with their plan of depopulation? This all is fitting together so smoothly for the 'powers'. Use the already growing hatred for Obama the puppet, to deliver the bad news.

Now we well see, just how far the general public will be pushed. As over half the country has said. They will not take a mandatory swine flu shot. As guns and bullets are flying off the shelves. Has the "Time" come, for a show down? Will the 'powers' unleash the military and police, against the public? Will the police and military take orders, from a handful of people. Who aren't even Americans? Is this what the 'powers' wanted to see. Just were everyone stands? Who's behind them, and who's against them. Just as in the war between the states. Will brother kill brother, for some foreign dictator? As most Americans, I can't believe how fast things are changing. The economy, wars, bail outs, no jobs and now this. This country will be in shock. If suddenly troops are in the streets. Forcing the population into force inoculations. Go to to see, just how many threads. Have been produced, sense Obama's announcement. You'll be amazed, the amount of fear growing.

I recently met an Iranian man, who was a flooring contractor. He didn't want to talk about his contract with me. No, he was more interested in talking about what has happen to America. In the recent few months and year. Mainly what has happened, sense Obama the puppet took office. He said he left Iran thirty years ago. He left Iran for the same reason. He sees happening to America today. He told me he was stuck. He couldn't go back to Iran now. His roots are firmly in America now. (You can never go home.) He said the American people are standing by. While all their freedoms are being taken away. He says the Americans are lazy and not willing to fight. He said the rest of the World use to look up up to American citizens. Now they look down on them. He said the Americans have become fat, dumb and lazy. He can't understand why the American citizens are so well armed. Yet show no resistance to what is being done to them. In Iran he said, people are willing to die for their belief systems. Iranians are willing, to become suicide bombers. While you will never see an American. Sacrifice himself for others. I couldn't argue against any of his points. My only reply was, 'we will see how far the Americans will be pushed.' It's always great to see how others look at. A dumbed down American society.

As most of the educated Americans can see. Their children are being turned against their parents. As soon as they sit down in front of that propaganda machine called the TV. They are being driven farther and farther away from their parents. Here is a great example of this in a editorial cartoon. Benson a Mormon, who does editorial cartoons for many major news papers. Showed a father who was depicted as ignorant, with shorts and Bennie cap on. Saying no to the Swine flu shot. While the child is saying, 'come on dad, it's only a shot'. The child is being brainwashed by the system. To tell his dad, he's is old and uneducated. While he himself, is smart and on top of things. The best thing any parent can do. Is keep their children out of public schools. And away from that propaganda machine called the TV.

The Zionist got their 'Hate Crime Bill' passed. Their controlled Congress, did just as they were told to do. The 'Hate Crime Bill is ready for Obama's signature. Which will surely be done. Now if you tell the truth about war crimes done to the people of Gaza or the Palestinians, by the Jews. You can be sued in court. Yet if you describe other atrocities, that's fine. As long as it isn't against the Jews.

I recently heard a theory about Israel. Most of the World hate the Israelis and their treatment of the Palestinians and neighbours. Cliff High said in a recent interview. Either America takes out the Israelis. Or the rest of the World takes out America and Israel. The rest of the World realizes. America is fighting Israels enemies for them. America has no real fear of either Iraq or Afghanistan Muslims. Yet America has troops in both countries. American should be friends with Iran, yet they are threatening sanctions against them. Who Is really running the country anyway? Is it the American citizens, or the Zionist? bye

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