Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Anniversary of the O.K. Corral"

Monday marks the anniversary of the infamous O.K. Corral shoot out. 128 years ago, in the southern Arizona town of Tombstone. Doc Holiday, Virgil Earp, the Chief of Police Tombstone, along his brothers, Wyatt and Morgan. Approached the unarmed Clayton gang. At the now famous O.K. Corral. Here was Billy and Ike Clayton, Tom and Frank McLaury, along with Billy Claiborne. Call it a gun fight, it wasn't. Sheriff Johnny Behan of Tombstone, knew something was up. So he approached the Clayton gang and asked for their weapons. Frank McLaury and Ike Clayton refused to surrender their side arm. In cold blooded murder, the Clayton gang was shoot down. In thirty seconds, three of the Clayton gang lay dead on the ground. Killed were, Billy Clayton and both the McLaury brothers Tom and Frank. The three of them are buried at the famous Boot Hill Grave yard in Tombstone. Revenge was taken out on the Earp brothers although. One was killed, Wyatt was maimed and him and his brother were forced to leave the state. This famous shoot has been the base for Thirty five different movies. Not the largest shoot out in the old west. Just the most famous. Arizona has such a great history. This is what brings folks to the state to visits and live.

I am getting tired of both Obama and his ugly ass wife. Putting down America and it's past. Theirs a fine line between the both of them. Still living in Africa, and dying of either AIDS or starvation. Yea the slaves were brought to Americas. And their were many sins put upon them. That has nothing to do with current affairs. Just think, where would she be, if it wasn't for slavery? And Obama him self. Well he was never even born in this country anyway. So why spread all this hatred toward something. They both don't even understand? The country is having enough problems. With out their dumb ass mouths, spreading hatred. Obama is such a puppet. He never stops to think. That his uneducated words, might get him killed. The men of this country are armed to death. And most are putting their hatred for current affairs, at Obama the puppet feet.

Today another super wealthy investor, was found dead. Jeffery Picower, an associate of Bernie Mandoff. Apparently took his own life. By drowning in his own pool. Never heard of that type of suicide before. He was to be in count this week in New York City. Over the billions of dollars stolen by Benie Mandoff. Jeffery Picower himself, made over five billion dollars from the Mandoff's illegal investments. Suicide or murder, was he pushed, or did he jump? Lots of these type of deaths, of the super wealthy, are happening lately. 'Live by the sword, die by the sword'.

Great video out on You Tube now. A group of citizens in San Francisco. Tried to do, 'a citizens arrest'. On former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. Of course the citizens them self were arrested by the San Francisco police. Or as some call them, ' the NWO police'. You could see by the video, the protesters were from all walks of life. Some of those arrested appeared to be Jewish. As more and more Jews are trying their best. To separate them self's from the murderous Zionist controlled Jews. Olmert was in charge when, 1,200 Palestinians were killed with white phosphorous weapons along with depleted uranium shells. Also the UN has charged the invading Jewish Army. Of using women and children as human shields. Great to see how America is finally awakening to what the Zionist are doing to their country. The Zionist are trying to divide, the citizens against each other. Protest such as these, are proving, their days are numbered. The video title is, Citizen's Arrest and Mass Disruption of Former Israel P.M. Ehud Olmert in San Francisco

NATO or what I like to call it, the NWO. Are backing America, sending more troops into Afghanistan. Easy for them to say, no sweat off their brow. And I sure Obama the puppet will do just as ordered by his bosses. And send more young men and women to die. In a country the rest of the World could care less about. No money at home to help the elderly. No money for better schools, but always money for war. The Zionist have this country by the throats. They just keep stealing from the citizens of America. America has no enemies in Afghanistan. Only Israel has enemies in Afghanistan, just like in Iraq and Iran. And just where does this money come from to send more troops into Afghanistan? Mr and Mrs. America, who can hardly afford to feed their families as it is. Americans are taxed at nearly fifty percent of their income as it is. Now the Zionist want America citizens to put out more money. To fight their enemies.

New pole shows, Americans are realizing that Global Warming. Is just another trick, to take their money. This is a trick to force 'Cap and Trade' policies, on American businesses. (money for nothing) Now the poles show 50% of Americans, don't believe their is actually Global Warming. Yet Bills are before congress, to impose such new laws. Just more proof, that the citizens of America. Have absolutely no power over what congress does to them. It's just amazing, when does the fun end? When has the American citizen had enough? "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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