Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Always Money For War"

That is the American way, 'war'. A country with out friends, an island, a Pariah. The saddest part of all this. Most Americans don't realize what the government has done with their tax dollars. They are steadily being feed, a line of bull shit. That they are the freest people on the planet. Telling the citizens that. America is always their first. When it comes to relief from natural disasters. While on the other hand. Destroying countries like Afghanistan and Iraq with 'depleted uranium weapons'. Weapons the were designed to be used on an mechanized army. (tanks, etc.) Now as the country waits and wonders. How many more troops will be sent into Afghanistan. While Obama the puppets handlers. Are sending in private contractor or mercenaries, to kill Afghan civilians. All a in disguise, for managing the opium trade. And where does the money all come from. Mr. and Mrs. tax payer, Joe six pack. Yea Obama's handlers have half the country believing, they are stopping the terrorist. The very same terrorist they created. A simple trick of, create the problem. Then offer the country the solution. That will need Mr. and Mrs. hard earn money to pay for.

Just like the 'powers' are using the Swine flu. To extract billions of dollars from the citizens of America and the World now. And if that isn't enough. They are going to make sure, the health insurance industry. Gets billions more from Mr. and Mrs. tax payer. With just another disguise of. All Americans deserve heath insurance. Even if they can't afford it. How much more can be extracted from the American citizens. When will they say, enough is enough? And when they do realize, enough is enough? What will they do about it. Will the citizens take up arms? Will their be riots in the streets. Just what will Joe do? Just what can Joe do? Is taken up arms, playing rite into the hands of the 'powers'? If their is a armed conflict between the 'powers' and the citizens. Will another country such as Russia. Invade while all hell is breaking loose, on the streets of America? These are all really tough questions. I believe the only solution is. A majority of the country, march on Washington D.C.. And simply occupy the capital. Force the military to respond. Either to start killing their fellow American brothers, or to turn their arms on their very controllers.

The only way Americans will free them self's from this 'Mad Pariah'. Is to physically remove them. Then go to a system where. Each elected official, gets only four years and no more. This will force their representatives to. Return to the same populace they serve. Make them be forced to live with. The very same people, that have elected them. A simple law that states. 'After your four year term, you must return and live in the same district'. This is the only way to keep the playing field, from being corrupted. No more carpetbaggers, such as Arizona's John McCain. Who were sent by the corrupt system to run for office in Arizona. I'm tied of our elected officials saying. They are sacrificing their lives, to help their constitutes. They say they are representing. Isn't it funny how all the elected officials. Become so wealthy after their terms in office. They always seem to land a sweet job. After their terms are completed. (Or become lobbyist)

Chem-trails that were being laid out over central Arizona Friday. Were the worst I'd ever seen. As I stepped out side to get the morning newspaper. (propaganda) You could see only a few lines in the skies. By ten o:clock, the skies were a snowy white. Two young tile layers on the home I'm remodeling. Were never even aware, of the chem-trails, before they meet me. As soon as I got to the job site. I took the guys up on the roof. You could now clearly see, line after line. Their were even a couple of horse shoe shaped trails. As if to say, 'what in the fuck, can you do about it.' I'd heard of such trails, (horse shoe shaped) but had never seen it before. It's just in your face, chemical warfare. Being put on the citizens of the World. The kids wanted to know why their were doing it? I could only offer a few theories about why. I told them, this is one of the best keep secrets, I could remember.

A good "Time" killer and learn a few things along the way. Is a site I visit called, ' Blog Talk Radio'. Their are always plenty of forums you can visit and listen too. Most have chat rooms, so you can add your two cents worth. Paranormal sites are very common, especially on the week ends. The problem with the paranormal sites is. They are slowly being turning into religious venting sites. Folks are always trying to connect the "Alien" phenomenon. And the Bible together or apart from each other. I was listening too a Australian girl talk about the UFO phenomenon, in her home land. It was the same old things, you always hear on such shows. Or as she put it so clearly. America doesn't have a lock on such things. (Roswell etc.) She was talking about the abductions. That were occurring in her home land. I figured I'd crash the party. I asked her, if she had anyone reporting a 'C' on their backs. Suddenly the chat room and the interview turned to me. RD47 is my call sign. Folks started asking me, what I knew about the 'C' and abductions. My reply was, ' me and a bud, both have one, on our backs'. Now the interviewer stops the interview. To direct his attention to the me and the chat room. I was hit with so many questions. And folks asking me to visit their sites. I couldn't keep up with the posts, coming at me. The main point I was trying to get across. All these horror stories about abducties. may not be true. And who is planting the stories. I told them I was proud of the 'C'. And had no ill feeling about, being an abducted. I'll return to this subject on another day. bye

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