Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Has The World Gone Mad"

The president of Ukraine, Victor Yushchenko. Has put the entire country in quarantine. This after the out break of deaths. Attributed to the Swine Flu, or some other more deadly virus. People are reporting, this is a more deadly type virus. Reports of aerial bombardment from small aircraft. Also are coming from this country, via the net. Main Stream Media is not reporting this story, of course. Could the small country of Ukraine? Be a test bed, for a bigger game plan. A game plan that includes, depopulation of the World. Already it has been reported, that Baxter International. (Chicago, Obama) Sent the wrong kind of influenza to the country a few months ago. And it killed several citizens, before the word go out. This country is so under NWO control. My blog would put me in jail. They have laws against, even bring up the fact. That just maybe, the Holocaust wasn't as large. As the Zionist want the rest of the World to believe. (Where are six millions Jews, buried in Germany anyway?) What better place to test aerial spaying caused deaths, than the Ukraine? A small country who's media is under NWO control. The only news that you would get from this small country, would be totally controlled. This story it's self, is really only to be found on the net anyway. Their was no report of this news. In my Sunday propaganda news paper. (Arizona Republic) My paper was more concerned about why. Arizona isn't getting their allotted amount of Swine flu serums. It appears more and more each day. That the swine flu deaths, are getting far more press than they deserve. So why is this subject getting so much press? To me it is rather obvious. Their is something in the inoculations. That the NWO want, into the worlds population bodies. Always remember, these plans of World depopulation. Go back hundred, if not thousands of years.

The Worlds population is being brought to it's knees. Over the economic turn down. Now while the World is so worried. About jobs and how they are going to feed their families. What better "Time" to bring in a deadly virus. By forcing the worlds population to look for government hand outs. Is all the 'powers' need to say is. If you don't have your inoculation. Then you are not entitled to help. From the countries infrastructure, aka the government. Thank "God", the Worlds population is awakening to this fact. Only the sheep and those forced to take the Swine flu shots. (military personnel) Are stepping up to the plate, for the deadly inoculations.

Do Gold and Derivatives go hand in hand? As many folks are finding out. When it's "Time" to fight, to save their homes. They soon find out. Who does really hold the title, to their property? It's easy to find what company is handling their paper work. The problem is starting to become apparent. Who holds the true, 'deed of trust'? That's where the Derivatives problem, raises it's ugly head. How many different loan institutions, are claiming your home as an asset? Now that the world population and counties are becoming afraid of paper money. More and more countries (China, etc.) and individuals. Are seeking gold and silver as a safer back up. Are companies such as COMEX? Selling more gold on paper, than they actually are setting on? It would be so easy to do. As long as the Worlds economic system was running smoothly. To sell more gold on paper, than your actually own. (Bernie Mandoff, ring a bell?) What would be the odds? Of everyone asking for their physical gold and silver at once? So if no other part of the World financial system is looking very sound rite now. How would the gold markets be any better off? Americans is waking up to the facts. That's their no gold in Fort Knox, to back up their money. (only printing presses) Is the rest of the world now realizing? That the Federal Reserve system. Is not only an American problem. Thing are moving fast now on all fronts now. Well just have to set back and watch. What is the next great bummer facing the World. Could it be World war III? Then all of America and the rest of the worlds debts, go back to zero. I for one, smell a Rat out their some where!!!

Here in Arizona we are facing another financial problem. Clean air, or higher water prices. Two of the three, of the countries dirtiest coal burning power plants. Are in the Four Corners area. One is the Page, Arizona power plant, near the Grand Canyon. The other is in New Mexico, near Farmington. As always, to make the power companies put in what are called scrubbers. They want the citizens, that use the power from the plants. To foot the bill for the up grades. The Page power plant is responsible. For most of the dirty air, that's in the Grand Canyon. While the one near Farmington. Gets for the most part. Blown into the mid west and southern Colorado. The Page power plant gets it's coal from the Hopi and Navajo reservation. While the Farmington coal come from the Navajo reservation in Mew Mexico. (Navajo reservation is the largest in the country.) The Page power plant supplies the power, to pump and treat water. Into the CAP canal system that feeds central Arizona. The serving utility company call APS, or Arizona Public Service. Is a public traded stock. And there in lies the kicker. Will big business, win over the environment?

Some news from off the beaten path. Six enlisted men and one officer from Minot Air force Base, North Dakota. Have all died with in seven days of each other. The six enlisted men were loaders. The Officer was a pilot. Recently six nuclear bombs, were mistakenly loaded onto the wings of a B-52. Then flow across several states. You didn't hear much from the story. What are the odds, of six men dying, from the same base? And what are the odds, of all of them dying in separate accidents. In separate states, across America. I was a naval air dale my self. In four years in the same squadron. We only lost one individual. And that was an accident in the middle of the night, on the base. The big question is. How do you mistakenly load six nuclear bombs anyway? Then the loading crew dies? "God' bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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