Saturday, November 7, 2009

"13 Dead, 30 Wounded, 13:30 Time of Day"

As the hatred for Obama the puppet grows. And a country tired of both wars. Isn't it funny how things work out? Cliff High of 'Half Past Human'. Predicted an 911 type of event. For the 5th of November, and he got it. Now that the shock of such an event settles in. What does the country, really have on it's hands. Was the amount of deaths and injuries and "Time" line, just coincidence? Just as 911 dragged the country into two unnecessary wars. Was this all a set up? Was Maj. Malik Hasan (13 letters), the real shooter, or? Was he set up, as the shooter? I'm not trying to say the event never happened, but. How does the country really know? The further the country gets away from 911. The more suspicions start to grow. I for one, smell a rat. Even on one of my favorite sites. (GodLikeProductions) Threads of hate, towards Muslims. Were allowed to be posted, immediately after the event. The same site that kicked me out. For derogatory remarks toward the Zionist. All this coming, as the puppet called Obama. Readies the country, on how many more troops will be sent into Afghanistan. Just as the Tonkin gulf, dragged America into Vietnam. And Pearl Harbor got America into WWII. Is this just one more lie? In a line of lies, told the American public?

First reports from Fort Hood Army base in Texas. Said their were three shooters. Then all of a sudden, their was only one shooter.(Kennedy assassination) And this lone gunman, took all these lives and was dead himself. As the day wore on. Like Roswell, the story keep changing. Now hours latter, the gunman was a Muslim. Not only was he a Muslim. He had poor reports about his work, at Walter Reed Hospital. We now supposedly know, he attended a Mosques, for daily prayer sessions. On one hand the public has been told. Maj. Malik Hasan. Wanted out of the military after 911. Then on the other hand. Their are reports, he told folks, the military was his life. Will the country and the World ever know the true story, behind the shootings? And unless you know someone. Who was an actual eye witness, to this tragic event. Their will be more and more doubts. Maj. Malik Hasan sets in a hospital from four gun shot wounds. Will he suddenly succumb to his wounds? What happens if he has a military type Court Martial? Always remember, ' dead men don't talk'. Just ask Timothy McVeigh or Lee Harvey Oswald. One quick added note about this event. GW Bush and his wife, were let in to see the troops after the attack. This from the same man. Who was part of all the deaths, to thousands of innocent, women and children, in both Afghanistan and Iraq. (The lies never stop coming, do they?)

From one strange event to another. Joseph Moshe an Israeli Mossad Microbiologist. You Tube, 'The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe and al'. Was seen in a video, being not only pepper sprayed by LA police. Then they then used a robot to smash in a window on his VW bug and gassed him. Being a trained Israeli Mossad agent. He withstood both gas attacks. Then he had to be physically removed from his vehicle. His crime, trying to warn the World, about depopulation attempts. Using the so called Swine flu inoculation. To kill billions of citizens World wide. Take the "Time" to see for yourself. This all got started when he supposedly called into a radio broadcast. The station is called, ' Republic Broadcasting Network'.

Hawaii, a Banana Republic, also known as Americas fiftieth state. And supposed birth place to America's current puppet president, Barack Obama. Recently declared, every islander must take the swine flu inoculation. A state who's leader apparently don't know. This was tried in other states and failed. Will attempt to enforce this ridiculous law. How would you even enforce such a law, is beyond me. This from the same state who says. It doesn't have to show Obama's birth certificate. Knowing damn well if their was such a birth certificate. It could stop all this debate over Obama rite to be president. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years. And everyone knows, the Japanese own most of the island anyway.

Recently Warren Buffet, purchased the largest railroad system in America. The Burlington and Santa Fe rail roads. A system who's rails are in need of great repair. Along with most of it's related equipment. Who would buy this broken down system, in their rite mind? Warren Buffet did, knowing he could get Obama the puppet. To put billions of tax payers dollars to repair the system. Saying the country needed a good rail system. Then when the NWO takes over. He has a virtual monopoly. On all train traffic from Texas to Illinois, out to California. This all falls in line with NAFTA. with Texas and New Orleans sea ports. He has a lock on cheap goods from China and the far east. Not to mention all the oil imports and by products. Little by little the NWO makes is calculated steps. This helps to insure shipping control of the food basket, in the Midwest. Do you think their is anyway to stop this march to total control? Not when things are done, rite in front of your eyes.

Saw a funny sight on the way to the store today. Three cop cars with three officers dealing with one homeless man, at a bus stop. Mean while the black kids are dealing drugs from my alley. And chem-trails are in the skies over head. Yea it's great to know, the country is in such great hands. While back at the ranch. Congress is getting ready this evening to vote on the Medical Bill. That could hand you a $25,000 fine and jail "Time". If you don't insure your self and family. Isn't great being American? Or as I said to a kid on a site. Isn't great not being American now? He was from Denmark and was more concern with rising ocean levels. bye

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