Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Stop Making Money, Quit Paying Taxes"

While keeping an eye on the Senate last night. Concerning the new 'Health Bill'. I heard a lot of what the Senators where saying. About their constituency back home. They where talking as if this Health legislation, was good for them. Saying every citizen deserved quality health care. Things about abortions and preconditions of health, to acquire medical protection. Now where did they mention the cost to the individuals, or the already bankrupt country. This new program, a product backed and pushed by the soulless one. The lady with dead eyes, Nancy Pelosi. An obvious Health care bill, written by the lobbyist and health insurers. Who put her in office, to do their dirty work. And like the soulless witch she is. For money and a little short term notoriety. She help deliver it, on the American citizenry. The soulless witch even got legislation added. That made, not having health insurance a criminal act. An act so harsh, you could get up to five years in prison. If that wasn't enough, an additional $250,000 on top of that harsh sentence. What happen to the law that stated? Their would be no debtor prisoners? A law that this country stood on. After the breaking away from English rule. It's so obvious that the folks who were elected. Could care less about those who put them in office. Not matter who the general populace installs in office. The same thing always happens. They all seem to break their promises.

This is a health legislation, that now one in the country wants. Now what does the countries citizens do about this? Another back breaking burden, put on them? How many citizens will end up in jail? How many will protest in the streets, about this new hardship? How much more will the average citizen take? The 'powers' will keep putting more and more financial burdens on the citizens of America. Until the, so far spineless citizens say. Enough is enough, and stop working or paying taxes. The only way to stop the madness, that has taken over the country. Is for folks to give up their desires. For more and more material wealth. The average American make approximately $34,000 a year. An even if you make more a year. Your cost of insurance will go up relative, to you income. (Remember Obama said he would spread the wealth around.) How does the working stiff. Add on another $15,000 a year in medical insurance? A insurance they may never use, in their younger years. How do employers add this financial package onto their products? So it can be pushed onto the general public.

The only way to stop this from continuing. Stop making more money, than you need. That is taxed, to finance the war machine, called America. Do as the French have done, 'sit on your hands'. What is the point anyway? If you don't stop them now. Then will Americas citizens, ever stop the 'powers'? Go on welfare, make only enough to keep a roof over your head. Get food stamps and as much assistance as you can. Truly bankrupt the system that's stealing all your hard earn money. You already work over half the year, to pay your taxes. And where does your tax dollars go? To kill some innocent folks. In countries that have no fight with you. To fight Israels enemies. To poison your food, water and air. Put chem-trails, in the once blue skies. The propaganda machine that brain washes you via the TV and media. Must be stopped financially. As the old line goes, ' you can't get blood from a turnip'.

Folks will have to learn how to eat properly. Learn how to use self remedies. Get into herbal care. Instead of needing a doctor to cure you. A doctor that has no desire to cure you anyway. After all, why kill the cash cow? Start a garden while you still can. The more self efficient you are. The less you can be taxed. Little by little, Americans can start to take back their country. The only way to do this. Stop the tax collector, stop buying what you don't need.

Obama the puppet said to the Native Americas meeting with him. I'm on your side, see I kept my promise of meeting with you for a day. Obama tell the tribal members, 'you will not be forgotten'. What a bunch of bull shit. He could care lees about their problems. Not once did he mention. How much the federal government still owes. The tribes from around the country. Did he offer them any schools for better education. How about better hospitals on isolated parts of the reservations. No never a word. The only concern he has for the tribal members. Pat your taxes, feed the machine.

Congratulation to the Hopi Keams Canyon cross country teams. The boys team broke a national record, for twenty consecutive state titles. And the girls team won their third consecutive state title. A few years ago the boys cross country team did some thing. That had never happened before. They scored a perfect ten. In other words, all their runners came in one after the other. With no others schools runners in between them. The Hopi reservation is a perfect place to train for cross country runners. It's high elevation along, clean air and a sandy soil conditions make for strong legs and lungs. Try running down a beach with soft sand at five thousand feet elevation. Just see how strong your legs and lungs would get.

Another reason folks hate Americans so much. Americans love to give themselves names. That imply they are greater. Than the rest of the Worlds population. I was in a chat room loaded with American Christians. I noticed that one persons call sign was, 'SuperBlackGoddess'. Not only was she a Goddess, she was a Super Goddess. I asked her if the term humble meant anything to her? She asked why, I would ask such a question? I replied, 'the meek shall inherit the Earth'. Bam just like that, they kicked me out. Christian love to dress all up, make lots of money, go to war for their "God". But never remind them what their own Bible says. "God bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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