Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Why is Mankind so Dumb?"

Modern mankind act as if they are so smart and smug. Yet the reality of the matter is. Mankind today is walking around with. Their collective heads, 'up their asses'. Modern man will torture another human being. Only to watch them suffer in pain. No animal on the Planet will do this. Modern man will kill their enemies, women and children. (America and Israel seem to be the worst, at this. Using Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous weapons, on civilian targets.) Modern man has no idea how the Great Pyramid were built. Modern man does not have the ability, till this day. To cut and move great stones, used in many ancient ruins around the World. Modern math is simple stuff. Compare to Mayan and many other ancient forms of math. Modern man only recently discovered. How the solar system works. And their ideas may very well be wrong. While many ancient civilization and most North American tribes. Understood it quite well. Mankind has been told the Universe started with the. 'Big Bang' theory, the main problem is in the title, 'theory'. A theory that was given to them by a handful of Zionist controllers. Yet, modern man being so dumb. They readily accepts this idea. If modern mankind was so smart. Why all the continuing warfare. If so smart, how is modern mankind so easily led into wars? If modern mankind were so smart. Wouldn't they turn on the very people? Who are polluting the very air they breath? Putting untold chemicals in the food. Spraying the skies with, who only knows? No quite the opposite, mankind is a rather dumb animal. Who can easily be led to slaughter. Can be told to kill his brother. Be talked into to doing horrific act on other human beings. Can go to church and put their trust into another human being. Who is weaker than them self's. Look how American allow them self's to be taxed into poverty. Thinking the country will be soon attacked by an enemy. Their controllers have created for them. Smart not really, dumb a big "Time" yes.

Knowledge is formed by. Taking bits and pieces from around the World and your own thoughts. Not by hiding behind a few words, you deem correct. Then foolishly, standing behind them. This is how the World has become so isolated from each other. This is how the Worlds handful of soulless leaders. Can coheres individual countries, into killing each others citizens. This is what keeps mankind. Living in a sort of stagnate pond of humanity. Until mankind learns to think for them self's. The World will always be at war with each other. Exactly what the controllers what. And the next move, the controllers will put on the citizens of the World is? Getting nations an individuals to thinking. That they them self's, have created global warming. And in order to save mankind from them self's. They must be even be more heavily taxed. That even their exhaled breaths, should be taxed. This is where the World is going, like it or not. Until folks just set down and go on a collective World strike. By not consuming any more than they need. They will just keep feeding the Monster that holds them back. The meetings in Copenhagen, is the first major step in this direction. A whole new way to control the Worlds population. A global tax system, to form a one World government. On the premise, the World is going into a massive melt down. With both caps melting and flooding major population centers. Here again dividing the citizens of the World. This "Time" not with religion but. Those that have more, because they work harder and are smarter. Should be taxed into poverty, just as their less industrious fellow citizens. Can this be stopped? Only by the citizens of the World saying no. The next few years will tell. If the Worlds collective consciences, comes together.

The movie 2012 came out yesterday. Another feeble attempt to led the flock of un knowing citizenry. Into believing the end is near. And they must be, always afraid. Like ancient tribal leaders, using eclipse. To control their flocks of followers. No one knows for sure, what 21 December 2012 will bring, but. Don Alejandro a Mayan leader believes. (You Tube, 2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun?) That the Sun will disappear for three days. Then after that "Time" period. The Sun will then reappear. As he tells his story. One must remember that Jesus in the Bible. Was dead for three days. Before he came back to life. Don Alejandro is not sure what Sun will reappear after three days. Will it be the old Sun? Or will a new Sun replace it? Thus in line with ancient Mayan teaching. Along with the Hopi. A new World will begin, or to the Mayan a new calender will start. Both Hopi and Mayan stories fit this scenario. Hopi moving into a new World. Mayan a new calender. Do these three days of darkness? Represent the Hopi tale of total destruction. When all those who choose the material World, are destroyed. While the good people are saved, to start a new World. One thing is for sure. 21 December 2012 may not be the correct date for this occurrence. The fact that mankind has lived on the Earth. For many millions of years. (All the ancient structures from the past.) And always advance to a certain level. Only to be wiped off the face of the Earth. And restarting a new. Is that reoccurring event, beginning to play out now?

Obama the puppet is truly an enigma. As many people believe, he's Muslim and of Kenyan decent. And will soon become the Worlds leader. In order to appease the millions of Muslims World wide. On the other hand. You have Obama the puppet, supporting the murder of thousand of Muslims by both the Americans and Israeli's. Just who's side, is this Cat on? Photos of Obama after the Foot Hood shooting. Looked as if their was a smirk on his face. Liker he liked the idea, of American soldiers dying. On the other hand, he's about to send thousands of additional troops to kill, his supposed Muslim brothers. Can you have it both ways? Or in reality, is he just another puppet. In a long list of puppets, who came before him. To me he's a puppet, and knows the Foot Hood shootings. Where just another American false flag set up.

Funny seeing the trial of the supposed 911 mastermind sent to New York. What a joke on the citizens of America. Makes one wonder, how deep this plot goes. How much is Khalid Sheikh, the supposed mastermind, being paid? Thwe ;powers' must be laughing their asses off. Rite in their with the shoe bomber. So that all Americans citizens must remove their shoes before borading an aircraft.

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